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Ministry of Social Welfare

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The Ministry of Social Welfare is headed by Kyshataria Esia Kazuto, Takeshi's wife. While there are concerns that two Ministries are run by husband and wife, the largest "Family" in Menaphos runs the Ministry of Defense. Kyshataria Esia Kazuto was formerly an assassin under the Izrail wing and was appointed as the Minister of Social Welfare when the Izrail and Kazuto spearheaded the building of the first hospital in the desert. Kyshataria's knowledge of poisons and her skill as an apothecary as well as doctor makes up for her lack of ability to use her magic. She is still quick on her feet and trains herself in the off chance she is in a situation where she is in danger.

While Kyshataria is the Head Doctor of the Desert, she has three other doctors and have set up other hospitals and clinics throughout the territories.

Aside from the hospitals, Kyshataria works with Raine and Takeshi to ensure that the impoverished who are still suffering from the corruption of previous nobles are taken care of and those in dire aide she would send to Chleo Amari, the Minister of Culture.

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