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Misthalin Class Warships (COMBAT)

-          The MMVI Varrock - Port Sarim (4C 3M 3SEA 2SPD)

-          The Salty Blarg - Port Sarim (4C 3M 3SEA 2SPD)

-          Misthalin's Revenge - Draynor Village (5C 2M 3SEA 2SPD)

-          HMS Lamentation – Port Sarim (5C 3M 2SEA 2SPD)

-          Oodles of Canoodles – Draynor Village (4C 4M 2SEA 2SPD)

-          Dralathi – Port Sarim (4C 3M 3 SEA 2SPD)

-                         HMS Reaver - Port Sarim (5C 2M 3SEA 2SPD)

-                        Elder of Avarrocka -  Draynor Village (4C 3M 3 SEA 2SPD)

-                        Dreki - Port Sarim (5C 2M 4SEA 1SPD)


Role: Flagship-class warship. Leads battle groups. Capable of inland bombardment.


Varrokia Class Passenger Ships & Voyagers (MORALE)

-          Se Oños - Draynor Village (3C 5M 2SEA 2SPD)

-          Se Zobrie - Draynor Village (3C 5M 2SEA 2SPD)        

-          Asphodel Port Sarim (3C 4M 3SEA 2SPD)

Role: Transportation of the Royal Family. Her Majesty’s Navy. Double as exploration vessels when required.


Draynor Class Escort Frigates & ‘Mercy’ Ships (SEAFARING)

-          Maiden of Asgarnia - Draynor Village (3C 3M 4SEA 2SPD)

-          The Abyssal Wench - Port Sarim  (3C 3M 4SEA 2SPD)

-          Galatea's Blessing - Port Sarim (3C 3M 4SEA 4SPD)

Role: Assists damaged and in danger ships back to safe harbor. Houses and treats refugees of sunken ships.


Rimmington Class Resource & Scouting Ships (SPEED)

-          The Chicken Chaser – Port Sarim (2C 3M 3SEA 4SPD)

Role: Scouts ahead of sailing ships.

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The MMVI Varrock

Captain James Buchanan (+1 COMBAT, +1 MORALE)

Age: 45

Height: 5.9 ft

Weight: 175 lbs

Appearance/Notable Features: Blonde hair, blue eyes. Navy sigil tattoo on right bicep. Multiple scars.

Birthplace: East Varrock

Information: Estranged husband of [REDACTED], who he has a son with. Excellent in hand to hand combat. Knowledgeable in cannons and other naval weapons. Fluent in Karamjan.

Lower Crew

Petty Officer Alistair Hughes (+1 COMBAT)

Information: Former Army Officer.

Seaman Lance Snow (+1 SEAFARING)

Information: Sailor & Carpenter in training.

Seaman Gerard Nash (+1 SEAFARING)

Information: Cartographer & Navigator

Seaman Bryce Cooper (+1 MORALE)

Information: Bard.

Seaman Yobuc Axelus (+1 SPEED)

Information: Dwarven engineer. ­­­­­­­­­


The Salty Blarg

Captain Bennet Blarg, aka Blargism (+1 COMBAT, +1 SEAFARING)

Age: 48

Height: 6ft

Weight: 190lb

Appearance/Notable Features: Black hair, brown eyes. Graying mustache and goatee. Numerous scars on face, neck, and rest of body.

Birthplace: Varrock Slums

Information: Former Kingdom General, “retired” to the Navy. Extraordinary in hand to hand combat and sword fighting. Aggressive drunk. History of piracy.

Lower Crew

Petty Officer Gregory Mannering (+1 COMBAT)

Information: Swordsman

Seaman Chester Rolfe (+1 SEAFARING)

Information: Novice mage.

Seaman Denzel Payne (+1 MORALE)

Information: A former circus performer turned sailor.

Seaman Heath Selwyn (+1 MORALE)

Information: Highly religious Saradomin sailor.

Seaman Jerold Drayton (+1 SPEED)

Information: Studied the art of Divination and Invention before enlisting.


Misthalin’s Revenge





HMS Lamentation

Captain Quentin Marteling (+1 COMBAT, +1 MORALE)

Age: 21

Height: 5ft 6in

Weight: 145lbs

Appearance/Notable Features: Brown hair, brown eyes, tan skin, stocky. Unmemorable.

Birthplace: Al Kharid

Information:  Reserved and nervous, but skilled and wielding a spear and planning. Uncomfortable around women.

Lower Crew

Petty Officer Cletus Yeager (+1 COMBAT)

Information: Removes his armor only to sleep. Keeps his sword under his pillow.

Seaman Trystan Oprel (+1 COMBAT)

Information: Uses his pet snakes as weapons.

Seaman Balon Swart (+1 MORALE)

Information: Uses his deep voice to sing the other seamen to sleep.

Seaman Arys Wynen (+1 SEAFARING)



Oodles of Canoodles

Captain Bigglez “Guppy” >:D (+1 COMBAT, +1 SPEED)

Age: 38

Height: 6'3”

Weight: 195 lbs.

Appearance/Notable Features: Black and Grey Hair.  Dark skin and heavily muscled. No visible scarring. Ex-pirate/hitman.


Info: Deadly with anything that could be considered a weapon. Yes, that includes paper mâché weapons. Carefree attitude towards everyone. Known to be afraid of rickety ladders, and child ghosts. Openly admits to being able to be bribed to do almost anything for a good plate of fried pickles.

Lower Crew

Petty Officer Dunlop Schneider (+1 MORALE)

Information: Claims to know almost all of the alphabet by memory

Seaman Cecil Blackstone (+1 MORALE)

Information: His internal monologue is usually expressed in the form of interpretive dance

Seaman Dominic Seagate (+1 COMBAT)

Information: Claims to have alcohol instead of blood in his veins

Seaman Jack Bonaparte (+1 MORALE)

Information: Makes a mean plate of pasta

Seaman Matthew Estrada (+1 SEAFARING)

Information: He's actually half-goblin.


Se Oños

Captain Azryael Ladislas (+1 COMBAT, +1 MORALE)

Age: 27

Height: 5ft 5in

Weight: 140lb

Appearance/Notable Features: Light green eyes, long brown hair often kept in dreadlocks and braids. Extremely tan skin. Usually in traditional captain’s sailing leathers with a long black, hooded cloak. Tattoo of the Kingdom sigil on her right thigh. Gruesome scar along her neck and collar bone.

Birthplace: The Arc, Skull Region

Information: Very good with a longsword. Carries a crossbow but has bad aim. The Queen’s main Naval chauffeur. Unusually talented at storytelling and lying.

Lower Crew

Petty Officer Oliver Godwin (+1 MORALE)

Information: One of the oldest members of the Navy at 54. Formerly an Army Doctor. Extremely jovial and supposedly great at telling jokes.

Father Drachen Zyphyr (+1 MORALE)

Information: Zamorakian Priest, served under King Darius during his time at the Black Knight’s Fortress. Preaches to the converted Zamorakian crew and spreads his faith wherever the Queen, King, or other members of the Lordship travel.

Seaman Seabastian Lancaster (+1 COMBAT)

Information: Former member of the Knights of Varrock, his title was revoked after some criminal activity in the Arc after getting a taste of the sea. Served a brief period in the Port Sarim jail and was later recruited for the Navy.

Seaman Gryphon Mauduit (+1 SEAFARING)

Information: Half sea singer, half human. Fiery tempter, but extremely talented in navigation. Adopted by a human couple after being cast out of her family for appearing “too human”.

Seaman Ormond Pooler (+1 SPEED)

Information: A master of divination and invention, a practicing member of the Wizard’s Tower.


Se Zobrie

Captain Everett Caiside (+1 COMBAT, +1 SEAFARING)

Age: 37

Height: 6ft 1in

Weight: 160lb

Appearance/Notable Features: Long black hair tucked into shirt, brown eyes. Leathery skin. Grisly scars running from the left side of the neck to the bottom of the thigh from a childhood infection.

Birthplace: Forinthry

Information: Born into a highly religious demon worshipping cult. Good at crafting runes and using minor ancient magics, but mostly wields a war hammer.

Lower Crew

Petty Officer Carrick Drust (+1 SPEED)

Information: Ran away from home at seventeen to become “one with the dwarves” despite being entirely human. Now adept in Invention.

Seaman Hugo Judoc (+1 COMBAT)

Information: Claims he can hit any target with his eyes closed.

Seaman Phillip Luigsech (+1 MORALE)

Information: Born to a long line of shrimp fishers. He can cook fried shrimp, shrimp soup, and any other kind of shrimp.

Seaman Quinn Majerus (+1 MORALE)

Information: Uses magic to put on puppet shows when he is not using it to kill enemies.

Priestess Zelentha Galea (+1 MORALE)

Information: A Zamorakian Priestess, formerly preached her word via brothels.


Maiden of Asgarnia

Captain Maximilian Kessikbayev (+1 SEAFARING, +1 MORALE)

Age: 44

Height: 6ft

Weight: 178

Appearance/Notable Features: Gray hair, blue eyes, multiple burn wounds throughout his body but most notably on the right side of his face.

Birthplace: Brimhaven

Information: Enjoys playing with fire. Not at sea of course. Except for that one time. Good at making small bombs and operating cannon.

Lower Crew

Petty Officer Duncan Rosse (+1 MORALE)

Information: Patient and pious Saradomin worshipper. He was devoted his life to studying religion and ice magic, funding his studies by working in the Navy.

Seaman Seyton Penucchi (+1 COMBAT)

Information: Aims his throwing daggers right for the eyes.

Seaman Lennox Melsen (+1 COMBAT)

Information: Fights in darkness better than in light.

Seaman Fleance Touchet (+1 SEAFARING)

Information: Entertains the other seamen by pretending to light his clothes on fire. Prefers higher temperatures.

Seaman William Audrey (+1 SPEED)

Information: Weak willed, but good at calculating wind speed.


The Abyssal Wench

Captain Franny Ruddalegur (+1 SEAFARING, +1 MORALE)

Age: 25

Height: 5.7in

Weight: 145lb

Appearance/Notable Features: Black hair, black eyes. Scrawny. Red tinted skin. No scars, blemishes, tattoos, etc.

Birthplace: Rimmington

Information: Former merchant, pirate, and [REDACTED] in the Arc. Excellent with heavy crossbows and CQC. Capable of brief rapid short-range teleports. Sadistic nature towards [REDACTED]. Dislikes papaya.

Lower Crew

Petty Officer Howard Jacobson (+1 COMBAT)

Information: Former Captain and current summoner.

Seaman Samuel Konn (+1 SEAFARING)

Information: Enjoys cooking and bar brawls.

Seaman “Fuse” (+1 MORALE)

Information: Original name is lost, enjoys long walks on the beach and longer trips at sea.

Seaman Rivv Shok (+1 SPEED)

Information: Practices ancient rituals for swift travel and the tastiest calamari.

Seaman Geoffry Jameson (+1 COMBAT)

Information: Currently married to a heavy cannon, divorced a trebuchet.


The Chicken Chaser

Captain Sanders (+1 MORAL, +1 SEAFARING)

Age: 70

Height: 5ft 10in

Weight: 175lbs

Appearance/Notable Features: White hair, a perfect goatee, always in a white suit of sorts with a black bow tie.

Birthplace: A place far away.

Information: Likes his chicken.


Lower Crew

First Mate Crispy (+1 SEAFARING)

Information: Captain Sander's oldest and most loyal friend.

Second Mate Grilled (+1 SPEED)

Information: Bickers a lot.

Navigator Spicy (+1 COMBAT)

Information: Tangy's twin sister; the bolder of the two.

Deckhand Tangy (+1 MORALE)

Information: Spicy's twin sister; the more meek of the two.

Cook Bucket  (+1 SPEED)

Information: Likes to share.



Captain Arya Sol

Age: 21



Appearance/Notable Features:



Lower Crew

Petty Officer Tomas Lucy


Seaman Sybil Wayleys


Seaman Ivo Lytton


Seaman Morys Eauson


Seaman Symond Cheyene


Galatea's Blessing

Captain Cecily Kyngston

Age: 44



Appearance/Notable Features:



Lower Crew

Petty Officer David Shelly 


Seaman Gilbert Ellynbrigge


Seaman Oliver Bennett 


Seaman Reginald Sparrow


Seaman Joanna Ward


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