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The Arcane Legion is a magical research and experimentation faction, similar to the older functions of the Divine Vanguard, but on a magical scale. The primary purpose that the Arcane Legion has under House Izrail is they help with runic wards and research older magical languages. Most wards set up in the manor are because of the efforts of the Arcane Legion. The Arcane Legion's location is a very dense forest and they have obelisks set up around their building that cloak their location from far off, similar to that of gnomic illusion magic. 

In some political situations, they help kingdoms understand magical traps that may or may not have been set up for them. When the Divine Vanguard was under House Izrail, they, like the other factions, policed the faction's activities, but with the use of magic. While mostly magic from the Lunar books, to Ancient books and scrolls, and modern day variants. They even look into the form of magic that is gifted to the most devout priests and priestesses under the gods of the world. Primary contributors to their knowledge are the Eon family and the Izrails as well. 

They research religious and magical objects as they have some form of magic as well. They also are what supplies House Izrail with their runes, in turn supplying House Itsu as well, if need be. Races of the faction are mixed but gnomes and humans are the primary members. Some other factions frequent the faction when they are faced with a magical situation they cannot face on their own. The commander of the Arcane Legion is Cerys Wren, an elven outcast, picked up by Balfour on his escape from the Divine Vanguard. 

When the Divine Vanguard had sent some projects after those that escaped with Lilexis Eon, she was onsite at the Silver Shields and watched her fellow faction commander and captain get downed by the monstrosities that were unleashed. She had them restrained and taken to the Blood Striders and are kept there under heavy magical wards and spells to keep them alive, but unresponsive to most things. The Arcane Legion does not have any captains under Cerys, but they are open to taking in to upcoming magical scholars.

The building of the Arcane Legion is a mix of elven and gnomic architecture. Which fits to the ambiance of the faction's location nicely. There are massive study halls for members to do research and empty warded chambers for members to practice magical experiments or spells of old. On the upper floors of the building are the residence chambers for the members and Cerys. Some older members have actually lost the need for sleep over the years.

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Character name: Cerys Wren

Aliases: The Apathetic Archmage (she might share this title with Divinus)

Gender: Female

Race: Elven

Age: she will dodge the question or just outright teleport a person who asks 

Birthplace: Tirannwn 

Parentage: -

Other family: Members of House Izrail  

Appearance: Cerys has blonde hair and light green eyes and of course the trademark pointed ears of an elf

Personality: Cerys, out of all the faction leaders including Lumina, is the most quiet and keeps to herself. If asked to help out with magical security or something of the like, she will do so, without question. Most do not know what she is thinking, except for Izrails, Eons and the other leaders. 

Home Organization: Arcane Legion

Allegiance: House Izrail

Equipment: She tends to keep herself fully covered and has a tome on her as well as a wand at all times, along with a satchel of runes

Goal: Finishing her 3D puzzle

Quirks: While she does not talk, she is known to make people uncomfortable by just staring at them, she is also quite blunt and unaware of social norms
Language: Elven and Common, Vyre, Werewolf, Aviansie, Icyenic and Infernal

Strengths: A very talented archmage

Weaknesses: Cannot handle physical pain worth a damn

Background & Social Status: Cerys Wren came into Tenebrae's employ just by chance. She studied magical knowledge under him before parting separate ways with the Izrail duo. However, when Tenebrae and Rizenel had finally settled down in Menaphos, she had actually started her own area of magical knowledge, beyond the Wizard's Tower and the Magic Guild in Yanille. She specializes in teleportation and is known for illusions. When setting up magical security wards, they may either do one of two things, teleport a trespasser, force them back, or subtly nudge the weak mind into forgetting why they're in a location to begin with. Lately, it has been the second and third options that have been requested of her, but there is the rare occasion if someone distracts or upsets her, they may get teleported to Karamja for no reason.

Cerys is rather intelligent, but is notorious for being socially awkward at gatherings. To the point that people actually do not mind hanging out with Balfour in werewolf form than the quiet elf. Despite this, she is comfortable with the fact that Lily, Higashi and Balfour do visit her just for company. While she does not intentionally seclude herself from others, her tendency to make others uncomfortable tends to be a main reason she does not really have any other friends. 

She will not admit it, but she is intrigued by Divinus' presence in Menaphos. Not necessarily by attraction, but the idea that another powerful magic user is under the employ of a powerful individual in the empire.

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