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Circ de Floral is a group built of former members of the Divine Vanguard who were to stop the organization's contract with Vincent, which was formed with Rauf, before the split off. The only member of the group is Violet who joined when the circus was traveling through Rellekka and abandoned the Arzoris tribe. Circ de Floral was founded by Duke Leonard Silvalent and Vatheza Lunete. 

Most of the circus' staff is comprised of former members of the Divine Vanguard who were also members of Shimmer Garde at some point. The others, such as general staff like those who run food stands and the like, are projects that they freed from the explosion of Vincent's laboratories that Rauf and Vincent had set up in Ardougne. The Divine Vanguard had split up into three when Vatheza blew up the laboratories to hinder Vincent's experiments. While Circ de Floral is not under Raine's command like the Divine Vanguard, they are allies to House Izrail in an effort to hinder Vincent's work. There are twelve notable members of Circ de Floral.

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Character name: Lyria Gienah (formerly: Vianola Arzoris)

Aliases: Violet; Libra; Lady Gienah of Pollnivneach

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Age: 16

Birthplace: Rellekka

Parentage: What parents?

Other family: Circ de Floral

Partner/Love Interest: None

Appearance: Vianola is pale skinned and had brown hair and green eyes; she is 5'0" and like her stage name suggests, leans towards purple-colored clothing. Lately as she has been exposed to the true nature of the Arzoris clan, she took an extreme route and dyed her hair a light blue

Personality: Vianola is kind, despite being from Rellekka, well educated by Ringmaster Zephyr. She has a fascination with the cultures of other kingdoms. She also has a strained relationship with another performer named Dakan, who also is from the Arzoris Tribe. After a recent attack on Pollnivneach that was spearheaded by Rauf Sadon and the Arzoris' knowledge of what transpired in Pollnivneach, agents had been dispatched, and she has never had a stronger urge to forget her past and forge a new path for herself, abandoning her Rellekkan heritage.

Allegiance: The Menaphite Empire, Circ de Floral

Equipment: Vianola does not have weapons, per say, but she uses flaming bolas to fling them if she has to fight

Goal: Expose the Arzoris Clan for its hypocritical nature

Quirks: Vianola dislikes sweets, but has a particular fondness for dark chocolate
Language: Rellekkan and Common

Strengths: She is very agile as one of the main show acrobats of Circ de Floral

Weaknesses: She is adverse to wear any metal plate armor as it weighs her down

Background & Social Status: 

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Character name: Vatheza Lunete

Aliases: Purple Hyacinth; Pisces

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Age: 32

Birthplace: Ullek

Parentage: Not a fond memory for her

Other family: Circ de Floral; Jasin (daughter, before the memory got removed modified)

Partner/Love Interest: None that she knows of/Was Haruka's lover in the past

Appearance: Vatheza has paler skin than your average denizen of the Kharidian Desert, just because of how long she did end up being holed up in labs doing research under the Divine Vanguard. She is 5'11" with brown eyes and black hair. Similar to the other members, she has a tattoo of the Circ de Floral on the base of her neck, hidden by her hair.


Allegiance: Circ de Floral


Goal: None

Quirks: Vatheza is quite sympathetic and uses her experiences to guide the others of Circ de Floral. 
Language: Infernal, Common, Icyene, Rellekkan

Strengths: She is very agile as one of the main show acrobats of Circ de Floral

Weaknesses: She is not that skilled in hand-to-hand; and stays away from combat if she can

Background & Social Status: 

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