Rnoy Samuele Neverwinter

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Rnoy Samuele Neverwinter
Aliases: Rnoy, Duke of the Kingdom of Varrock.
Gender: Male
Age: 48
Birthplace: Tirannwn
Height: 6'4
Weight: 210
Skin tone: Grey
Scars/Tattoos: Both eyes gouged out and scarred over. Scars covering most of his left side.  Runic symbols coat his body, which appear as scorched wounds, unless his power is amplified, then glows vibrant green.
Hair/Beard Color: Charcoal grey, with tips that are sun bleached.
Eye Color: None ((anymore))
Other: Lacks a left arm, right hand up to the middle of his forearm, and the lower part of both his legs, to which he wears prosthetics, has obvious limp when walking.
Personality: Smartass by nature.  Gruff and grumpy and brutally honest.
Allegiance: Varrock, Wizards' Tower, Friends & Family.
Residence: The Wizards' Tower.
Head: Blindfold and hood.
Neck: Elven talisman once belonging to his mother.
Torso: Elemental armour which transmute to current element he is weilding.  Proesthetic arm and hand, made of elemental alloy.
Legs: Lower half of elemental armour ((see above)).  Prosthetic legs, aswell as a pegleg named Larry.
Cloak: Untrimmed runecrafting cloak.
Other: Rune pouch, Earthbreaker ((Father's two-handed maul)), Varrockian shield, Varrockian Guard uniform, Kingdom of Varrock cloak.
Powers/Abilities: Able to weild elemental magics ((Earth, Air, Fire, Water)) aswell as transform into elemental beings of the four basic elements.  These powers strengthen depending on the strength of his emotions at the time of conjuration/transformation.
Goal(s): Normality
- Tends to attract animal attention.
- Swears in Elven when angry.
- Calls his pegleg Larry.
- Ambidextrous ((able to use both hands with equal precision)).
- Swaps pegleg from one leg to the other, just to mess with people.
- Follows no gods, rather feels only disgust and anger towards them.
- Tends to lack manners.
- Makes rock puns often.
Social Status: Rnoy holds himself to that of a commoner, even with being the heir of the kingdom.  He feels he should be treated no differently than the next person, and many a time, does the same for even the most noble of titles.











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Aliases: The Star Child
Gender: Female
Age: 29
Birthplace: Unknown
Height: 5'4
Weight: 110
Skin tone: Pale
Scars/Tattoos: None, but has two markings on her either of her palms, one being of a yellow moon, and the other being of a purlish star.
Hair Color: Red head/Ginger
Eye Color: Green
Other: N/A
Personality: Sweet, caring, affectionate, but when put into a situation that demands it, controlling and assertive.
Allegiance: Varrock, Wizards' Tower, Lunar Isle, Family & Friends
Residence: Varrock
Head: N/A
Neck: A magical pendant that resembles a tear drop.
Torso: Standard magical robe top.
Legs: Standard magical robe bottoms.
Cloak: Shawl.
Other: Rune pouch, Herbalism supplies, potions/ingredients, salves, healer's kit.
Powers/Abilities: Excels in healing/lunar magics aswell as herbal and natural remedies.  She's also holds prowess with water and earth combat magics.
Goal(s): Simply wants to help the world best she can.
- Curses under her breath.
- Stomps foot childishly when angry.
- When she knows a boy/man likes her, takes every opportunity to make them fall flat on their face, physically or emotionally.
- Has a photographic memory.
- Loves making tea.
Social Status: Before moving to Varrock to assist with Queen Sora's pregnancy, April was simply a pupil of Rnoy's and Archmage Sedridor.  However, in the eyes of her people, and the Oneiromancer, she is seen as The Star Child, a child gifted with great abilities at birth.
  Now since she has assisted in many healing efforts throughout the Kingdom of Varrock, she's being renowned for quite the savior.


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Aliases: Captain Lazarus
Gender: Male(?)
Age: Unknown
Birthplace: Unknown
Height: 7'
Weight: 260
Skin tone: Tan
Scars/Tattoos: None.
Hair/Beard Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Other: N/A
Personality: Calm and collected.
Allegiance: Varrock, his crew & allies.
Residence: The open water.
Head: N/A
Neck: Gold pendant
Torso: Captain's jacket.
Legs: Standard trousers.
Cloak: N/A
Other: Duel scimitars, daggers, flintlock pistols ((however rarely used)), ammo/gun powder, various rings on his fingers, bracelets.
Powers/Abilities: Very physically strong, has a very keen eye, has the ability to make his voice boom over commorbs when he presses a certain 'gland' within his neck.
Goal(s): Keep his crew happy and free.
- Hums to himself often.
- Drinks like a fish, but cannot get drunk.
- Never gains nor loses weight.
- Shows no signs of aging.
Social Status/Backstory: Starting out his existance, Lazarus was simply a construct created for the former King Lali's antics.  But once under the control and watchful eye of Rnoy, he became more of a servant, to which the former Archmage wished to tether him from such a bond, and thus, after much effort and much trial and error, was able to give Lazarus human emotions and also allowed him his freedom.  It was with that freedom that he met Jimmy, a common thief and highwayman, who is now his first mate.  Together they robbed and pillaged stores and taverns, gathering support as they went.  The crew finally commandeered two ships, and for a gift to their new captain, they used Santa's machine which turned a robot gnome into a real boy, to make Lazarus into a real man.
  During a quarrel at sea with a fleet of enemy ships, Lazarus crew sprung into action to save the Kingdom of Varrock's remaining ships and crew, and assist them back to shore, which they were confronted about their piracy, only to be spared and made a militia branch of the kingdom's navy.


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Jimmy (Clarence)


Aliases: First Mate Jimmy, Highwayman Jimmy, Clarence Fredrickson
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Birthplace: Port Sarim
Height: 5'11
Weight: 175
Skin tone: Tan
Scars/Tattoos: A few scars here and there from brawls and sword fights.  A brand on his left wrist, unrecognizable as to what it was, and the lack of his left middle finger.
Hair/Beard Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Other: Diamond studded earrings.
Personality: Charismatic, sarcastic, dashing, flirtatious.
Allegiance: Varrock, his captain/crew & allies.
Residence: The open water.
Head: N/A
Neck: N/A
Torso: Patch-work leather jacket.
Legs: Leather trousers.
Cloak: N/A
Other: Cutlass & dagger, flask of brandy, and always seems to have a rose at the ready up his sleeve.
Powers/Abilities: Expert swordsman and a silver-tongued devil.  Excellent in the ways of stealth and disguise, aswell as lockpicking and pickpocketing.
Goal(s): Getting rich and getting laid.
- Has to check himself out in mirrors quite often.
- Females beware, he's always on the prowl.
- Innuendo is a common occurrence.
Social Status: Even though he's now a part of the militia branch of the Kingdom of Varrock's navy, Jimmy will always be forever a highwayman and a lady's man.


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Character name: Venus

Aliases: The Guytrap

Kingdom: N/A

Gender: Female

Race: Half Siren (Seasinger)/Half Human

Age: 21

Birthplace: Port Sarim

Parentage: Father: Unknown

Mother: Umbra Seasinger


Height: 6'2

Weight: 165

Skin Color: Light tan with hints of silver/pale blue scales

Hair Color: Light orange

Eye Color: Right: Gold, Left: Blue


Personality: Cold and Callous from face value, but shows warmth and compassion to the poor, women, children, and elderly.

Allegiance: N/A


-Rogue's attire



-Strand of pearls and shells given to her by her mother.

-Twin daggers

-Satchel of tonics and poisons


Goal they wish to achieve: Rid the world of tyranny and the men who cause it.


- Sleeps sitting upright and always facing a door.

- Always must count the number of males in an area and know their location at all times.

- Never goes anywhere without an instrument.

- Sings to herself to calm down.


Languages: Common, some elvish


Fighting Styles: Melee: Very good with close combat, especially with daggers

Ranged: Can handle a bow or crossbow if need be.

Magic: Uses her seasinger voice to lure men.


- Physically strong

- Singing voice

- Determined

- Quick and agile swimming

- Street smarts

- Beauty/Physical Assets


- Trusts very little

- Claustrophobic

- Hates/Fears men


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Aliases: Doggo, Pupper, Faithful Companion
Gender: Male
Age: 1 1/2
Birthplace: Varrock
Height: 2'
Weight: 65
Fur: Grey/White
Eye Color: Blue
Personality: Happy and Loyal
Allegiance: His buddy and best friend in the whole world, Rnoy.
Residence: At Rnoy's side.

- Brown leather collar

- Harness

- Really good at peeing on things
- Super slobbery kisses
- Growl of intimidation
- Whimper of sorrow
- Diggy diggy hole
- Tear you limb from limb
- Happy Waggly tail whip
Goal(s): Just staying loyal and true.
- Dog things
Social Status: He's a dog... everyone loves him...


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Cucco Chaser
Aliases: C.C.
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Birthplace: Ardougne
Height: 6'2
Weight: 190
Skin tone: Light tan
Scars/Tattoos: No visible scars, but conceals the scars and inflictions of a past injury to his head with his chicken head mask.  Also has chicken wings tattooed on his back... no not feathery chicken wings.. the food chicken wings...
Hair/Beard Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Other: A mute.
Personality: Has a great sense of humor, very quirky.
Allegiance: His sister, Marian.
Residence: N/A
Head: Trust ol' Chicken Head Mask
Neck: N/A
Torso: Commoners shirt.
Legs: Commoners trousers.
Cloak: N/A
Other: Toolbelt decked to the nines, plank box, and a very dented up frying pan.
Powers/Abilities: He's just really good at fixing things, and really good at chasing "cuccos."
Goal(s): Own a chicken farm.
- Is a mute.
- Obsessed with chickens.
- Must fix what's broken.
- Uses expression and writing to communicate, and if he tries really hard, can manage to make sounds, but no clear words.
Social Status: He has none, he's a weird chicken man, why would he?



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