The Ishtari Family, The Jakobs Clan, and others

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This thread contains all information on all characters I play.



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Pontifex Jikdur Ishtari, Warden of the North, Lord of Coin and Finance


Gender: Male

Age: 128 Years old

Birthplace: Freminnik

Appearance: Long blonde hair. Glowing Blue eyes, grey skin, a large scar running down his body starting at his throat, ridges along his cheeks in his mahjarrat form. Tattoos cover most of his upper body. In his human form, all signs of him being anything but are removed. His eyes and hair remain the same color in his human form, but his eyes only glow when casting magic. 7 foot 5 inches. Tight muscular build.

Personality: Usually pretty laid back, likes to pull jokes on his underlings on occasion.

Allegiance (religious, societal, etc.): Zaros, Varrock, The Varrock Guards, Ishtari family.

Equipment: Usually some sort of purple robes or Freminnik style clothing. A staff made out of metal from the stars, and an axe, who's metal is made of the same material as his staff

Goals: To expand his families influence and become something great, despite his heritage.

Quirks: Loves mead so much that he has started his own meadery to spread it throughout the south. Due to it's similarity to wine, he markets it as "honey wine" in an attempt to help with this. Years of training has left him ambidextrous, although he favors his left hand, much like the rest of his family. Can speak Common, Rellekkan, Infernal, and some of the native Mahjarrat tongue, though do to his human heritage it does cause him pain.

Social status: Lord, Patriarch of the Ishtari Family..

History: Born to Tyv Tyrsson and Anadine Ishtari, he was always rather gifted at magic. He excelled, too, in swordplay and hand to hand combat. He was exiled due to using magic on his brother Malik, the night before they were to become men. It was a harmless accident, but the elders did not care. They banished him with no trial and was left to fend for himself at 16. He almost entirely avoided using magic for the next 100 or so years. 


Not much is known of his time between being exiled and coming to join the Varrock Guard, but what is known is that he stayed in Seer's Village for a handful of years before leaving eastward. At some point during this time he was told to head to the desert, where he was promised troves upon troves of ancient knowledge by his brother, disguised as an Archaeologist.


It was here that he was ambushed by Malik and his slithery servant, Salzoth. Malik cast an illusion upon him that made him think the sand was sinking around him, meanwhile Salzoth careful snuck up behind him and sank his fangs into him, causing him to black out. For about 80 long years, Jikdur was the prisoner of his brother's, unbeknownst to him. Their uncle Whis spent many years looking for him, until finally it was revealed to Jikdur that it was indeed his brother who had taken him captive and ran cruel experiments on him for so long that Jikdur just wished that he was dead. Unbeknownst to him, something magical in Jikdur snapped that day, causing his identity to literally split in two, forming an entirely new being, his eventual daughter; Arya.


Whis rushed to him and found him there and took him to the now relocated Ishtari Manor in Draynor Village. Jikdur spent roughly 15 years here, all the while somewhat unwillingly learning from Whis the ways of Magick and of Zaros. Eventually it sunk in, and Jikdur accepted both of them, however he was still terrified to use magic.

Finally came the time that Jikdur would hear of the Varrockian Guard looking for new recruits, knowing that Magick was not allowed, he knew it would prevent him from having to use it. He rose rather quickly quickly through the ranks of the Guards, partially because of his Freminnik combat experience, and also because of his strong sense of justice. Thanks to Mimring Ikol and, the now Duke, Rnoy, he began trusting, accepting, and even using magick again. First he became a Captain and was stationed in Canifis. Here he began hearing whisperings of an Ishtari Werewolf clan that had split from the DeWolfes. Strange he thought, that this clan should bare his own name, one that he had kept hidden. After all, everything he signed was as Jikdur Tyvsson and not Jikdur Ishtari, he was even known as Captain Tyvsson. 


Time went on and he learned that his very own brother was de facto the leader of this "clan". He immediately requested assistance from Varrock, and who would come but the Master at Arms himself, Mimring. They cornered him deep under the swamp. Jikdur ended up being injured, but they had captured him and put a stop to the threat, for now. Shortly after, Jikdur rose to the rank of Lieutenant and left the dank swamp of Morytania.


He spent most of this time filling out paperwork, the single most exciting thing to happen was his brother's escape from prison, seemingly an inside job. The day came where Mimring left, leaving him to lead the Guards. First thing he set about doing is a restructure, but overwhelmed at the arduous task, he too resigned and left to rest and recuperate.


He came back 2 years later, stronger than ever and came under Master at Arms Frederick Punchula's wing. In time he caught wind of his Brother's evil misdeeds once more, and at the behest of Master at Arms Punchula set out to find him. They eventually cornered him in the Varrock Sewers, but he revealed a horrid transformation and set about destroying Jikdur, tearing him in two. Jikdur had foreseen his death, however, and had set up something with his old pal Mimring Ikol, who was now Khan of Goshima in The Wushanko Empire, the only Necromancer Jikdur knew, and the only one he was willing to associate with.


It took time, but Jikdur was eventually stitched back together and brought to life. He was in great pain, but otherwise he was fine. Jikdur managed to sneak off of Goshima against Mimring's orders and made his way back to the Ishtari Manor.  It wasn't long, before word was out that Jikdur was somehow alive, and Queen Sora came knocking to request that Jikdur return to the Capital to lead the Guards once more. Jikdur acquiesced to her request, but on one condition; he have a larger office than the last time he was Master at Arms. She agreed, telling him that he could have any room he wanted.


During his last run as Master at Arms, he helped to permanently eliminate the threat of his brother. He also found out that he has a daughter, who he has a very close bond with, even though they haven't known each other very long.


During the events of the plague, he was granted Lordship over Morytania, Warden of the east. 


Along with Beauregard, Philip, and Sedridor, he killed the demonic threat known as Makkath during the Halloween demonic invasion, but to do this, he felt like he had no choice but to sacrifice himself. He blew up the Demon, and narrowly survived. He is currently in the infirmary being treated for burns and broken bones. Due to this, his and Skadi Badriyahsdottir's children were born before they could have their wedding Ceremony, but they married on paper beforehand. After his and Skadi's wedding, they would move to Draynor, where it was discovered that Skadi and Anadine were under the control of enemies made to ruin the Ishtari's day. They were successful and Jikdur has pardoned his Aunt and Cousin of any wrongdoing, as they were under enchantments that persisted after Salzoth's execution.

Despite the situation surrounding the Draynor fiasco, both the Queen and Jikdur understood that noone would be unable to understand. As such, he has willingly moved he and his family once more, to Relleka. He desired a Guard for such an event and has hired 9. Sigyn, his Sister-in-law. Lucifer, An Icyene who lacks vision. Erebus, his family's loyal servant. Akela, wife to Erebus, priestess of Elidinis and healer. Xhaolh, an elf who is also loyal to the Ishtari. Valerie, a vampire with a missing sister and a fondness for his son Jonathan. Brunhildr, a Rellekkan sellsword and his cousin removed a couple times. His last two guards are brother and sister and are here at the request of the Wizard's Tower, so that they could discover and learn possible magic that the northerners use. Alice is the older sister, a teacher and advanced mage...and her brother, Bristol, is a problematic slacker, who has some degree of competence but was suspended until he started "acting right".

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Whisrahkiehl Ishtari

Aliases: Whis ((Primarily uses this name, and even introduces himself by it.))

Gender: Male.

Age: Unknown. Has been here since the Second Age, when the rest of his kind came to Gielinor with Icthlarin.

Birthplace: Freneskae

Appearance: Primarily wears a hooded robe with the hood up. Very tall. When his hood is down and in normal state, ridges along his face, a large bunch along the lower part of his face seeming to form a beard. His head is smooth compared to the majority of his race. Purple "warpaint" all along his face. Purple glowing eyes. 5 purple gems along his forehead.

Personality: Very serious for the most part, does not show emotion, and in most cases is unable to due to not having to for such a long amount of time. Likes to be entertained, even if it's the harder route to something.

Allegiance (religious, societal, etc.): Zaros, Varrock, Citizens of Varrock, Ishtari Family.

Equipment: Green and purple armoured robes. No weapon.

Goals: To keep Varrock safe from all threats. To mold Jikdur into being the strongest he can be.

Quirks: Loves tea. Dislikes his nephew Malik very heavily, to the point of not allowing him to go to their ancestral home.

Social status: Member of the Varrock Secret Service. Considerably wealthy as he has no need to spend any money that he earns.

History: So much history, I will do bullet points instead.

  • Created many ways to not have to do the "atrocious ritual", but no one would listen to him about it.
  • Once trapped a Shadow Demon and split it into 7 parts. These objects, if brought together and the person wielding them is of weak mind, will unleash the demon until he is stopped.
  • Came to Gielinor in the second age with many of his ilk, was one of the first to betray Ichthlarin for the others.
  • Pretty much disappeared from the face of Gielinor until more recent times.
  • Tried to save his sister, Anadine from dying of not participating in the ritual, but she refused and chose to die instead.
  • Had 2 children with a human, and another on the way, but they were killed while Whis was under possession by Rhaast.
  • Sees Jikdur and Jon as his own children and treats them as such, frequently.
  • Mostly stays out of events unless they interest him.
  • With the help of Anadine, created the cure for Abscessus Petechialis.
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Admiral Arya Ishtari

Character name: Admiral Arya Ishtari, née Sol.

Aliases: Previously, The Captain.

Gender: Female

Age: 26

Birthplace: South Varrock

Appearance: Blonde haired, blue eyed. Only wears pants, never dresses.

Personality: Was once brash and cocky, has since cooled her jets. Kind of manly in many aspects.

Allegiance (religious, societal, etc.): No religious ties to be found. Pillagers of Siren's Call ((formerly)), Varrock.

Equipment: The Naval Uniform when doing Navy events, otherwise she wears looser fitting clothing that allows her to move quickly when needed.

Goals: To lead the Navy to a new gilded age.

Quirks: Dislikes makeup, though she has started to experiment with eyeliner more recently. Left-handed like the majority of the other Ishtari.

Social status:  Current Admiral of the Varrockian Navy.

History: Arya was created through unconventional, magical means. Not much is known about her genetics, but for all intents and purposes appears to be a full fledged human. She was created when Jikdur, overwhelmed with sorrow and anger unleashed a massive amount of magic. Somehow Jikdur managed to contain this magic and cast it out from him. It flew quick as lightning to the largest city in the nearest vicinity, Varrock. It was followed by a shadow clone of Whis', who Whis commanded to raise in disguise as it's adoptive mother.


She grew up in the slums, and by the age of 8, had the dodgy rogues in the city scared of her. She was a very pretty girl, and was able to use this to get what she wanted. She started picking pockets at a young age and ran with a group of younger children who admired her. But, at 16, she was given the ultimatum of either straightening up or being put behind bars for her crimes and she left. She joined a group of pirates, and using her seductive skills that she had been honing, killed the captain while she lay in bed with him and took over the crew. She killed all the men and recruited women en masse to join her crew. She terrorised the seas for 2 years before being captured. Oddly enough, instead of being sentenced to death, she was instead imprisoned for 2 years and let out, being told that she would be a Guard for the rest of her life.


The Queen and her grew to like each other, and she was given the rank of Captain of a small carrier. After proving herself a capable captain, she was given a warship. Again, proving herself capable, she was given the rank of Vice Admiral, after the previous Vice Admiral turned coat and went awol.


After the plague, she was granted the rank of Admiral, thus redeeming herself in her mind. Started pursuing a relationship with Erebus, and traveled with him to the desert to help him re-find himself. In time it was revealed that Erebus was married. Erebus, who didn't want to choose between his wife and Arya, suggested a polygamous relationship to the two of them. Very common in the desert, so his wife accepted, but Arya did not. Her journey in the Desert at an end, she traveled back home.


The following day after her arrival, she came down on the Navy. Making it her goal to ignore relationships and lead the navy to a golden age.

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Arwel Lloyd Hefin III

Aliases: Wight

Gender: Male

Age: 95

Birthplace: Tiranwnn

Appearance: Messy dirty blonde hair. Dresses somewhat fancy.

Personality: Cocky.

Allegiance (religious, societal, etc.): Salzoth, publicly Varrock.

Equipment: No armour, many swords and daggers.

Goals: Whatever Salzoth's goals are at the moment.

Quirks: Strong dislike for Mahjarrats, half breeds included.

Social status: Double agent.

History: Not much is known of Arwel, other than he sacrificed his own father to hasten the Dark Lord's arrival. His father, unknown to him ended up being Salzoth, who slaughtered him when he was done with him.

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Jonathan Bryce Ishtari


Gender: Male

Age: 21

Birthplace: The harsh north, close to the Wilderness.

Appearance: Short black hair that he slicks back some, but otherwise lays loosely on his head. Clean shaven and pale skinned with a strong jawline and nose. His eyes are nearly black when he doesn't have his vampyric abilities activated. These turn a dull red when he hasn't eaten in a while, regardless of whether or not his vampyric abilities are active. When they are, his eyes turn a bright red that seems to glow in the dark and fangs take the place of his canines.

Personality: Is normally rather laid back. Rational and very smart. Able to perceive things that others aren't on occasion. However, being around people, especially women, can turn him into a jittery mess. Being friendly with Arya and the Queen for so long has caused this to be pushed to the background, although closeness and intimate topics still make him very nervous and even causes him to have panic attacks on occasion. Very brooding.

Allegiance (religious, societal, etc.): Religious ties, if any, are unknown. Varrock. The Ishtari Family. Malik (formerly).

Equipment: Current wielder of the shadow artefacts, except the ring and book. No other weapons or equipment.

Goals: To become better at being normal around people. Becoming better at using magic and his Vampyric abilities.

Quirks: Has ADHD. Although he is not Ishtari by blood, he is left handed like many of the other Ishtari.

Social status: Foster son of the Warden of the North.

History: Born to a Human mother, and Vampyre Father this makes Jon a half breed. His mother died during childbirth. His father blamed her death entirely on him. His father turned into a drunk and beat him frequently, seemingly for no reason on occasion.  His father's strength waned further and further as his connection to his homeland grew weaker and weaker. The day finally came when Jon finally retaliated, striking his father down. His father would take on his human form and 

Jon ran far, and lived as a street urchin in Ardougne. Shunned by everyone, he wandered the streets, devouring those unfortunate enough to cross his path. Word reached Malik about the Demon of Ardougne, and he traveled there. He found Jon, who could not overcome Malik. Malik told him that he was a pretty motley looking kid, and began calling him Moxley as an insult. Malik took him in and imprisoned him as a way to use his powers for his own desires. He beat him and tortured him, but Jon was a broken kid by that point and did nothing, wishing only for the sweet release of death. But it did not come.


Whis came instead, freeing him and taking him under his wing. He cleaned him up and somehow Jon fell in love with puzzles. Jikdur did not trust Jon though, and thought he was a spy, conveniently put in that cell by Malik. Upon having Jon's memories revealed to him however, Jikdur began trusting him and took him under his wing as well, allowing him to live at the castle for as long as he wished. When The Queen was poisoned by Malik, Jikdur rushed to get Jon to save her, earning his trust even more.

After healing the queen to where she was stable, leaving the rest to April, he would travel with the Malik hunting party. He restrained Malik and weakened him to keep him still long enough for Jikdur to strip Malik of his ability to use magick.


He worked quietly with The Ishtari, but nothing of real importance came until the day that Whis asked him if he wanted to be the wielder of the Shadow Artefacts. Without hesitation, Jon said yes. Under Jikdur's wing, he began to train in the traditional way, a cave system deep under frozen earth.


He attempted to fight Raum with Whis and Tonlim, but wasn't much help. He regained the Artefacts and became adopted into the Ishtari family. He has been training diligently since.


Recently ran Jikdur's affairs while he was out on paternity leave, took a liking to paperwork. Was looking to become involved in the field of Law, but that seems to have been put to the wayside.

Started becoming friendly with a vampyre like himself, named Valerie, shortly before their move to Draynor. He has continued this friendship with her since then. He was involved with the takedown of Katerina and her crew, almost being killed by a werewolf named Mikail. Valerie would save him and even kill Mikail. She took him away to heal him and revealed that Katerina had initially hired her to distract and "take care" of Jonathan, but that she had grown to like him and even had feelings for him and couldn't bring herself to harm him. They have since evolved their friendship into a relationship.

Due to Valerie becoming an important part in his life, he has started becoming more Lord-like and accepting of his vampyric heritage, even drinking blood from a human for his first time, discovering that he has a taste for the harsher side of lovemaking in the process.

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Aliases:  Salzoth, the Snake

Gender: Male

Age: His entire lifespan is unknown but since being reborn as Salzoth, he is approximately 100 years old.

Birthplace: Prifddinas (As Arwel). A cave somewhere in Tirannwn (As Salzoth).

Appearance: He resembles an upright walking snake greatly however, he also appears to have other reptile blood present in his genetic makeup.

Personality: Cold, calculating, bitter theorized to be crazy but shows nearly no outward signs of being mentally touched, aside from his murderous tendencies.

Allegiance (religious, societal, etc.):  According to Salzoth himself, he serves no one but the life energy of Gielinor.

Equipment: Has a dagger on his person but does not use it. Claws and fangs that he has used from time to time. Also carries vials of various potions and possibly poisons on belts across his robes. A strange looking necklace is present at all times, but it does not seem to provide him with any powers. He wears another set of armor that seems to be made of bones.

Goals: To keep the anima mundi of Gielinor safe seems to be his primary goal. He also seems to be anti-god, and to a lesser extent, anti-establishment.

Quirks: Speaks with a tone of narcissism at nearly all times. Has the ability to camouflage himself with his surroundings. Is usually pretty calm and laid back.

Social status: Rogue, vagabond. Appears to be a necromancer, but the basis of his necromancy is a mystery, as his "experiments" do not seem to be based on dead bodies.

History: Arwel Lloyd the Second was born in the fair city of Prifddinas shortly before the sealing of the city. The son of a somewhat talented Crystal Singer., no one is entirely sure what happened to Arwel Lloyd the First, as he vanished prior to the Second's birth. His early and middle life is much of a mystery, but it is known that he was very outspoken against Clan Iorwerth towards the end of his life. He was so outspoken, in fact, that he was sacrificed in a brutal ritual to hasten the summoning of The Dark Lord. A young Malik Ishtari was running with The Iorwerth Clan at the time and found some reason felt compelled to bring back Arwel Lloyd the Second. To most, it was unknown why Arwel was sacrificed. Malik, however, was present when the decision to sacrifice him was made. Arwel's own flesh and blood Arwel Lloyd the Third was young and urged by the allure of the Dark Lord to take his place with Iorwerth. As a sign of trust, Arwel Lloyd the Third offered his own father, who was an enemy of the Iorwerth, for sacrifice. Leaving his memory intact, he was brought back and modified to become what he is nowadays. He was given the name Salzoth by Malik to keep his true identity secret and was also instructed to keep this hidden from all.


For nearly 100 years, Salzoth was a faithful servant, and a great asset, to Malik. He was present in nearly all of Malik's undertakings. At some point in time, Salzoth was made aware by Malik as to whom offered him as a sacrifice. But not all could be kept a secret forever. He started feeling cold towards the world and set into motion a plan that would take decades to come to complete fruition. First, he employed Arwel Lloyd III and using his odd magical abilities, split Arwel's mind into two. The present part of his mind would keep a deep watch on The Kingdom of Varrock through the Varrock Secret Service. This was considered to be the center of power for the world by both Salzoth and Malik. Malik thought it very interesting that Salzoth chose his own son for this mission, but little did Malik know how deep his plan really was. Along with Malik, Salzoth would begin experimenting on bringing life back to a Mahjarrat. Malik's own mother was chosen because Malik wished to see his mother one last time. The experiments were considered a failure by Malik and he shut them down, leading to the magical birth of Arya and the near death of Malik at the hands of his uncle, Whis. This was the first of many attempts by Salzoth to distance himself from Malik, even if it meant killing him. In secret, Salzoth would continue to attempt the rebirth of Anadine and succeeded. It was unknown to Malik that his mother had been reborn as Salzoth kept it all completely hidden.


Continuing to egg Malik on, whilst continually working against him in the shadows, Malik would eventually snap and go full blown crazy, which led to his capture and execution by the King of Varrock and his party; a party that Malik's brother, Jikdur was a part of. Free from the reigns of his previous master, at last, Salzoth would work towards his goals more diligently. It is unknown when, but he began hearing the whispers of Gielinor's Anima Mundi saying to him that the inhabitants of the world were a pox to it. It is unknown whether or not Salzoth actually can hear the Anima Mundi. Some attribute it to the use of psychedelic drugs, although Salzoth has never been seen using psychedelics. Some say he's just plain crazy. But an underground following has arisen since Salzoth came to light that fully agrees with Salzoth and worships him as a god. Salzoth seems to not care about the upcroppings and has even killed some of their members, finding little amusement in being thought of as a god. As you can imagine, it is considered to be an honor to be killed by Salzoth in their minds.


He was abandoned by both Anadine and Faolan during the plague's progression, and since it ended, no one knows where is he, or if he's even alive.


Recently found in the cave of his birth as Salzoth by Whis, Anadine, and Faolan. Brought back to Varrock to await trial. Salzoth has been executed.

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Wu Zhuang

Aliases: Faolan

Gender: Male

Age: 32

Birthplace: Ai Jei, The Skull, Wushanko Isles

Appearance: He is a great burly heap of a man while in his human form. He tends to wear fairly basic clothing, however, when needed he dons an armor made of leather that's been laid with studs. Contrary to the rest of his ilk, he slims down greatly while in wolf form, also gaining an electrical aura and the ability to direct and control electrical currents.

Personality: At the face, he lacks any personality, he does not speak much, intelligence level is unknown.

Allegiance (religious, societal, etc.): The Ishtari Family.

Equipment: He has no weapons, instead relying on his brutish strength and Lycanthropy.

Goals: His goals, if any, are unknown.

Quirks: He chooses not to speak typically. He comes off as a very mean person, but is not.

Social status: Seems to be a vagabond werewolf who sided with Malik, and then Salzoth, and now Whis.

History: Little is known of Faolan. He first appeared by Salzoth's side as an apparent experiment by Malik. He gives little away of his past through his actions.


Malik created Faolan to be a spy for him, and then Whis. Malik did not trust Salzoth, but went along with it, eventually getting himself executed. Before his eventual demise, he told Faolan that should he ever die, his new master would be Whis. Follow Salzoth closely for half a year, and then side with Whis...Openly. Seems to be into Anadine, kind of.


Has since became a steadfast ally to the Ishtari family. Helped capture Salzoth and bring him back.

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Skadi Ishtari, Daughter of Badriyah

Aliases: The Shieldmaiden, Skadi Badriyahsdottir, Ironside

Gender: Female

Age: 32

Birthplace: Rellekka, Fremennik Province

Appearance: 6 foot 2 inches. Toned body (when not pregnant or recovering from being pregnant). Pale skin. Blonde hair that she keeps in braids or locs. Blue eyes. As her and Sigyn aren't identical twins, she does look somewhat different than her, although they share the same nose. Her jawline is sharper and more well defined.

Personality: Loves to fight and train. Also loves to drink and fuck. Not much is publicly known about her personality as she's not the best speaker when it comes to the common tongue. Likes to farm.

Allegiance (religious, societal, etc.): V, despite his recent death. Given her relationship with Jikdur, she maintains an intense loyalty to their homeland and has become loyal to Varrock now as well.

Equipment: In the past, she used axes exclusively. But she also uses spears, swords, halberds. Anything she can get her hands on.

Goals:  She is a warrior at heart, but also raising children with Jikdur,

Quirks: Speaks with a very thick Rellekkan accent, doesn't speak the common tongue very well, but has improved. Doesn't care for many people, but enjoys talking with the Queen.

Social Status: Wife of Lord Jikdur Ishtari.

History: Born and raised in Rellekka, she's the Daughter of Badriyah and Baldrick. Like most Rellekkan children, she was taught the basics of fighting, and eventually she would join in on the raids, but grew tired of raiding the same coasts, she wanted to explore.


On her travels, she heard about a man named Jikdur, and about the many bar crawls he's completed, she wanted to challenge him to a drinking contest. She made her way to Varrock first, but she found there that he was in a place called Port Sarim. So she made her way to Port Sarim eventually. But again, too late. In fact, she had passed him on the road, unbeknownst to her. Eventually they did meet. But she didn't expect to fall in love with him. Eventually the news came that she was pregnant with his children, and while it was good news, what would the people think if they weren't married. Jikdur asked her to marry him, and she said yes.

They have since wed in the traditional Rellekkan vows by exchanging their swords and then having their life-bands tattooed on their ring finger.

Sometime before their marriage, Skadi and Anadine would come under the control of one last desperate attempt by Salzoth, Katerina Ishtari. The vampyric wife of Whis, who had been long thought dead. Defeating this ploy, Skadi has since stepped down as Matriarch of the Ishtari, wishing for nothing to do with leadership.

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Erebus Al'Shahiri

Aliases:  Wraith

Gender: Male

Age: 35

Birthplace: Menaphos

Appearance: Rather thin and around 6'2, short blonde hair, tanned skin. Wears thin clothing that is blue. Cloak is trimmed in gold.

Personality: Fun loving, but can be brooding

Allegiance (religious, societal, etc.): No known gods, likely one of the Menaphite Pantheon. Varrock, the Ishtari family.

Equipment: No known weapons at this point.

Goals: Since he has been freed from the control of Rhaast, he now wishes to return to the Ishtari and serve them as best he can.

Quirks: Was once controlled by the remnants of the demon named Rhaast, and was unable to display emotion and had a flat monotone voice. Freed from that control, he could easily just live his life, but he still remains loyal to the Ishtari.

Social Status: Praetor to the Ishtari.

History: His life before 15 years ago is unknown, That's when he met Whis. After a fight with a large group of enemies, he was the only one to survive aside from Whis. Whis took him under his wings and began to train him with the shadow artefacts. At some point, Erebus became overwhelmed and Rhaast took him over. He was compelled to follow Rhaast's essence, and only serves people with Rhaast within them. Served as the housekeeper for the Ishtari until he was relieved of his duties by Jikdur.

Returned to Menaphos to live with his wife for a while and has since offered up his services to the Ishtari once more along with his wife. 

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Maliketh Ishtari

Aliases: Malik, Erefthur
Gender: Male
Age: 127
Birthplace: Rellekka, Freminnik Province
Appearance: Facial structure is similar to Jikdur's, however, he is much skinnier. Extremely white skin and mid-torso lengthed black hair. Wears thick, black eye makeup around his orange eyes. Skin is not bleached.
Personality: In the past, he was considered as crazy beyond the point of return. Was very cocky. Currently, his personality is much different. He is cool, calm, collected. Capable of thinking situations through. Regretful.
Allegiance (religious, societal, etc.): Himself in the past. Currently, his Allegiance, if any, is unknown.
Equipment: Red robes with golden trimming, hem of the robes drags behind him as he walks. Fox Amulet is hanging down from his belt, its eyes glowing softly.
Goals: In the past, his goals were simple. Complete and utter chaos, anarchy. That and killing his brother and uncle. Now, his goals are more complex, and hard to do. The truth about his craziness must be revealed. He knows there's nothing that he can do to reverse his condition, and that no one will fully trust him, given the things he's done. But all he can do is spread the truth.
Quirks: In the past, his mentality would switch swiftly between moments of somewhat sane to moments that were violently insane, with no clear trigger. At some points, his mind would clear and he would be perfectly sane, and in control of his faculties. So far, his only quirk is obsession.
Social status: Was once a wanted criminal by Varrock for the crimes of multiple counts of assault on a guard, endangerment to civilians, cruel experimentation, and multiple counts of murder. Currently, a soul that resides in a fox face amulet.
History: Born second to Jikdur, that's how his childhood was compared to Jikdur's. Always having to work very hard to catch up to things that Jikdur found easy. But it was okay, he had his mom, and Jikdur even, who didn't seem to hate him.

Then the night came, the night before their ascent into manhood. Jikdur was doing a nice little magical light show to honor it, but he lost control of one. It struck Malik directly in the chest, making him pass out for 3 days. When he awoke, something within him awoke; his ability to use magic. He had always struggled with even the tiniest things that Jikdur would show him, but nothing ever seemed to help. He just couldn't, but now he could.

Over the next few years, after Jikdur was exiled, their mother grew increasingly sicker and sicker. There was no real explanation. They had grown up knowing of their Mahjarrat lineage, something that wasn't public knowledge but didn't know that she hadn't taken part in a ritual in centuries at that point. Eventually, she died. Consumed with grief, Malik left the village in search of his brother, the only person he had left in the world. He knew that the accident was actually an accident, and was grateful anyways.

He, too, made his way into Seer's village, barely missing Jikdur. He stayed there in vain, hoping that Jikdur would come back. He never did, so Malik went west, thinking maybe he decided to stay in the woods. Eventually, he ran into the elves. They recognized what he was, but it was the dark elves, the Iorwerth. They reveled in his power, thinking that maybe he could hasten the return of their Dark Lord.

He too became enticed under the allure of the Dark Lord. He took it as Zamorak, of whom he was already somewhat a follower. This is where a descent into madness began, and where it would've ended if he wasn't into the idea of experimenting on both the living and the dead. He convinced a young elf boy name Arwel Lloyd III to sacrifice his father to the Dark Lord. 

Malik retrieved the body and began to bring it back to life, albeit, with modifications, and eventually changing it from an elf into an entirely new creature, a hybrid made from various animals. Salzoth the snake was born and almost immediately after, Malik began to slip even further into insanity. He left the elven lands and went back home. There, Malik would slip his father a poison that suppressed his body's immune system. Slowly, Tyv Tyrsson would die a slow and painful death from various diseases, but by the time he did, Malik was already gone. 

He and Salzoth went in search of Jikdur, but this time, it wasn't to be buddies with him. He wanted to torture and maim Jikdur for what, in his now poisoned mind, he did to their parents and to bring back their mother. They found him and, under disguise, connived Jikdur to the desert with the promise of ancient knowledge.

Jikdur wasn't the one to turn down knowledge, and he went. While Malik set an illusion up him, to make it appear as if he was being crushed, Salzoth snuck up and dug his fangs into Jikdur's neck, sending a sleeping toxin through his body.

For 80 years, Malik tortured Jikdur, progressively growing more insane with each passing year, asking Jikdur if he knew who he was. And then a day came when they had failed far too often to bring back Anadine. One more try, if it failed, Jikdur was to be killed.

Malik told him this, asking if Jikdur knew who he was, as he had so many times before now, a crazed, distant look in his eyes. Jikdur had no idea, so Malik told him.

With the revelation, something magick snapped in Jikdur. He split his personality, creating the child that would become Arya, but the power kept growing, causing Malik to panic. Salzoth had already left.

Someone stood in the way of escape for Malik, their uncle, Whis. Whis would disown Malik, and send 100 swords coming from the ground and piercing through Malik. But Whis did not know that Malik had began to dabble in blood magick. Casting his body into a mist of blood, Malik fled to lick his wounds.

For nearly 20 years, Malik stayed hidden from the other two Ishtari. Just before he reappeared, returning from a visit to the Iorwerth, he found the half-vampire boy known as Jon Benton. He desired the knowledge that Benton had of blood magick and convinced him to come along. But it was a trick. Much like he had done with Jikdur, Jon was little more than a prisoner, only there to give him knowledge.

Around the same time that Jikdur joined the Guards, Malik joined the DeWolfe. His magickal Mahjarrat blood would combine with the werewolf blood and create a new hybrid. As he had theorized, Malik could combine this blood with other blood to get desired effects, so he did. He created the Ishtari Werewolf family, a branch from the main tree.

During his ever fleeting moments of sanity, Malik began to suspect that Salzoth was toying with his mind and filling it with poisoned words, driving him insane. He began to set about doing things to find out whether or not this was true and put an end to it. He found a young man from the Eastern Isles, named Zu Zhuang. Wu Zhuang was a very silent fellow but, he had control over electrical currents. Suspecting this would carry over to wolf form, Malik enticed him with becoming a werewolf, and a spy for Malik. Wu Zhuang agreed, becoming Faolan.

In a joint VSS and Guard raid, Malik would be captured, he spent a year in prison, awaiting trial, before being sprung free by an elvish VSS member, an elf that Malik was familiar with, Arwel Lloyd III, had come to his rescue. Surrounded by a group of guards on all sides, he stabbed himself in the hand with a dagger he found and escaped in a mist of blood once more. He had lost something important to him though, Whis had found Jon.

With Jikdur resigning from the Guards, Malik resumed his work. The Ishtari Werewolf clan was openly banned, so now Malik had to work in secret. He began kidnapping victims, forcing them to his clan. 

Jikdur would come back to the Guards after two years and began to immediately notice the signs that Malik was active. He found a letter on a mission that could have only been written by Malik. It was part of Malik's plan. Finding a dragonkin, he disposed of it and absorbed its power. Now he turned into some sort of strange cross betwixt a werewolf and dragonkin, but much larger than either. He didn't know that the rage would come with it. He was free, to direct this rage at whosoever he chose, and he chose Jikdur. In the Varrock sewers, he killed Jikdur, but not all was merry. Weylyn, patriarch of the DeWolfe family would strip Malik of his werewolf blood. Forcing a retreat, Malik would do so.

He separated the dragonkin blood from his own, and cast it out. Now he had to implement chaos. He didn't know that Jikdur would be there to stop him in the long run. Shortly after Jikdur came back to being the Master at Arms, Malik began targeting oddly specific places. A temple in Lumbridge, a temple in Varrock, and then the Kinshra and The Queen directly afterward. It was open defiance. A challenge to the Kingdom. The hunt was on.

They would find him and after a fight with "clones" of him, he was surrounded. Jikdur would show up, and with no other way to ensure his capture, Jikdur used an ancient magick and stripped Malik of his powers. He was captured. No trial. The King, would visit him and pummel him. It was here where Malik would have a slip back into sanity. He tried apologizing and explaining that it wasn't him, but the king was too far gone. He brought Malik to his execution and read off his charges.

It was here that Weylyn would ensure that some evil creature would be unable to bring him back. He placed a cursed necklace around Malik's neck, and when Malik was executed, his soul was absorbed into the necklace. 

He now spends his days within his and Jikdur's shared soul room. He has been trying to convince Jikdur that it wasn't entirely him. But Jikdur has been hesitant, at best, to believe Malik; but, Jikdur is slowly coming to grips with it, and has even allowed Malik to possess his body on occasion. Jikdur has chosen to keep this secret from all, but while Jikdur was in the hospital, it would be attacked. Trying to fight with broken limbs left Jikdur at a disadvantage, and seeing no other way out, he would call forth Malik. Unknowingly at the time, he had done so in front of the Queen. He explained that it was all an illusion, but it seems as if the Queen doesn't exactly believe him.



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Baldrick Gustavsson


Character name: Baldrick Gustavsson

Aliases: Father-in-law, father, High Councilman

Gender: Male

Age: 48

Birthplace: Rellekka, Freminnik Province

Appearance: Blonde hair that he keeps in a braid to the side. Blonde beard. Both are starting to grey. Tattoos cover his chest and back. Strong face. Body is muscular and toned from farm work, more so than fighting.

Personality: Rough around the edges to most, he is much sweeter to his family. Has an acute mind that is more into exploration and discovery than others in the village. Would rather take the diplomatic route, than a warring route, which has served him well.

Allegiance: Family above all else. He is also a devout follower of V, despite the God's recent death, as he knows V is watching from the Spiritual Realm until the end of time. Rellekka.

Equipment: As he's not much of a fighter, typically, not much more than a dagger. No real armor or other weapons.

Goals: He hopes that a peaceful union between his daughter and Jikdur will empower his people and make them stronger.

Quirks: Is unafraid of magick, and actually encourages the study of it.

Social Status: Temporary Chieftain.

History: Baldrick was raised in a family of farmers. He was never much of a fighter, but he was smart. He was able to use this intelligence to become one of the in crowd. As time went by, he grew sweet on an outcast around his age. He risked his spot as a cool guy to be with her, but being much smarter than the others, he convinced the others that it wasn't so bad.


He rose to a junior member of the council, and eventually fathered Skadi, Sigyn, and Bjorn. As they grew older, he would rise through the ranks of the council, and is currently the temporary Chieftain.

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Xhaolh Nyvorlas

Aliases: Kiba

Gender: Male

Age: 33

Birthplace: Unknown; presumed Tirannwn

Appearance: Shaggy white hair. Large elvish ears. Full heterochromia, leaving one eye black, and one silvery white. A facemask covers the lower portion of his face at almost all times. Doesn't really wear a full fledged shirt, instead opts for a singular mostly cloth gauntlet on his left hand. Muscles are very toned, more for strength and explosive speed than they are vanity, but somehow finds himself in situations with women hitting on him, even prostitutes. Scars cover his torso. Skin seems to be a rather strange color in certain lights, but is normally tan, due to his constant being outside in the sun. Has the fox brand of the Ishtari on his unexposed forearm.

Personality: Very calm, seems to not really care about having a relationship and raising children. Sometimes goofy.

Allegiance (religious, societal, etc.): Allied with the Ishtari family.

Equipment: Daggers. A lot of them. One is visibly larger than the rest.

Goals: He doesn't seem to have any goals aside from making Gielinor in itself a better place to live, and even that is sometimes questioned.

Quirks: Soft-spoken, wouldn't know he was there half the time unless he made it apparent.

Social status: Member of the VSS, on paper, Group 6. Behind closed doors, he works in the Umbra Division and reports to the Ishtari, as well as Umbra's Director and the Queen of Varrock. Praetor to the Ishtari

History: From a young age, Xhaolh discovered he had a knack for training wild beasts. His life was pretty average. He was in love and married at one point, before the darkness. A man came and slaughtered his wife and cast him into the shadow realm. He wandered the shadow realm for years until he was found by Whis Ishtari, who brought him back. Due to this, he has retained a degree of control over the Shadow Realm, but it's not enough to make him even adept at it. He has no interest in furthering his knowledge of the Shadow Realm, and wishes to stay from there forever. He didn't always have heterochromia. At one point, both of his eyes were the same silvery white. It's assumed by Whis that the taint of the Shadow Realm caused his eye to turn black.


Since his return to the world, he has served the Ishtari family dutifully, becoming a close associate and being branded with the fox. He joined the VSS at the request of Whis and has been reporting on the leader of group 6, and group 6 in general. He has refined his beast taming abilities, and has grown his arsenal animals to precisely 5 wolves and 1 bird. Known wolves are Maddisiel, Marxius, and Matthias. Talon is the name of his bird, a sparrowhawk.


He and his beasts were crucial in finding Makkath. He went under disguise to find the man known as Daniel, and has recently started shadowing the Queen on a sort of "suicide watch". Allowed the Queen to hold on to Matthias for two reasons; So that he could keep an eye on the Queen without being there directly and so that Matthias could grow accustomed to being around other people. Has a strange Icyene following him.


Since Whis left the VSS, Xhaolh has become a praetor to the Ishtari.

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Character name: Lucifer

Aliases: N/a

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown.

Birthplace: New Domina

Appearance: Long, muddy brown hair. White wings with brown splotches throughout. Wears light clothing, aside from a gauntlet and greaves. Silver eyes.

Personality: Very serious demeanor.

Allegiance (religious, societal, etc.): Sees the gods as unworthy of wielding the power that they do and cause more harm than they do help. The Ishtari.

Equipment: Just a simple, albeit strange looking sword.

Goals: Justice for all wrongdoing.

Quirks: Appears to be blind, but isn't.

Social status: Praetor to the Ishtari

History: He was born in New Domina, a city on his homeworld, that of Icyenes. Aside from this, nothing is known about Lucifer aside from his pursuit of justice. Apparently has visions. Although considered a blind, he actually sees the world, but in a different way than most beings. He sees the world outlined as "blots of energy, and lack of energy". He sees other beings, and even himself in the same way. He is also able to see the wind currents that enable him to fly.


Since revealing himself to Xhaolh, all he says is that he is here for Salzoth. It is unknown what his goals afterwards are.

Revealed himself to Whis, unsuccessfully demanding that Salzoth be handed over to him to face judgement. Son of Kronos.

Decided that he liked the way the Ishtari do things and wanted to see that that continue and offered up his blade.

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Character name: Mim

Gender: Male

Age: Exact is unknown, but presumed to be under a year old.

Birthplace: Rellekka.

Appearance: White fur, Eyes are heterochromatic, leaving one brown and one blue.

Personality: Seems hesitantly trustworthy of Jikdur, aside from that, not much is known at this point.

Allegiance: Seemingly Jikdur.

Equipment: He's a fox.

Goals: Again, a fox.

Quirks: Heterochromia iridum

Social Status: A fox.

History: Born in Rellekka, Jikdur assumes he was trafficked for his fur. Found by Jikdur in the wild, it's thought that he had broke loose from his captors and injured himself in the process. Sits closely to Jikdur, but scatters if anyone else comes near him.

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