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The Silver Shields are a group of knights under Rizenel's command. Garin Abelot was the leader of the Silver Shields and Balfour's closest friend when it came to military skirmishes. Garin Abelot, lacked the raw power that Balfour boasts, but was a challenge to bring down. The Silver Shields unwavering loyalty to House Izrail extends to Menaphos as well. When Emperor Dayan met the leaders of the House Izrail factions initially, he would have met Garin, but the military leader died a little after meeting the Emperor.

When the Divine Vanguard was having a civil war and workers/families were trying to escape their range of influence; Vatheza, as far as she knew,  had sent some of her monstrous creations after the traitors, Garin and Balfour were the first to respond to Lilexis' arrival outside Kazuto Manor. After seeking shelter inside the manor, Garin and Balfour had battled through the night to protect Kazuto Manor and while the monstrosities initially were not a threat to the duo, an experimental horror had been sent after Lilexis and was about to kill Balfour, when it subdued the werewolf. Garin, using his magical shield, blinded the creature, gouging out one of its eyes, but was struck by the attack meant for Balfour. Needless to say, Garin died that night defending Balfour and Kazuto Manor and Lily, feeling indebted to Garin for his sacrifice, took up his mantle and carries the Silver Shields with honor and pride.

While she is loyal to the Izrails and Eons, she also pledged loyalty to Dayan of Menaphos and the Silver Shields work with the Imperial Guard protecting their home.

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Character name: Lililexis Stryx Eon

Aliases: Lily

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Age: 27

Birthplace: Falador

Parentage: Feo Stryx (father-dead); Azabel Stryx (mother- ???)

Partner: Morinth Eon/Riosel Izrail (husband)

Other family:  Aurora Eon (daughter)

Appearance: Lily has very pale blue hair, mostly as a result of her parents being part of Divine Vanguard and have underwent strenuous experimentation, her eyes are a dark purple, more than likely from the same result of the experimentation her parents underwent. She is also 5'9" and has various markings along her back, which Morinth and his siblings look in to whether they were a result of her parents' experimentation

Personality: Despite being from Divine Vanguard which is heavily anti-creature, she had to keep an act around her husband that way the organization was not drawn to him. She loves both him and their daughter dearly and hopes for a better tomorrow after the awful things she has seen at the Divine Vanguard. She has personally witnessed one of their experiments kill her father in her later years. She feels anger and betrayal towards them as they still put it out there that they are affiliated with House Izrail, which is obviously not the case and the reason she stayed up until recently. She is known to reign in Morinth when he starts treading that fine line of acceptable behavior...

Home Organization: Silver Shields

Affiliations: Menaphos, House Kazuto, House Izrail, House Itsu

Former Affiliations: Divine Vanguard

Equipment: Two adamant long swords, a tower shield, and a crossbow as well as full plate armor

Goal: raise her family in peace

Quirks: despite her strict nature with Morinth, she loves cute things and has a weakness for cake
Language: Common, Infernal, Icyene (known); Aviansie, Vyre (learning)

Strengths: She is physically strong, enhanced by her parents' enhancements and has a resistance to minor magical attacks and wards

Weaknesses: Due to the nature of her birth, she has shown unstable flares of magic that she cannot control and Morinth helps her reign it in, which is why the two are rarely apart

Background & Social Status: Lily was born to two scientists former officers of Divine Vanguard. They were known to conduct experiments on themselves and were part of the "Self Help" program within the organization. Lily's unnatural hair and eye color were a result of these experiments her parents conducted on themselves among other things. On the outside, she remained loyal to the Divine Vanguard because she thought they were still affiliated with House Izrail and overhearing her parents one day, she learned that was not the case and ever since then tried to find a way out. She met Morinth in a bar and the two hit it off quite well, she had suspicions that Morinth was not human and initially wanted to use him to get her away from the Divine Vanguard, but over time she fell for him and the two had a quiet marriage with only Tenebrae, Rizenel, Haruka, and Takeshi as witnesses. Lily kept her household a secret from even her parents and the organization as a whole, but when one of her father's experiments had killed him, turning him into a grotesque creature where he was promptly put down by his peers, she knew she had to leave. Other officers in her ranking had started to disappear as well, and she learned that Jamert Kaye, a member of Divine Vanguard from years prior, was still alive, but had cut off all ties to the organization, serving under House Izrail. 

She hatched a plan with some of her friends to leave and she arranged with Morinth that he should leave first and they will meet in Menaphos. Morinth provided pendants to the other House Izrail factions, but a pendant to Kazuto estate to his wife. He instructed them to not use the pendants unless absolutely necessary. As long as they were within Divine Vanguard territory, the use of teleportation was absolutely prohibited. Morinth took off towards Menaphos after reaching out to his eldest brother and in the dead of night a few days later, Lily, with her daughter Aurora, and some friends left the organization by caravan. However, once they left the territory, they had been labeled as deserters and had assassins sent after them. Only Lily and Aurora survived the attack as she got away using the pendant Morinth gave her. The others were killed and the assassins had used the pendants to the other factions that Morinth had gave them, only to meet a grisly end...but not without Silver Shield's faction leader being killed. Lily knows that the Divine Vanguard will come one day, but for the time being, she is relaxing, in the Temple with Aurora and her husband.

She is the commander of the Silver Shields faction under House Izrail, after the members of the Divine Vanguard murdered the former commander when they used teleportation jewelry linked to the various factions of House Izrail were activated. 

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