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Blood Striders Personalities

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This faction is the most dangerous under House Izrail's employ. Even with the Divine Vanguard still under House Izrail's wing, the Blood Striders tend to do the dirty work that needs to be done. The commander of the faction, Balfour Demerath is loyal to House Izrail and most of the members of the faction are made of convicts, often put into prison by kingdoms for mass murders. Most officers under Balfour, have mellowed out through the years, but when a hit is issued by House Izrail or the Empire, the officers are more than willing to see that the hit is successful. 

Balfour Demerath, himself, was one of the Divine Vanguard's first projects with Jamert Kaye. He runs the Blood Striders with a firm hand and keeps the officers in order. The building of the faction is a stronghold and houses prisoners of the Empire and House Izrail. Every so often, there are executions held there to free up a prison cell, if need be. The location of the stronghold is up north where the climate is cold and harsh. The stronghold has two sections which is the prison and then the building that is the residence of the officers and faction members. Despite the nature of the faction, the residence is nicely kept and homely. Under Balfour, there are three captains: Yunaesa Kelzana, an elven archer, Ronric Demerath, Balfour's younger brother, and  Raith Giari, a snow owl Aviansie. All three are loyal to Balfour and help him keep their members in line. His immediate right hand of the Blood Striders is Kynthia Barald.

The Blood Striders are often referred to as barbaric among those under House Izrail.

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Character name: Balfour Demerath

Aliases/Nicknames: Bailey (a Karrah special)

Gender: Male

Race: Werewolf

Age: Unknown

Birthplace: Canifis

Parentage: Unknown

Other family: -

Partners/Love Interest: None

Appearance: Balfour has storm gray hair/fur, depending on his form, and bright yellow-orange eyes

Personality: Balfour is known to be quite temperamental and flies off the hook very quickly. However, on his days off, he is found reading books, fiction and non-fiction and treasures his personal time.

Home Organization: Blood Striders

Allegiance: House Izrail, House Itsu and Menaphos

Equipment: Balfour has a set of claws that he uses when he's in his human form. Otherwise, flash the teeth and bare the claws.

Goal: Balfour really has no goals outside of his duties to House Izrail and Menaphos. He does look to keeping the peace, however.

Quirks: Balfour, despite being hot-headed, has patience for the kids, like Raelinn and Madelyn. He even watches the triplets from time to time, despite them being very grabby with his fur.
Language: Werewolf, Common, Icyenic, Infernal, Aviansie, Elven, Vyre

Strengths: Balfour does demonstrate strength to rival that of Morinth. In his werewolf form, he is much faster and is not scared to dirty his hands or paws.

Weaknesses: Blessed silver items

Background & Social Status: Balfour was originally in the Divine Vanguard in the early days, but after House Izrail reunifying their factions, he was promoted to the head of the Blood Striders' faction. He oversees the prisoners that are sent his way if there is no room in Menaphos for them. While he does not live the most glorious job, when he's not on duty, he lives in luxury, even though he is content with the bare minimum. Balfour was one of three successful experiments that the Divine Vanguard had done as weaponized beings. Jamert being another, and the third is unknown. Balfour, up until recently, had mostly visited Menaphos at night so he wasn't seen, but due to activity ramping up in the empire, and being introduced to Emperor Dayan, he does patrols every so often with the other faction leaders.

While he is often disciplined for flying off the hook, his loyalty is unwavering and does anything he is requested to the best of his abilities. He is rarely seen in his human form. He also does not care for the The Rising Sun much and avoids the people of the newspaper as much as he can.


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