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Ministry of Commerce & Trade

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The Ministry of Commerce and Trade is led by none other than Takeshi Kazuto, one of two desert warlords and a very wealthy individual of the Kharidian. He has retired from his days as one of the warlords and has taken up business. While he allows families to compete with one another he ensures that the economy of the deserts do not become a battleground for families and works with Raine to ensure that fraudulent objects do not enter the market. He has divided the market into three categories such as Raw Material, Goods, and Luxury.

Shops that fall under the Raw Material strictly sell food produce, ores, gems, and spice.

Shops that fall under Goods strictly sell clothes, weapons, furniture and prepared food.

Luxury Shops are shops that tend to do Pottery, Soaps, Incense, Perfumes, and Jewelry.

There are five "wings" of the Market that Takeshi has allowed other prominent families to run. However, while Takeshi does maintain the market and has those under his employ check the goods on occasion, he is also responsible for setting up trade relations with their allies. Goods that come specifically from The Wushanko Isles are in high demand elsewhere in the Mainland and he is aware of it. To ensure that quality is good he has his own personal team check the quality of product coming in and going out. He also works with Raine when exporting to ensure that nothing unwanted leaves the Desert.

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