Weylyn DeWolfe

Weylyn DeWolfe

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Name: - Weylyn DeWolfe

Race: - Werewolf

Age/Gender: - Mid 40s, Male

Allegiance: - The DeWolfe Family, The Kingdom of Varrock, Ragnarok: the Guild

Physical Description: - Height: 6'2", Weight: 205lb, Muscular build, shaggy grey hair and fu manchu, white eyes

Equipment: - He wears little armor most of which is just tough cloth or leather. - He is always seen wearing his hunter cloak. -

Weapons: dual rapiers, a Shadow blade, and on occasion a large scythe.

Alignment: - Chaotic Good

TLDR Abilities: Weylyn has the unique ability to traverse the Void and has attuned himself to it granting him several uses. He is also a Master Enchanter with the ability to enchant many items simply by holding them. The strength of his enchantments tend to destroy the items they're placed on unless they have sufficient catalysts.

Biography: Weylyn was raised in a period of conflict between the DeWolfe and neighboring families many centuries ago. As such from the moment he was born he was raised to be a warrior. Every day he would be forced to train until his body collapsed. By the time that he came of age on his 14th birthday he was immediately deployed on a raiding group against a rival village. News of the raid had caught wind and the village had plenty of time to set up an ambush. Weylyn was the only person left standing in the village at the end of it. It was this moment that the DeWolfe elders took interest in Weylyn. They continued his training at an even faster rate in which he progressed exceptionally. In exchange for following missions given to him by the elders he was allowed whatever luxury he wished.

He chose knowledge. He was given access to all the books he desired as well as teachings in the arcane arts. Magic would soon become his obsession. He yearned to delve into its secrets and explore the unknown. He was very curious about the abyss and what sort of realms it held together. During an attempt to send himself to the abyss he was flung into the Void. In this area of nothing yet everything he was altered, changed in a way that allowed him to freely explore the domain. He spent much time in the Void before returning to his home. He would continue his studies for some years later. A time came when he was sitting as the head of the DeWolfe family in their new settlement of Canifis. It was a time of peace when an eastern tribe visited their village. Among them was the woman Weylyn would soon call his wife. She was a seer of the tribe whom was well known for the accuracy of her predictions. The night before their wedding she told him of a time of war coming to the DeWolfe and a small child with blue and white hair that would be the key to their survival centuries from now. Weylyn at the time paid it no mind seeing how there couldn't possibly be war coming in his time of peace.

After a few years of happy marriage, she came to be with child. A shock came to both of them when the child was born a beautiful baby girl with blue and white hair. The sudden realization that her prediction would come true hit Weylyn hard. He would save the DeWolfe no matter what it took. His actions following that point would become unforgivable. Weylyn created a philosopher's stone by sacrificing the lives of everyone in the village, Man, Woman, and Child. He used the last of his magic to implant the stone in his new born child giving her immortality so that she would live long enough to stop the future conflict. He hid her away in white wolf mountain leaving behind only his ring with her. He Would return to the crypt he made for the people he slaughtered and sit there as the stones effect would take its last victim, himself, and slowly fell to the floor as the last of his life slipped away from him. -Several thousand and some odd years later- A gasp of air filled his lungs as he was struck with life once more. A glowing stone would sit there next to him shaking slightly on the cobble floor as its light gently faded out. He tried for the door to the crypt which was barred by what seemed like a millennia worth of soil and clay. He would open a rift in the void to escape. After reaching the surface he was faced with a hard fact. Truly a thousand years had passed. The world wasn't what it had been. He came to reach Varrock where he stayed and assisted the kingdom with various tasks while getting accustomed to the new world which he found himself in.

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