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Shimmer Garde is stealth ops faction of House Izrail. Shimmer Garde is actually the youngest faction and did not exist within House Izrail until Higashi Aneka stepped onto the scene. Higashi hails from The Lair of Tavi and Vinyl as a musician but is a skilled assassin. She mentored Ismenia when she was taken under Razael's wing as a Templar. Shimmer Garde is House Izrail's spy network and act independently from the Death Lotus Assassins of Menaphos. Many members of Shimmer Garde have every day jobs or unsuspecting roles within the manor.

Members of Shimmer Garde are lent out to Rizenel's two noble allies of the Kharidian Desert Lords: Lady Kestha and Lady Sera as maids and butlers or the occasional entertainer from Menaphos.

Higashi's second in command, Celosia, has been within House Izrail's ranks longer than Higashi. She voiced opposition that she was being passed up by a newcomer to the House but once her skill was bested by Higashi, she was willing to work with the musician. 

With the recent power shuffle within the House Izrail ranks, Celosia Vesper succeeds Higashi Aneka as the leader of Shimmer Garde.

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Character name: Celosia Vesper







Other family:

Partner/Love Interest: 









Background & Social Status: 

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Character name: Raelinn "Izrail" Ghrazi

Aliases: Rae, Rae-Rae, Little Creature, Little Blood Drop

Gender: Female

Race:  Vyre

Age: 14 

Birthplace: Meiyerditch

Parentage: -

Other family: House Izrail 

Appearance: She has relatively pale skin and darker hair.

Personality: She is a rather mischievous child and likes to prank the others in House Izrail. However the furthest she's gone was dying Queren's plumage with some magical dyes she got her hands on. She is also known to be quite stealthy and practices it with her pranks, but she is fiercely loyal to House Izrail.

Allegiance: House Izrail, The Menaphite Empire

Equipment: Black cloth outfit she wears at night

Goal: Spend more time with Cain

Quirks: She is quite happy and will gladly do anything that Raine, Yami, Kraelyn, Jamert, Queren, or Cain would ask of her. She is...exceptionally happy when she is given permission to drain a prisoner to end them.

Language: Common, Infernal, Icyene, Vampire, Elven, Aviansie

Strengths: She practices following others by shifting into a mist form in dark areas of the House and her bite

Weaknesses: Everlight Silvthril, Blisterwood or Blessed metal weapons

Social Status: As of late, when she's not being stuck at home, she's out and about with Celosia and Higashi learning the ropes of Shimmer Garde. 

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