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Name: -Xepher DeWolfe

Aliases: -Havok (VSS Group 7 Director)

Race: -Werewolf

Age/Gender: - ~6300, Female

Allegiance: - DeWolfe Family, Kingdom of Varrock

Physical Description: - Young appearance, Muscular build, Blue and white hair, Blue eyes, Scaring evident on her entire body and a small scar on her cheek.

Equipment: - She is lightly armored and often seen in only cloth, She tends to carry a runite cane and book with her. She is skilled in most common weapons but rarely carries her own.

Alignment: - Chaotic Neutral- She does what she pleases and sides with who she chooses

TLDR Abilities: Xepher has Godlike strength which she must take medicine to weaken in order for her to safely interact with those around her. She also uses Particle and Gravity magics.

Biography - Abandoned at as an infant in the white wolf mountains Xepher was found living with the local wolves. A group of monks making their way through the mountain pass took her in. The monks she lived with taught her many things about the mysterious world she was now introduced to. Education aside she was also taught the art of hand to hand combat. It was around this time that she discovered her monstrous strength. Her first sparing match ended with the accidental death of another student. She spent a lot of time alone after that. Afraid of herself harming others she would often run away to a site of ruins near the monastery.(edited)

One day as she made her way back she heard screams and the shriek of metal against metal. She started running, the monastery slowly started coming into view, the lights were on which was unusual for the time of the evening. Then she saw the fire, the monastery, her home, was under attack. As she got closer she saw one of the students running towards her, her clothes were torn, her arm was limp, and she had a trail of blood running down her leg. Just as they were about to meet up she rose her hand out to Xepher and then with a thud her facial expression widened and she collapsed into Xepher's arms, an arrow protruding from her back. Xepher had only one feeling, wrath. She screamed a cry of anger and gritted her teeth. Her thoughts focused on a single goal, finding those responsible and killing every single one of them. -Thud-. She looked at her shoulder and the wooden shaft that was lodged in it. Following the path of the arrow she spotted a lone archer on the wall of the monastery. Rage welled up in her and suddenly nothing. Everything went black. This was the first time she transformed.

When she came to she was in the middle of the monastery, which was now in ruins. The walls were crumbled, the building collapsed, and bodies of dead monks and bandits alike were scattered about. She was clutching the body of the dead girl in her arms, which were covered in blood. Shaken and scared she gathered what she could and left the monastery. Over the next several years she made her way in the wilderness coming across a small village here and there. Eventually she was recruited by a mercenary group. She spent years with the group, quickly gaining rank and popularity due to her unnatural abilities. To some she was a hero and others a monster. During the God Wars her group was enlisted by various factions among the last of which was the Zarosian army. Her first encounter with a mysterious man who went by the name Laraek Alok was during a raid on a Saradominist town. They were ordered to slay every living being in the town. Laraek was about to strike down a woman who was holding her infant when Xepher intervened. The following fight between them leveled the town leaving nothing but rubble and ash. Xepher was the victor of the fight but only barely. She was mortally wounded and left for dead considered a deserted for going against orders. After several days she awoke to find that her body had healed itself leaving behind only scars of the previous battle. Now out of the mercenary buissness she took to exploring the rest of the world she had yet to see. Years and years went by and she visited wondrous places. Villages became towns and towns became cities and cities became kingdoms. One Kingdom though stood above the rest in her eyes. The Kingdom of Varrock, a promising settlement that was starting to become a booming adventurer hotspot, was where she would call home for the next few decades.

Xepher came to learn of where it is she came form and about the DeWolfe family. She set out to recover her families name and recover she did. During her time as head of the DeWolfe the family was as large as its ever been. The bond she shared with her family was something that she held onto closely. There were times that things were rough but she could always count on those around her to make it through somehow. Suddenly one day Xepher vanished without a trace. Out of nowhere her father presumed dead for the past ~6400 years appears and starts looking for clues about what has happened to her. Three years later Xepher reappears as the Director of Varrock Secret Service Group 7, Supernatural Phenomenon. (The rest of the recorded history on Xepher's life is either too old to decipher, lost, or destroyed.)

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