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The Royals Family Personalities

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King Marcus Landon and Queen Evangeline Landon gave birth to two sons. The elder of the two, Zacharius Landon would inherit the throne from King Marcus. Zacharius was arranged to marry Lady Vivian Silvalent while Theodore, able to live freely mostly...became the Master of Arms of Ardougne. King Marcus was assassinated in an arson case in the Western Province due to people unhappy with Marcus' rule. 

Because of this, when Zacharius became King, he oppressed the Western Province as much as he could. Theodore would disagree with his brother's heavy-handed methods and wish for his brother to lessen up, but carried on with the commands issued by his brother, regardless. The previous court mage under his parents and brother killed him at an event that opened a new bank in Ardougne. Leonard had issued the court mage be executed by Theodore who performed the task. It was not until five years later that Leonard's mother, Vivian was part of an organization called Snapdragon and so was their court mage that Theodore had executed. Leonard, despite how the people would view him, executed his own mother. 

Eventually, pressured by both the people and the nobles, Leonard left the throne and Theodore rose to it. Leonard had been trying to pacify the nobles along with the inhabitants of the Western Province as most of the labor comes from there, but money trails had been covered where King Leonard was not able to prove that nobles had been pocketing pay to the workers of the West. 

Using examples from his father, brother and nephew, Leonard, despite being untrusting of some members of his council, is carefully planning his reign that will bring both Provinces together. 

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Character name: Theodore Landon

Aliases: None

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Age: 35

Birthplace: Ardougne

Parentage: King Marcus Landon (Father); Queen Evangeline Landon (Mother)

Other family: Zacharius Landon (older brother; deceased), Vivian Silvalent Landon (sister-in-law; deceased), Leonard Silvalent Landon (nephew)

Partner/Love Interest: Kathleen Landon

Appearance: Theodore has dark blue eyes and blonde hair. He tends to wear plate mail as he performs his duties

Personality: Ever since the assassination of Zacharius and the poisoning of Vivian during Leonard's reign, he has been paranoid ever since he took over the throne with his wife Kathleen. During his older brother's rule, Theodore was the Master of Arms of the Royal Guard with his second-in-command Tobias Markinswell but as of late the deaths of those around him have shaken him and he seems hostile towards the nobility but is calmed down by his wife and Tobias' advice. He also trusts Vincent Galashiel, despite him missing many court sessions, due to his role in the church.

Allegiance: Ardougne, Kathleen

Equipment: heavy plate armor and a sword and shield with the family banner emblazoned on the shield

Goal: Bring Ardougne to a state of peace after his brother's rule

Quirks: Theodore, while serious in public and duty-minded, tries to get his work done quickly so he can spend quality time with his wife
Language: Common, Elven, Gnomish

Strengths: combat oriented, passionate about his people's safety, 

Weaknesses: paranoid, easy to anger

Background & Social Status: Theodore is the younger son of Marcus and Evangeline. As it was expected to for his older brother to be on the throne. He was an active member of the church in his early years, and as he got older he was involved with the Saradomin churches where he met the Galashiels and became friends with the family. He also crossed paths with Kathleen in the church. His father's reign was benevolent as an illness swept the Western Province of Ardougne. He did his best to maintain order and help the families in the West, but on a visit his father never returned, leaving his mother as Queen and his brother Zacharius become next in line. It came to light that there had been fire in one of the houses in the Western Province and the King and his entourage were burned alive inside with some inhabitants of the Western Province.

Zacharius' rule was heavily stacked against the Western Province. While Theodore was upset that his lost his father in the West, he knew that the entire Province was not to blame and tried to keep his brother's judgment and temper in check. Zacharius was fairly heavy handed with his judgments at the smallest slight and Vivian did not help matters, as she viewed the Western Province as a waste of space. As the Master at Arms of Ardougne, his relationship with his brother and Vivian became more strained as he tried maintain the peace of the people and answer to his brother. While his brother was attending an event to open a bank he was assassinated by the previous court mage, prior to Graham Galashiel. Theodore ordered the execution of the court mage and and maintained his status as Master at Arms of Ardougne while his nephew, Leonard took the throne briefly. 

Under Leonard's reign things did calm down briefly. Leonard had found out that his mother had been sleeping with the court mage and had him kill his father. Provided with the evidence Theodore had executed Vivian at Leonard's request. After some time, Leonard left Ardougne and took his team with him, warning that if the situation with West Ardougne was not fixed, there will only be more conflict and unrest in the West. Theodore did heed his nephew's warning and with the reports he had as Master at Arms, he was able to secure safety with Ardougne for the time being. 


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Character name: Kathleen DeRose Landon

Aliases: None

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Age: 30

Birthplace: Ardougne

Parentage: Elizabeth DeRose (mother; deceased), Claude DeRose (father; deceased)

Immediate family: William Landon (child; unborn), Lillia DeRose (infant sister; deceased), Miranda Landon (niece/adopted daughter), Leonard Landon (nephew), Zacharius Landon (brother-in-law; deceased)

Partner/Love Interest: Theodore Landon

Appearance: Slim and short of stature with blue-grey eyes and shoulder length blonde hair. Kathleen is very fashionable and very rarely is seen in public wearing the same thing twice. She has a tendency towards red and gold clothing; she always wears gloves in public. 

Personality: Kathleen was taught from a very young age how to be an acceptable woman of the court and spent a majority of her adolescence studying etiquette and enough history/politics to be competent in the court, so she excels at being a kind and caring wife. She is very soft spoken and often shy as she was taught by her mother to be seen and not heard. Prior to her marriage, she was deeply devote to Saradomin but is much less so now. 

Allegiance: Ardougne, Theodore

Equipment: N/A

Goal: N/A

Quirks: Kathleen began wearing a different outfit every day at the beginning of her Queenship in an attempt to find her style, but it quickly became habit and she hates to be seen by anyone aside from Theodore and Tobias in the side outfit more than once. She is a talented equestrian and spends a lot of time at her family stable when possible. 
Language: Common, Elven

Strengths: Level headed, calm, reasonable. 

Weaknesses: Hesitant, often fearful, unconfident.

Background & Social Status: Kathleen is the daughter of mid-tier Ardougne nobility, the DeRose family, who were extremely talented equestrians and horse breeders. As such, even prior to becoming Queen, she had a sizable inheritance. Her power and wealth have grown considerably since becoming Queen and she is known to host lovely parties. 



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