Ship Dossier (WIP)

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Ship Dossier: Aegis' Fighting Ships


Currently, the Order commissioned six ships; four docked in Crandor and two stationed in East Ardougne.


--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------THE SHIPS--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

1. Saradomin's Crusader (3 Morale, 5 Combat, 2 Seafaring, 2 Speed)

Type: Main Battleship (+1 Combat)

Port: Crandor

Leader: Cpt. Leonius Halvyvern (+1 Combat, +1 Morale)

Age: 58

Halvyvern once served the navy under King Lathas before the Ardougne Revolution. Now pardoned by the current king, he was given a contract by Highlord Helbrecht to commandeer the Order's main battleship.


1. Geralt Hallowson (+1 Morale)

Age: 37

Former HAM member, now preaching in Saradomin's name as a lay missionary.

2. Valia Maryheart (+1 Combat)

Age: 20

Adept at the bow at 18, she can take down an enemy with eagle-eye accuracy.

3. Uriah Balgusson (+1 Combat) 

Age: 32

A mercenary of the hammer, he smites enemies like a thunderbolt clapping from the sky.

4. Thoggo Crimsonhammer (+1 Seafaring) 

Age: 78

A dwarven mercenary with expertise in operating ships. Formerly a member of the Blue Opal.

5. Arnn Smytherson (+1 Speed)

Age: 28

Veteran seaman of the Kandarin Navy who had been in around 25 sea voyages. Was taken in by an unknown captain at the age of 13.





2. The Holy Knight (2 Morale, 5 Combat, 3 Seafaring, 2 Speed)

Type: Auxillary Battleship (+1 Combat)

Port: Crandor

Leader: Cpt. Mervich Dalfodur (+1 Combat, +1 Seafaring)

Age: 39

A young prodigy of a captain, Dalfodur is no stranger to the wide seas  of Gielinor. He was once tutored under Cpt. Halvyvern as a boatswain.


1. Godfreius de Vaillant (+1 Combat)

Age: 47

A veteran knight of the Battle of Lumbridge.

2. Johann Waynwryth (+1 Seafaring)

Age: 29

A cabin boy from East Ardougne, he has claimed to have sailed over 9000 voyages.

3. Brother Tritius de Pius (+1 Morale)

Age: 36

A monk of Entrana who dreamed of joining Lord Rowanius' Warpriest Corps.

4. Kamille Haraldsdotter (+1 Speed)

Age: 28 

Would have been a Citharede Sister, but the sea chose her.

5. Utherius de Pius (+1 Combat)

Age: 50

Old oak of a paladin whose hammer can shake the earth of its unbelievers.


3. Elspeth's Voice (3 Morale, 3 Combat, 2 Seafaring, 4 Speed)

Type: Cruiser (+1 Speed)

Port: Crandor

Leader: Cpt. Helena Mayflower (+1 Morale, +1 Speed)

Age: 25

Youngest captain of the Aegis, Lady Mayflower is no pushover. She can prove that even at a young age, she can be in league with the veteran ones.


1. Sister Catherina (+1 Morale)

Age: 23

An initiate of the Abbey, open to missions.

2. Theonynn the Wall (+1 Combat)

Age: 35

Mace and shield is his life. His armour is said to deflect ballista bolts.

3. Patel (+1 Seafaring)

Age: 28

Knows how to operate a ship at age 5. Or so he claims.

4. "The Junkrat" (+1 Speed)

Age: 30 

Raised as a beggar until Dalfodur picked him up and trained him as a seaman.

5. Harvald the Brave (+1 Combat)

Age: 40

A swordsman of Ardougne; claimed to have killed 300 within 5 minutes.



4. Lance of Padomenes (2 Morale, 5 Combat, 3 Seafaring, 2 Speed)

Type: Destroyer (+1 Combat)

Port: East Ardougne

Leader: Cpt. Ahab al Taqi (+1 Combat, +1 Seafaring)

Age: 48

A Kharidian seaman who recently converted to Saradominism, he desires to prove his worth under the Order as a seaman.


1. Baruk al Sawim (+1 Combat)

Age: 33

A former Al Kharid palace guard who seeks of adventure beyond his land.

2. Jorr Blasthammer (+1 Combat)

Age: 60

A dwarven cannoneer setting off to preach Saradomin's name in word and fire .

3. Father Arn Willamson (+1 Morale)

Age: 57

Preached in the East many times..

4. "The Mole" (+1 Speed)

Age: 31 

Brother of "The Junkrat", he was likewise drafted by Dalfodur..

5. Huru Makinu (+1 Seafaring)

Age: 39

A native of Shilo Village who makes rafts for a living.





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