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The Merchant Rulers

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The Merchant Rulers 

Perhaps better known than the ruler of the Menaphite Throne, is the Merchant Rulers. Of which were once a rag tag team of people who wished to seek for wealth beyond their imagination. After several decades they have established themselves as the major driver of trade within the Desert and have since based themselves within Menaphos. Though much lobbying with previous rulers, they have enjoyed a King like status within the district with the power to do as they please within the section of the city. 

The olden families are as follow:

  • The Lionel family who hail from Kandarin
  • The Kamazu family who hail from Kharidian
  • The Townsend family who hail from Misthalin

For decades they have ruled the trade until three new families came in. They simply accepted one and they are as followed by oldest to newest.

  • The Kazuto Family who hail from ???
  • The Xian Family who hail from the Arc region
  • The Itsu family, the current ruling family

Of these only the Kazuto Family has been accepted into the Merchant Rulers when the Townsend family had lost their holdings and fell into crippling debt. The who family was found dead via self inflicted wounds. The Kazuto family essentially too their spot. 

The Xian family has been denied for being mostly based in the Arc and has been barred from selling goods. The Itsu family in general avoid selling goods in the city and instead sells raw materials at the Ports District. 

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Unchallenged Power

It is no secret that the Merchant Rulers have significant power within not just the Merchant District but also the trade routes within the Desert Region. As the crowned passed down head to head, they continued to give the Merchant Rulers more power as they received monetary incentives to do so. As this occurred, it began to be impossible to reverse actions made by a previous ruler.

Any challenge to their power would result in economic disaster and all fingers pointed to the Pharaoh. The Rulers had enough wealth to survive long enough for the Pharaoh to bend to their will and reverse actions against them. Methodic and malicious as they were, their power began to wane as the Kazuto Family began to accumulate more power and wealth than the Lionel;s and Kamazus' combined. This has led these two families to be cautious of the Kazuto's and tread carefully as a way of self preservation. But they fear the Kazuto's can break the wheel of power that especially the Kamazu's spent decades to create.

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The Kamazu & Lionel Families

~The Kamazu Family~

Founded roughly 230 years ago, the first patriarch of the family was Eli Kamazu I who set out for riches in an attempt to bring his family out of poverty. He loathed the wealthy who kept their wealth and never returned to their local communities, so he also wished to break that wheel and be one of those who helped his community if the Gods allowed. By a stroke of luck or divine intervention, he stumbled upon a large amount of gold and silver that has yet to be found. He secured his find and launched himself into grand wealth. With that he began to collect a fortune that will support his family for generations to come and used a large sum every year to help his home of Nardah. 

Generations have passed and the use of philanthropy has completely stopped and Eli Kamazu IV now is head of the family. He has expanded what Eli Kamazu III had started with the Merchant Rulers and other predecessors who have expanded the power the family had over trade. And with the Lionels now part of it, he saw more opportunity to hold an even tighter grip on trade and increase wealth. The only thing he was not happy with. Eli Kamazu II had allied with the Townsend family and began talking with the Kazuto family on occasion. Eli III added the Townsends into the Merchant rulers but soon found that they were in financial ruins for about three years before they joined. Eli IV was eventually forced to remove them and allow the Kazuto family to join despite his objections but Clyde Lionel insisted else he would leave the group. This forces Eli's hand and he relented.

Years have passed and Eli is now 53 years old and of ill health. Despite this he still commands his family and his older son is not likely to take his place. Rather, his other son will likely take his place. This is due to David denouncing the path the Kamazu family has taken of greed.


~The Lionel Family~

Founded 340 Years ago, much of it's existence has been a comfortable middle class family. It was only 60 years when they found large business in the spice trade. They quickly rose in wealth and caught the eye of Eli Kamazu II. They were let in the newly formed Merchant Rulers by Eli Kamazu III, they enjoyed the large benefits they gained and worked with them to expand on their power and wealth. Clyde Lionel too finds himself old and ready to pass on the cane to his oldest son Augustus who plans to exceed what his father has done. However, Clyde's daughter opposes what has been occurring and hopes to somehow take power from his brother.

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