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Coven of Morytania: Celeste Yulia

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Character name: Celeste Yulia

Aliases: Twilight Reaper or Twilight Hunter

Gender: Female

Race: Human-Icyene Hybrid, easily written off as Human, though

Age: refuses to disclose 

Birthplace: Hallowvale

Parentage: refuses to disclose 

Other family: none 

Appearance: Nowadays, Celeste is neatly kept whereas before she could honestly give two fucks how she rode out into the night for a hit

Personality: Celeste is very serious on duty and and despite being a former Vampire Hunter/Slayer, she has a strong code of honor. However, despite the bad rap that Hunters and Slayers had, she does not indiscriminately hunt Vampires, as proven when she was sent out to take out Elijah Maitre by her former Guild.

Allegiance: Lord Elijah Maitre and the other Lords

Equipment: armor and weapons forged from Silvthril

Goal: with Modius dead, her goals align with Elijah Maitre's

Quirks: despite her stoic, cold stature in public...she has fawned over some nice clothing from Takeshi's Threads and she is known to make holes in Elijah's manor with the bodies of vampires whenever she gets teased about having a romantic relationship with their Lord. Despite the harm it causes them, it seems people enjoy riling her up to throw off her stoic nature
Language: Elven (learning), Icyenic, Vampiric, Lycan

Strengths: Her reflexes and battle hardened prowess is very similar to that of Icyene, but most write it off as her being trained by Icyene in the past, rather than her being born between an Icyene and a Human.

Weaknesses: Her senses are easily weakened by the Ancient elements, particularly Blood

Background & Social Status: 


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