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Tonlim DeWolfe and associates.

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Character name: Tonlim Dewolfe

Aliases: Nightfall, Griever in -REDACTED-

Race: Werewolf

Gender: Male

Age: 33

Alignment: Neutral Good

Birthplace: Canifis

Appearance: 6'3", 210 lbs; Brown eyes, dark brown hair, tanned skin; Shaggy two-tone hair and a slightly scruffy goatee; Generally wears a fairly formal coat with the hood up and matching trousers, as well as a light breastplate under his coat and a helmet resembling a wolf's head while he's on the job.

Personality: Fairly composed and dignified; loyal, disciplined and cheerful. In the all-too-common event that he's dragged into a fight with an eldritch monstrosity, he takes it in stride and just rolls with it. Generally friendly to everyone, though sometimes its hard to tell if he's just playing around or genuinely insulting you. Has a fondness for ghoul bones as a snack. Finds gnomes adorable.

Associated businesses: Owns the Lowe's Archery Shoppe in Varrock; Invests in the Blue Moon Inn; Owns the General Store in Canifis.

Allegiance: Works directly for Queen Sora, regularly works with Lali and supports the Dewolfe family. Doesn't really care for politics, but since the events with Malik Ishtari he's taken a more active role in defending his home nation.

Religion: Fervent belief in Mortanic Zamorakianism, the belief that Zamorak is a benevolent being that wishes to teach his followers to find their own way.

Equipment: Carries a prototype magitech heavy crossbow with varying types of bolts including, but not limited to, armor piercing, poisoned and rubium explosive bolts; the crossbow has rapid-fire capability and a deployable magitech scout drone which feeds visual and auditory info into a unique commorb on his person. Wields a poisoned dagger for melee assassinations, and in open combat he wields either a runed longsword or paired runed wakizashi. Holds concealed throwing knives and a rubium pistol. 

Current estimated wealth: 1 billion 683 million gold crowns, not including assets.



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Character name: Real name unknown

Aliases: Kar'mos

Gender: Male

Race: Gnome Werewolf

Age: 172

Birthplace: Unknown

Height: 2'4
Skin Color: Paling tan 
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Green

Somewhat snobbish, introverted to the point he becomes a recluse based on the lunar cycle. Overly devoted to his research, and refuses to share his findings with anyone he doesn't trust fully.

Is a very accomplished linguist and historian. Has written personal translation manuals for many languages.
Somewhat skilled in alchemy.
Has a rudimentary knowledge of ancient magic. Understands the theory, but as of yet lacks the magickal ability to cast any of its spells.

Freelance, currently maintaining Tonlim Dewolfe's residence in his absence.

Hooded cloak and traveler's garb. Enchanted gnomish sword and hand crossbow for utility. First aid kit and portable alchemy set. As many of his self-penned translation manuals as he can carry. An ornate bangle carved with the words "Ta Quir Priw lovos eis laquinay", his most cherished keepsake. 

Common, Old Gnomish, Fremennik, Elven. Familiar with various regional dialects; can translate most if not speak fluently.

Fighting Style:
Conscientious objector, but when backed into a corner the enchantment on his sword makes him enter an uncontrollable rage, recklessly charging into battle. It augments his strength and resilience when wielded, effectively cutting off his pain receptors and giving him closer to the physical strength of a well-trained human soldier.


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