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The Council, Lords, & Relevant Nobility of Varrock

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The Crown Prince 


Name: Archibald Wellington

Race: Human

Age/Gender: 45, Male

Allegiance: Kingdom of Varrock, and the Royal Family

Physical Description: Height: 5'10, muscular build with a bit of a gut, chestnut brown hair, green eyes, and a fine moustache

Languages: Common and Karamjan

Equipment: He usually wears a tan 19th century colonial hunting outfit, but on formal occasions he dons a full piece suit and tie.

Weapons: Archibald wields two Imcando Pistols, an Adamant Saber, and a Dwarf Handcannon that he usually uses to hunt big game.

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Abilities: Archibald holds no magical abilities but is a master marksman and a veteran saber duelist, often combining the two with his saber in one hand and a pistol in the other.

Biography: Archibald was born in the Varrock slums 45 years ago to a mother that died shortly after. He worked his way through the slum life, often staring at the great palace in the distance, wishing for a better life. Eventually he found that life as well as new purpose when he joined the guard at 18 years old. There he went on various campaigns against otherworldy threats, raids, and wars over the course of the next 15 years where he worked his way up the ranks until he became a distinguished veteran officer. After seeing the horrors of the outside world, Archibald decided that it was his duty to bring the wonders of proper civilization to the whole world, Varrockian style. He retired from the military shortly after to consolidate power within the kingdom and allow him the opportunity to interact directly with the crown. Now he stands as one of the wealthiest men in the kingdom, possessing a great level of control over the ebb and flow of goods and services domestically and internationally. With the plague hitting hard on all nations and leaving only two other contenders left aside from Varrock, Archibald sees a golden opportunity to seize the reins of power for Varrock, and establish the glory of Empire. He recently went alongside the expedition to Anachronia where he went on various hunts and discovered a variety of resources and exotic goods that he plans to bring back to Varrock. Now he returns to the capital with many prizes in tow, ready to show the crown and the world the glory of empire awaits!


The Second Prince 

Name: Elwood Wyndhall

Gender: Male

Age: 47

Birthplace: Rimmington 

Appearance: 6ft 2in, 240 lbs; Elwood is tall, slender, and fairly muscular for a man of noble stature. He has dark brown hair extending to the nape of his neck which is usually slicked back and well-groomed facial hair. Brown eyes, well defined facial structure. He is generally seen wearing whatever is fashionable among the nobility at the time. 

Personality: Elwood is even tempered, easy going, and always down for lighthearted joking. He is often cited as being very pleasant to be around even when he is in his business persona, which makes him goal driven and serious. 

Allegiance: Saradomin, the Queen & King, and the Kingdom

Social status: Elwood was a minor lord in a small off-shoot of Rimmington, Blackcrown, which lies close to the coast near Port Sarim. He was able to buy the position shortly after the Elven War after all eligible heirs of the former Lord died off. He also is deep into weapons manufacturing, so he is among the wealthiest of the Kingdom citizens – exactly how he landed himself a spot among the Royal Council. 

Brief History: Elwood had only one dream the entire length of his childhood – to study theology and become a Saradominist priest at a large, respected monastery. He achieved this goal and began attending seminary in young adulthood. After several years of studying he achieved priesthood and was accepted into the clergy for a prominent Saradominst Abbey. He spent a decade as a practicing clergy member and gained a favored reputation. However, he eventually met a woman taking refuge in the Abbey and soon fell in love with her. He ultimately decided he could no longer live as a clergyman and married the woman. Soon after he bought his estate and Lordship in Blackcrown, entered into the weapons business, and fathered two sons who now study at the Wizard’s Tower as well as their father’s business. As a result of the reputation he built for himself as a minor Lord and businessman, he was recently able to campaign successfully for himself to the Queen and King for a spot on the Royal Council. 


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The Royal Small Council

Warden of The Crownland & Southern Territory & Lord Overseer of Varrock

Lord Anthony Berkelay



Lord of Foreign & Domestic Affairs 

Lord Marq Everston 

ArtStation - Cardinal Luciano (renewal), B.Elin .


Lord of Coin & Finances 

Lord Jikdur Ishtari



Lord General

Lord Christopher Kenworthy  



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Master-At-Arms of the Varrock Guard 

Master-at-Arms Elton Lascelles 

Lord Erimoore/Alexander Cross - owner of Black Anchor Heavy Industries, a shipwright in Clockers Cove


Grand Master of The Dragon Knights 

Grand Master Finnegan Deerhurst 


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The Council of Varrockian Nobility 

Lower Lord of Varrock, under Lord Anthony Berkelay:  Lord Ryker Kemeys 

Lord of Edgeville: Lord Damon Fitzroy 

Lord of Draynor Village & Port Sarim: Lady Skadi Ishtari

Lord of Barbarian Village: Lord Gworn Kilkenny 

Lord of Lumbridge: Lord Edmond Leroux

Lady of Falador: Lady Clementine Sonnerfield

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