Places in Misthalin

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The following posts will explore the different locations within Misthalin that are of importance or held by Nobility.



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Full name: Shadowhall Estate

Owners: The Ishtari Family

Location: North of Draynor Village

Description: A large, foreboding manor with a gated courtyard. Manor itself is shaped like an L. 2 large towers take spot at either end, with a smaller tower as the foyer. 3 stories, 5 in the larger towers. Has a small hall and a great hall. One of the towers is used for family rooms, and the other is a library. Magic is used to keep it warm, as well as other purposes.

History: It started with the construction of a magic engine by the demon known as Rhaast in Rellekka. In time, Whis, Anadine, and Katerina Ishtari would erect a manor around it with the help of the Dahl, who would later live there. Spells would be cast upon it, using the magic engine as the source of power. Known spells are a muffle spell, that deadens noise between rooms, a spell that keeps the house warm with few fires, and a spell that organizes, retrieves, and sends books back. It is currently unknown how any of these spells work.

The Dahl and Ishtari would live together at the manor for 17 years. Then it vanished, with only Whis still alive. Every two years, he would move it, before settling down in Draynor. He would eventually bring his nephew Jikdur to live in it.

It stayed in Draynor until the plague, when it was moved near old Sennisten for a few years before being moved back to Draynor, where it now resides "permanently", according to Jikdur.

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