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Ministry of Defence

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The Ministry of Defence, while spearheaded by Raine Izrail of the Izrail Family, one of the most influential families of the desert, serves more than just guards. It is no secret that Raine has ties to the Ministry of Secrets, not just through Eric and Kraelyn, but she openly works with them to publicly show that she is not a force to be reckoned with, whenever Dayan is absent. 

The Commission

The Commission is an organization within the Ministry of Defence. While The Commission's formation was influenced of how operations work within House Izrail, there is the illusion that The Commission keeps tabs on governmental organizations like the Ministry of Secrets by receiving filtered reports and auditing The Ministry of Commerce and Trade. 

While the role of The Commission keeps a broad check on most organizations within the Kingdom, both governmental and familial. There are branches that perform the audits to make sure laws are followed and then there are the branches of research which are separate from Divinus' School and the Arcane Legion under House Izrail. 

Despite the formation of The Commission, Raine had formed it under her Ministry to somewhat give it importance, when in reality it is a trap for those who are treasonous towards the Empire, as The Commission does answer to House Izrail.


Notable Figures in The Commission

Reni Sealeen, despite being weaker than Izabella in magical power and performance, she is level headed on a professional front and has managed to secure being the head of the Department of Magical Device Stability. She works closely with Izabella to make sure families and organizations keep clean records on their activities and the products they pump out for the public market. 

Euchre Vendess the charismatic head of the Department of Commerce and Welfare of The Commission and under the employ of Takeshi Kazuto. Euchre is a businessman and has learned from Takeshi quite well and takes care of the merchants under the Vendess banner. He does frequent House Kazuto to give reports when he knows no one else from The Commission is watching his every action. Despite being human, and once from a noble family, the mainline family has cut him off ever since his father died. However, nowadays it is apparent he can care less about the mainline Vendess family while he makes a name for himself and himself only without the aide of the mainline family.

Valdemar Degar is the head of the Science Research Department of The Commission, and most know him as a shrewd individual who keeps to himself. He is a man of secrets and despises those in power. He views that the powerful are at an advantage because they are not given the horrible hand of being human.

Izabella Fenrin is one of Menaphos' Arcane Conclave representatives and one of the auditors on organizations that create magical devices.

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