Character Profile: Rowanius Vendragon

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Character Profile:

Brother Rowanius Vendragon


Rowan in full Warpriest armour

Alias: Rowan the PiousAl Bawma (The Owl) 
Gender: Male 
Race: Human
Age: mid-thirties (36-37) 
Birthplace: Rimmington, Kingdom of Asgarnia
Appearance: Rowan sports a tonsure following his ordination as a cleric after the Battle of Lumbridge. He also has a small scar on his cheek as a result of battle during his time with the White Knights. He has a short beard.
Personality: As a holy warrior-monk, Rowan shows piety and devotion to Saradomin, even in battle. As a commander of the Order, he is a brilliant strategist, preferring to deal with conflicts tactically. He is also seen as a disciplinarian who shows great amount of strictness towards his fellow brother knights. Even so, he has a soft side for caring towards others, especially those who are in great need.   

Allegiance: Saradomin (through the White Knights and the Church of Saradomin in particular)

Equipment: Warpriest of Saradomin armaments, cleric-blade (a custom shortsword), and a golden mace (imbued with holy energy). He usually wields both his holy weapons in battle.

Quirks: He has an obsession with owls. He is not too fond of romantic affairs and relationships as a cleric himself (though he nearly fell into one at some point.)

Social Status: He serves as a cleric for the Church of Saradomin, and doubles as a commander of the Aegis of Saradomin.



Introduced into the Light: A Neophyte Into The Priesthood

Little is known about Rowanius' origins although his records within the Monastic Archives indicate that he was found on a sidewalk on the way to Rimmington by a missionary couple named Aldous and Bertha Vendragon on the way to the church in Port Sarim. They saw the little boy crying next to the corpse of his supposedly dead mother who was apparently shot by unidentified assassins. The couple took pity on the baby and decided to adopt him as their son, naming him Rowanius. Months later, through their prayers, they decided to send him to the care of the monks through their common friend, Brother Stantius, who would become the boy's mentor for the years to come. No news was heard from the couple again. 

At a young age, Rowan expressed his desire to be a priest of Saradomin. For sixteen years in Entrana, he took up every major educational opportunity he had in Entrana such as sacred studies, languages, linguistics, histories, and literature alongside a few practical trades such as handicrafts, carpentry, and farming.  However, when he turned ten, a monk who was a former Knight of Ardougne discreetly taught him swordsmanship and archery which he would later find himself interested in. The monk who taught him combat was asked by the High Priest himself, wondering whether it was wise for a priestly initiate to learn the art of war which the monastic island forbids. He replied by telling the High Priest that he was actually honing "what Saradomin already gave him". Six years after, the monks arrived at a decision for the young boy; he would be leaving the monastic island and be taken care of by the White Knights of Falador where he would see his true potential. 

The Knight of Ebony: A Lightbearer Was Born

Like most White Knights, Rowan began as a squire to a veteran knight who had close ties with the monks. Slowly, he climbed up the ranks from Initiate until, at 26, became one of the youngest Partisans of the knightly order. Even as a knight, he would devote himself to further studies similar to what he took back in Entrana, for he believed that a priestly role was highly useful for a Saradominist military order. He eventually became an apprentice as well to the chaplain of the Order back then. 

In the year of 164, when Falador was under siege by the Kinshra, Rowan took up arms and defended Falador. Initially, he was against killing his foes, but a fight against a Kinshra champion which killed his knight master opened him to the reality of murder. He himself experienced it first-hand when he managed to kill the enemy champion himself one-on-one. Shortly afterwards, he felt shaken, shocked by the cruelty he did not wish to inflict upon his enemy. From that point, he swore to never kill an enemy again.

It was also during his time with the White Knights when Rowan realized that he himself has the ability to harness the powers of the holy light. A wounded female White Knight was brought into the medical section of the castle. During that time, Rowan, aged twenty, was there observing her. When he saw her wound bleeding profusely, he decided to stop the bleeding by covering it with his hand. In doing so, he felt like radiant light was enveloping the hand, and the bright aura on his hands directed into her wound. As he lifted his hands over the wound, it seemed that the wound was never there. The pain she felt turned into relief, and that surprised her into realizing that Rowan was bestowed with a gift from Saradomin himself. Puzzled by what happened, Rowan went to the Order's chaplain and sought for wisdom regarding his "unlocked power". It was postulated by the chaplain that only a few virtuous men or women possess the ability to wield the holy light to aid people from their difficulties in life. This led Rowan to undertake training from a cleric of the Order who had knowledge about using his newfound power to its best.   


The Holy One Returns: His Faith Renewed!

The final days of the year 169 of the Fifth Age was at hand; the Sixth Age, the Divine Age, ushered in.

It was Year 1 of the Sixth Age. Word arrived at Falador regarding the return of Saradomin after the events surrounding the death of Guthix (and the nullification of the Edicts). Knowing that Saradomin had returned to Gielinor as the first among the gods, the White Knights rejoiced. Even more than elated was Rowan, then in his early thirties. When Saradomin appeared to them for the first time in a long while, he told them that he sensed a disturbance somewhere in Lumbridge. It was revealed later on that Zamorak entered into the world, aiming to gather divine energies as a plan to dominate all of Gielinor. 

The townsfolk of Lumbridge were shocked by the return of Zamorak who had ambitions to gain more power through divine tears until Saradomin came to stop him. The two gods clashed power, creating a battlefield. Zamorak, with the half-Mahjarrat Moira on his side, summoned his powerful Kinshra soldiers to aid him in battle. On the other hand, Saradomin, aiming to halt his plans, called on Padomenes, his icyene general, and his valiant White Knights. Rowan was among the Knights sent to battle Zamorak's forces, only that he was clad in orange-trimmed armour signifying his roles as an officer. 

As the battle began, Rowan led his battalion while wielding his mace and shield. Taking care not to murder his foes, he fought them one-by-one by breaking their spirit to fight through intimidation and wise mace-bashing on their shields. Soon after, mercenaries and adventurers siding with Saradomin arrived, bolstering further the Knights' morale. As the war progressed, each god was summoning their own champions. It so happened that a female mercenary serving Saradomin was being attacked by a Zamorakian butcher demon. Immediately, he rushed to her aid, trying to shield her from the deadly blows; in the process, it shattered his own shield, dented his own armour, and stunned him momentarily. As the demon went for the killing blow, certain death was averted with the arrival of a cadre of warrior-monks wearing special armour and brandishing special cleric-blades. They brought both of them out of harm's way and took care of them until they recovered. 

As Rowan quickly recovered from his wounds, a priest of Saradomin stationed in the camp entered his tent. Having noticed of his courage in the face of death and his strong devotion even in the face of adversity, a feat even Saradomin knew, he gave the wounded knight his blessing. Then, he presented him with a set of armaments similar to what the warrior-monks wore: a gold-plated blue robe with greaves, a great helm, and gauntlets made of sacred metal, and a shortsword with the ornaments of Saradomin and a white and blue-colored book. As he wore them on, the divine power infused in his armaments bolstered his devotion and faith in Saradomin even more to the point that he went back to the battlefield, feeling much valiant and pious than ever before. It was indeed a changing moment for him; something that contributed to the turning point of the battle. Eventually, Saradomin's forces grew stronger in faith and valour that it contributed to the defeat of Zamorak in the battle. With the battle over, Saradomin teleported out. The Saradominists, victorious in battle, felt their faith greatly renewed. Rowan himself was no exception to it to the point that before Saradomin left, he was told of a new purpose beyond the walls of his favourite city, to fight the evils of the world and to preach of Saradomin's words of salvation. Willing to accept his newfound mission, he decided to retire from his service to the White Knights and embark on religious adventures alone until he found community with his meeting with the Emissary of Saradomin, Julienne, and subsequently, with a small band of saintly warrior-clerics of Saradomin.


Into A New Purpose: A Priest of Saradomin

Not for long, Rowan decided to join Julienne's band of Saradominist emissaries.  Julienne herself would confer to Rowan the vows of the clergy, making him a priest. He was also given permission to fight as well given his experience. He stayed with them for a few months, preaching the faith while suppressing those who wish to harm the name of Saradomin. In one occasion in Falador, however, a small band of warriors and clerics of Saradomin, identifying themselves as the Aegis of Saradomin, went to meet with Julienne. The leader, a man named Siegfreid Helbrecht, was curious about a familiar figure with them. Rowan, having known Siegfreid in his White Knight days, finally reunited. He decided and told Julienne that he would be joining them, knowing that Siegfreid had grand plans to reunite warriors from differing Saradominist clerical, military, and magical orders into a unified order dedicated to aiding Saradominists across Gielinor while taking on the evils harming Saradomin's name though he promised the Emissary to report back. 

It was greater worth for the Aegis to welcome Rowan into their order; in fact, the priest would become instrumental in formally reshaping it into what is known in the present  as a elite fighting force of warrior-monks who protect and safeguard pilgrims and numerous Saradominist sites and temples from their enemies. Being their spiritual adviser eventually, as the head priest of the Order, he wrote treatises and documents that would establish the foundations of the Order and set the standards and norms which a Warrior-Monk of the Aegis would follow.

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