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Rigel, Phineas and Renix brought back in the members of the Divine Vanguard. The Divine Vanguard are a team of alchemists and basically House Izrail's Research and Development squad. Their purpose is that they police the ethical use of magic in regions of House Izrail's influential sphere.

Once upon a time the Divine Vanguard had been founded on the bases of researching magic and the study of anima under Lumina, but when she was promoted as direct officer over the other factions; Vatheza Lunete was Lumina's successor. Rauf Sadon the Protector, one of the Knights of House Izrail was assigned to be Vatheza's aide and protect her should any threats come her way. For a few decades the Divine Vanguard, under new leadership with Vatheza and Rauf it was fine, until Vatheza was caught by Balfour, Cerys and Garin Abelot, Lilexis' predecessor; selling the faction's research and secrets to the highest bidder. Rizenel, infuritated by this betrayal, confronted Vatheza and demanded she steps down. Vatheza, in response to Rizenel's demand, took the whole faction and separated from House Izrail for a stint of time. Where the organization's activities have deviated from the original purpose and started doing biological experimentation on anyone they can find or anyone that would not be missed.

After some time, Rigel, Phineas and Renix had enough of Vatheza and Rauf and had been reporting the group's activity back to Rizenel, who in turn, allowed them to safely move through the desert and be reunified under the Izrail banner. Under Renix, Phineas and Rigel the Divine Vanguard still study magic and anima and how they effect the bodies of races, especially those gifted to use magic. They are also responsible for working with Ismenia, as alchemists devoting research into potent poisons, anti-poisons and antidotes. Many of House Izrail's clinical team do stem from the Divine Vanguard as Ismenia was in the Divine Vanguard first before being promoted to the Templar.

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Character name: Rigel Perdicus Lathalinethetul

Aliases: The Silver Crow

Gender: Male

Race: Human?

Age: 28

Birthplace: That's a secret

Parentage: -

Other family: Phineas & Renix Lathalinethetul (cousins), Divine Vanguard & House Izrail  

Love Interest/Partner: Sera Riathe, once upon a time

Appearance: Rigel's hair is an unnatural white, which can be attributed to the magical experimentation he performs on himself. He also has vibrant blue eyes.

Personality: Rigel is quite excitable when it comes to making project breakthroughs and he is known, to the public eye, to be reigned in by Phineas and Renix. It is known that he still pines after Sera (also known as Mirilielis), but it is unknown whether the feelings are mutual. He puts on a facade, similar to what Sera did initially when first meeting Emperor Dayan

Allegiance: Menaphos (eventually), but mostly to House Izrail

Equipment: Rigel wields two scimitars and is quite adept at hand to hand combat as well as magic

Goal: Reinstate the Divine Vanguard as the police force it once was under House Izrail 

Quirks: Rigel enjoys children and will gladly educate them on magical knowledge, he also has an assortment of plush toys from his relationship with Sera
Language: Common, Vyre, Elven, Werewolf, Infernal, Icyenic, Aviansie

Strengths: His charm and charisma, as well as strength and magical knowledge

Weaknesses: His excitability over certain situations and constantly being reigned in by his cousins, it could be legit or just an act, most are not entirely sure

Background & Social Status: Rigel and his cousins applied as members to the Divine Vanguard as self-taught mages and were expanding their knowledge into the divine energies of the world. Before the split off, Rigel had set to marry Sera Riathe, often referred to as Mirilielis, but the wedding never went through. He has the tendency to lock himself in his room or a laboratory and pursue his research to better individuals. While he is fully aware that such knowledge and experiments can be used for twisted purposes, it was the main reason he joined the Divine Vanguard to prevent such a thing from happening. Rigel, Phineas and Renix were away from their hometown when some sort of magical anomaly caused by powerful mages known as Dolim and his partner Geb, destroyed their town.

It was with this knowledge that they hunted these two mages and they had learned about House Izrail and asked for help to pursue these two mages. When presented with their names, it had worried Raine and solidified her supsicions that Dolim and Geb had been working independently on projects behind Lumina's back. Raine accepted the applications of the three and cautioned them to not act emotionally around those two should they be found out about their reasoning for joining the Divine Vanguard initially. Rigel, Phineas and Renix had signed contracts with Raine and Tenebrae to report to them about Dolim and Geb's activities after the fall out. Rigel had sent papers to Raine about exchanges and transactions between Dolim and Geb and any clientele that they had for their services. The trio had also reported many disturbing projects on beings and creatures alike as a form of self-improvement. 

Rigel and his cousins are monetarily well off and can potentially disband the Divine Vanguard's main faction, but they choose not to as they feel it is their responsibility to make up for the mistakes that Dolim and Geb had done to many and House Izrail as well.

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Character name: Phineas Midyrin Lathalinethetul







Other family:

Partner/Love Interest: 









Background & Social Status: 

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Character name: Renix Ebras Lathalinethetul

Aliases: Ren, Silver Scythe, Sir Alaric

Gender: Male

Race: Human?

Age: 30

Birthplace: Kandarin, and that is all he is willing to say

Parentage: Unknown

Other family: Rigel & Phineas Lathalinethetul; Madelyn "Izrail" Alaric (foster father)

Partner/Love Interest: None

Appearance: Renix has silver hair and dark blue eyes with a purple marking under his right ear

Personality: Renix is the no-nonsense member of the trio of cousins and takes his duties and work seriously. He is often the one that reigns in Rigel's flighty mannerisms and definitely reigns him in when he flirts with women.

Allegiance: Divine Vanguard; Ismenia; House Izrail; Menaphos

Equipment: Renix is known for using swords when necessary, but he prefers the use of bolas, when fighting, like Ismenia, he has an arsenal of knives at his disposal

Goal: Outdo his cousins in the medical field and set the best standard of care he can

Quirks: Despite his serious nature, Renix has a soft spot for fruit pastries or fruit-flavored candies.

Language: Aviansie, Common, Infernal, Elven, Icyenic, Werewolf and Vyre

Strengths: Like his cousins he is agile and can stay out of hand-to-hand combat if necessary

Weaknesses: He cannot take a sword strike to well

Background & Social Status: 

Edited by Raine Izrail

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