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The Templars of the Hallowed Sky are a faction lead by Razael Izrail that consist of the: Grand Master, The Architect, The Seer, The Treasurer, Seneschal of the Templar, Spy Master of the Templar, and The Strategist. The members of the Templar are directly officers of House Izrail that oversee the activities of the Divine Vanguard, Blood Striders, Arcane Legion, Shimmer Garde and Silver Shields. To rise up to the Templar, usually they are individuals who have shown great promise to one of the three Izrails.

It has been years since there was a shuffle in power and an opening in the Templar was available. With Ismenia's retirement from Spy Master so she can focus on her work as the capital's doctor. She is succeeded by the leader of Shimmer Garde; Higashi Aneka as the Spy Master. The ranks of the Templar are kept from public knowledge and very few even within the government know the inner workings of the Templar. 

The Templar were established to keep order among the factions of House Izrail in the absence of the House's core members.

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Character name: Razael Izrail

Aliases: Raz

Gender: Male

Race: Icyene

Religion: Armadylian

Age: Born year 1800 of the Second Age

Birthplace: Hallowvale

Parentage: Erichidnus Izrail (father-deceased); Elohnna Izrail (mother-deceased)

Partner: Lina Alaric (deceased)

Children: Madelyn Izrail Alaric (daughter)

Other family:  Rizenel Izrail, Leserin Izrail (sisters); Tenebrae Eon (brother in-law); Cain, Nox, Lux, Vaan (nephews); Queren, Kraelyn, Raelinn, Harumi (nieces)

Appearance: Razael is 7'10", towering over most of House Izrail, and shares his family's silver hair, but has purple tips and highlights along with the notable cyan eyes which is also a familial trait. 

Personality: Razael was known in the past for acting swiftly with revenge in mind, but over the years, he has mellowed out and at his daughter's advice he reunited with his sisters and brother in-law. He used to have a burning hatred for Rizenel as she inherited most of the familial assets when they were younger, when he was the eldest. Over time he learned to let it go as he watched her family grow and almost lost his own daughter and raised her from afar and watched his sisters. He is very quiet and tends to be the least approachable of the Izrail Trio.

Home Organization: Templars of the Hallowed Sky

Affiliations: Menaphos, House Izrail, House Kazuto, House Itsu

Former Affiliations: Seekers of Serenity

Equipment: Razael prefers to wear his armor, but he has a set of mage robes as well. Like his sister, Rizenel, he has a great sword that he wields with one hand

Goal: be a good father to Madelyn

Quirks: Despite his serious nature, he is a fan of stories of myth and fantasy

Language: Icyene, Infernal, Common, Aviansie, Vyre, Elven, Werewolf

Strengths: Razael is known for his mastery in Earth Magic and is knowledgeable in metals and ores. His physical strength is also nothing to sneeze at

Weaknesses: There are many triggers to his Icyenic rage state, unlike his sister Rizenel and one of the Eons have to be close by if he is on patrol or it is noted to bring his daughter to calm him down

Background & Social Status: Razael, like his sisters, was born in Hallowvale, and he is the eldest of the trio. He was training to be a foot soldier for Hallowvale before Drakan took over. After the initial attack, he found his sisters and a good portion of his race slaughtered. He left Hallowvale, looking for a new life that will take his skill set as a fighter and a mage. 

Over the years he had heard rumors of other Icyene joining adventuring guilds and becoming swords for hire. He had come across his sister Rizenel and her friend Lumina and had reunited with Leserin, before the group split up again, but he noted that Rizenel always seemed to be followed by a shadow and would find out later that it was Tenebrae Eon a former member of the secret police under Zaros. Over the years, he developed a distaste for his sister for choosing a Zarosian as her partner and had clashed with her multiple times over the years. 

However, in recent years, after losing one of his head officers and his mate to anti-creature groups and almost losing his daughter, he has kept kept to himself mostly and on the down low. Along with the other Templars, he raised his daughter with them and would later reinstate Templars of the Hallowed Sky with House Izrail as the elite faction under the family once again.

Due to his affiliation with Earth Magic, he is sometimes helping out Mirilielis Mahalt in her workshop with supplying gems he may find sometimes. He is notorious for leaving holes in the ground and not covering them up.

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Character name: Lovel Ysaac

Dead name: Zarathus Nait

Aliases: "Chief", Nerd, Architect Lovel

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Age: 29

Birthplace: Taverly

Parentage: -

Other family: Hunfray Ysaac (twin brother)

Appearance: Lovel is rather muscular in build and often found covered in oil or dirt, as he is known for taking a strong affiliation with the Dwarves. He has a red-brown hair and dark blue eyes. He is often found strength training with guards and then hides away in his workshop for working on devices and his own weaponry of sorts.

Personality: Lovel is serious in public and has a no nonsense attitude. When among those he's close to in private company, he has a fondness of Mirilielis and a an older-brother type attitude towards Ismenia and Madelyn. He takes his job as Razael's right hand man very seriously, and has all respect for the man who took him and his brother in. Upon getting to know the members of House Izrail in Menaphos, he has a very strong protective nature over Raelinn and Madelyn, like everyone else in the vicinity. He is disciplined when it comes to his training and encourages others to better themselves.

Home Organization: Templars of the Hallowed Sky

Affiliations: Menaphos, House Kazuto House Itsu

Equipment: He is known for his abilities with his handcannon and heavy crossbow, he does have a sword, as well as armor

Goal: He has no goals in particular, but he is glad that the burden of paperwork has been lessened since the merge.

Quirks: Lovel can hold his alcohol very well, being trained by dwarves for a lengthy stint of time, despite being dirty and unkempt most of the time, his workshop and personal quarters are very organized and tends to freak out if even a book or blueprint is not where it should be
Language: Dwarven, Common, Icyene, Elven (known) Infernal, Aviansie, Vyre (learning)

Strengths: He is physically strong, and if there is news of excavation campaigns, he will willingly offer his services.

Weaknesses: he has the tendency to jump into something feet first and has to be reminded by Hunfray to approach situations with caution

Background & Social Status: Before being taken in by Razael, Lovel and Hunfray were born to a family of Druids. His family were visiting family in Burthorpe when there was an ambush by trolls. The attack had killed his father and mother, and almost killed his twin brother, but Razael had flown in to dispatch the trio of trolls quickly. He was too late to save his parents, but not wanting to leave children to fend for themselves, he took them in and saw to their recovery. Lovel is Razael's right hand when it comes the armor and weapon markets and helps him in forging the armors and weapons, supplying guards and guilds with them as necessary. 

While not the most social of the Templar, he is one of the most dutiful as many "upgrades" to various buildings and renovations are his handiwork and the ever-changing standard of safety for buildings.

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Character name: Hunfray Ysaac

Dead Name: Setheus Nait

Aliases: Head Seer

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Age: 29

Birthplace: Taverly

Parentage: -

Other family: Lovel Ysaac (twin brother)

Appearance: Hunfray looks exactly like his brother Lovel, minus the muscular build. He has a cloth over his eyes. His eyes were gouged out when he was little.

Personality: Hunfray is one of the three voices of reason behind the Templars. Even though, he is blind, he takes jokes in stride, however, if someone means it as an insult, and he uses his clairvoyance he picked up under intensive training in Seers Village...he will casually move and let karma take its course.

Home Organization: Templars of the Hallowed Sky

Affiliations: Menaphos, House Kazuto, House Izrail, House Itsu

Equipment: Hunfray is known to carry odds and ends on him like ground up rune stone dust among other things to help him see or detect divine influence. He is always seen with a staff crafted from an Elder Tree.

Goal: He has no personal goals anymore, but his goals for the Templars is to help others as much as they can House Izrail does.

Quirks: Hunfray can play a piano and can sometimes be a sarcastic jerk when driven to be one.
Language: Common, Icyenic, learning Vyre, Aviansie and Infernal

Strengths: He can cast some powerful magicks, if driven to do so, and he tends to stay near someone more powerful than he is and gives advice in things political and business.

Weaknesses: He is blind

Background & Social Status:  Before being taken in by Razael, Lovel and Hunfray were born to a family of Druids. His family were visiting family in Burthorpe when there was an ambush by trolls. Hunfray was getting beaten up by the trolls and even had his eyes gouged out by two of them, all he remembers was the sound of wings flapping and the sound of metal meeting flesh and screeching trolls. All he could see was black, and slowly lost consciousness as Razael had taken him and Lovel back to his place of residence at the time to take care of them. Hunfray, like his brother, is forever grateful for Razael taking care of them and does what he can to help Razael on both the political side and the business side. Hunfray was sent to Seers Village for training by Razael, and while they were separated, Hunfray trained hard to become the Seer he is today. He normally stays in his chambers doing divination.

As of recently, his abilities have been most useful as he is responsible for upgrading House Izrail's secuity as far as scrying orbs go. 

Edited by Raine Izrail

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Character name: Aunselius Johannes

Real Name: Quentix Zarphus

Aliases: Mischief Maker, The Crusher, Muscle of the Templars, The Treasurer

Gender: Male

Race: Human?

Religion: Saradominist (former); Armadylean (currently)

Age: 29

Birthplace: Ren Bo of the Scythe

Parentage: Khan Jahrd Zarphus (father) & Avarika Zarphus (mother) both deceased

Other family: -

Appearance: Aunselius is about 7'6" and has dark gray hair and is hetero chrome. His right eye is dark  blue while his right eye is red. He normally wears an eye patch over the red eye and tells people he is blind in that eye.

Personality: After the Purists made their Headquarters on Ren Bo, he was taken in by them and watched the Purists execute sea orphans and the non humans. After spending quite a bit of time in their service and sent to the mainland for more training, he duelled Razael and lost. He meditates daily and is loyal to his mates without question, but he is known to get into brief arguments with Miriliel.

Home Organization: Templars of the Hallowed Sky

Affiliations: Menaphos, House Izrail, House Kazuto, House Itsu

Former Affiliations: The Purists, The White Knights

Equipment: Aunselius has a maul, forged for him by Razael as well has heavy plate armor

Goal: Atonement for his sins from his time with the Purists

Quirks: Aunselius likes cute things, despite being a muscular fellow, he is fairly laid back, and while he does intensive strength training with Lovel, he enjoys quiet personal time with a book, and is particularly fond of myths
Language: Icyene, Ancient Saradominist, Common (known), Infernal, Aviansie, & Vyre (currently learning)

Strengths: He is the muscle of House Izrail and is normally the one loading and unloading resources for the manor from delivery wagons

Weaknesses: a handful of members of House Izrail are werewolves and he has been seen resisting old habits of smashing their muzzles in...easily gets into arguments with Mirilielis

Background & Social Status: Aunselius was a young Purist taken in by Razael after he was bested in a fight. Even though the teachings of the Purists had taught him that all non humans are filth and they must win by any means necessary, he could not bring himself to use underhanded tactics against Razael. Aunselius Johannes was a name given to him by the Purists, shedding him of his background on Ren Bo and grooming him to be one of them. Razael offered him a place to stay, as he knew the Purists would not let him back after losing to Razael. He was applauded for his strength in combat and was taught there are other areas that his strength can be used efficiently to help others. When Lovel is creating his machines, Aunselius is normally the one holding pieces in place while he welds them together. Aunselius loyalty has extended towards House Izrail and at the news that a Vampire Hunter had stabbed Raelinn in broad daylight and caused such chaos in Menaphos...he has been doubting the teachings that were passed on to him from the Purists and intends to ask Razael if he knows anything about his past one day...

As of late, rather than the battlefield he is responsible for seeing to moderation of House Izrail's spending.

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Character name: Mirilielis Mahalt

Real Name: Sera Riathe

Aliases/Nicknames: The Odd One, Miri (by almost everyone), Mimi (a Karrah exclusive), Seneschal Mirilielis

Gender: Female

Race: Elven

Age: 28

Birthplace: Rei Ti of the Hook

Parentage: Ronin Aigus Riathe (dead) & Administrator Kirie Riathe (dead)

Other family:  -

Partners/Love Interests: formerly Rigel Perdicus Lathalinethetul (intended)

Miscellaneous Relationships: Karrah Itsu (student)

Appearance: Mirilielis has platinum blonde hair with brown tips and light blue eyes. Even though she was given a uniform to wear as she is a part of House Izrail, she always wears her armor when on patrols and rarely will wear the uniform unless it's a meeting.

Personality: Mirilielis tends to speak in one-word statements and is known to be exceptionally blunt, with no regard to who it is. Ismenia suspects she does this to throw off Lovel and Aunselius just for fun when they're in public, since she talks normally to Ismenia and Madelyn. Mirilielis is often found working on sword styles on the training grounds of the Izrail estate and trains with the guards, often dueling them as well. She is known to be quite generous with her time and help others and especially make time to play with Raelinn. If anyone asks her for help, she will immediately stop what she is doing and will assist to the best of her ability.

Home Organization: Templars of the Hallowed Sky

Affiliations: Menaphos, House Izrail, House Kazuto, House Itsu

Former Affiliations: White Knights

Equipment: As with the others, she was forged armor by Lovel and Razael. She wears medium plate armor and is equipped with a longsword and shield. She was training to be Knight-Errant before she was requested by Razael to head to Jaldraocht with Aunselius, who she finds easy to tease and set off balance with her quirks.

Goal: constantly freak Aunselius out in public (an ongoing goal)

Quirks: in public she speaks one word statements and will treat everyone the same with her opinion/statements
Language: Common, Icyene (known), Vyre, Infernal and Aviansie (currently learning)

Strengths: despite her quirks, she is trusted by many and has an eye for studying gems (ability from her birthplace)

Weaknesses: she is very shy around newcomers and is known to sometimes come off rude or be rather curt as she passes by, she also has a weakness for shiny objects and has an extensive gem collection

Background & Social Status: Mirilielis was born to an elite guard and an administrator to the Khan of Rei Ti. Mirilielis, formerly Sera Riathe, had a knack for analyzing gemstones found on her birthplace and judging the quality of gems, and set the price for them. Her family was known to enforce the prices of gemstones for fair trade and prevent price gouging. One day, Kirie was going to drop off some paperwork for the Khan and saw him with a crate of high quality gems with a crate of lower quality, but had been polished to fool the naked eye. Aigus, the head of the Khan's elite, had gotten word of what had happened from his other guards. He stormed the estate to protect Kirie but both were slain and there was an order to burn down their house. Mirilielis was not home, but staying with some family friends that night, since both her parents were working late. The father of her friends had told Mirilielis that her parents will not be returning, but smuggled her off of Rei Ti to safety with anything he could salvage from the destruction. The family friend had smuggled her safely to Port Sarim, and sailed away, after leaving her at an orphanage. Razael had found her working as an assistant to the Jeweler in the Port and found her ability unique. He adopted Mirilielis from the orphanage and she continued as the Jeweler's assistant for a time before moving with The Hallowed Sky to other areas. She is quiet in public and stoic as well, but in combat she is quite deadly and not scared to cut down someone for doing wrong. She is often held back by Lovel and Aunselius, but otherwise, she is very disciplined in battle. 

Being associated with the Izrails she has a bit of influence, but because she opts to keep back a bit, she is not well known except for the rare times she is seen.

Mirilielis was the level-headed one that kept the mission from completely turning on its head when Eric and Ismenia went to rescue Karrah Itsu. Mirilielis did the best she can to cheer up the despondent child and even on their lay over in Waiko on the way back she used a wish to receive a stuffed animal and give it to her, in an effort to cheer her up. Mirilielis, when she's not on patrol or overseeing affairs in the throne room of the Grand Pyramid, is usually in her workshop working on jewelry commissions from nobles. She finds her work therapeutic and makes a decent amount of money on the side aside from what she earns. Recently she has been mentoring Karrah in how to make jewelry and showing her how to cut gems.

Mirilielis keeps her elven heritage a secret, but individuals like Queren have commented on her misshapen ears, as if the tips were cut off. Only a very select few know that it was her former teacher before Razael had picked her up had cut her ears in an effort to protect her from being taken by Purists when she was young and they visited Port Sarim.

Mirilielis is Razael's right hand aide, as of late and should he step down from Grand Templar, she will take over. 


Edited by Raine Izrail

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Character name: Higashi Aneka

Aliases: Crimson Chord, Spy Master Higashi

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Age: 30

Birthplace: The Lair of Tavi and Vynal of The Shield region in the Eastern Lands

Parentage: Koizumi Aneka (Mother - deceased); Himura Aneka (Father)

Other family: None  

Appearance: Higashi has brown eyes and long black hair that extends to her waist. Her skin is rather fair.

Personality: Higashi sometimes comes off as whimsical or impulsive. She is also known as rather care-free. While mostly it's an act, she known to be rather cruel underneath her public personality.

Home Organization: Shimmer Garde

Allegiance: House Izrail

Equipment: a pair of daggers kept in her boots, her Oud*, a vile of poison

Goal: To be a popular musician, as far as the others are concerned

Quirks: While she is hospitable and polite in the public eye behind closed doors or on the job, she is cruel and calculating within the walls of Shimmer Garde 

Language: Common, Elven, Werewolf, Aviansie, Infernal, Vyre, Icyenic

Strengths: Higashi is known for her dexterity and while she is not well-versed in shadow magic, she uses it to her advantage to shroud herself when necessary

Weaknesses: In a hand-to-hand fight, there is a chance she can be easily overpowered in raw strength and taken out by a powerful magic user 

Background & Social Status: Higashi was born in the Shield Region of the Eastern Lands in the Lair of Tavi and Vynal. Both her parents were musicians and as such, she was raised as one as well. The three of them were a rather talented musical family, up until her mother was struck by illness and died when Higashi was eight. Her father fell into a depression over the loss of her mother and left the house leaving Higashi by herself. Higashi tried her best to do what she can, as she had no relatives on the island that she could depend on, but the money that her family music group had helped her substantially as she enrolled in the schools at the Lair. Higashi, being talented as a musician, focused on her studies and lessons and focused on getting out of the Lair.

Higashi, while studying also put on musical performances to get her by. She has no idea the status of her father, as he never returned after he left, but as she grew older, he became less detached from her feelings about her father and the wish for him to rekindle their relationship was forgotten. She eventually left the Shield and migrated to the mainland. She came into contact with Razael Izrail, during the fallout between him and his sisters, who had offered her a place to live and stay while she got  her bearings in the unfamiliar land. Under Razael, she learned about House Izrail's past and met Razael's officers. Ismenia, at the time, was studying and putting her focus into medicine. However, on the side, Ismenia physically trained hard to keep up with the other officers of the Templars. Higashi decided to take Ismenia under her wing and put her through the proper routines for physical training as an assassin. While the Templars knew that Razael and Rizenel were supposedly not on good terms, Higashi had eavesdropped on a conversation between him and his sister. Surprised by the visit she listened on their conversation, and the fallout was merely a front to throw off enemies of the siblings. 

Higashi, learning how deep the siblings' organization was rooted, found out many secrets about the siblings. She kept them to herself, until one day she was approached by Rizenel and offered a job as the head of the family's stealth ops. Higashi, wanting to prove herself and feeling indebted to the Izrails for taking her in, took up the offer and became the commander of Shimmer Garde, the stealth ops faction of House Izrail. On the surface, Shimmer Garde is a group of minstrels that get hired for parties or festivities, while underneath they are a group of talented assassins. Even their home base is that of a tavern and Higashi is the owner of the building while the rest are her staff as waiters, maids and performers. 

Higashi was recently asked to become the new Spy Master of the Templar as Ismenia had stepped down to focus on her work as a doctor for Menaphos and settling down with Takeshi Eon. Higashi, supportive of Ismenia's choice and like many felt it was the right thing, accepted the role creating a power shift among House Izrail's factions.

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Character name: Madelyn "Izrail" Alaric

Aliases: Maddie (everyone else), The Strategist (lower ranking Hallowed Sky soldiers)

Gender: Female

Race: Human-Icyene halfbreed

Age: 14

Birthplace: Yanille

Parentage: Renix Alaric (step father; Head Guard of Yanille; deceased?); Lina Alaric (biological mother; Wizard of the Magic Guild; deceased); Razael Izrail (biological father)

Other family: Rizenel Izrail & Leserin Izrail (aunts); Tenebrae Eon (uncle); Cain, Nox, Lux, Harumi, Raelinn, & Vaan (cousins)

Appearance: Madelyn has lavender hair and light blue eyes and pale skin

Personality: Madelyn is fairly quiet and keeps to herself a lot. She loves books and is sometimes shunned by other children because of her quiet nature, but she enjoys Raelinn's company. Despite Raelinn and Madelyn being completely different on the personality spectrum, Madelyn does stop Raelinn from getting into too much mischief.

Home Organization: Templars of the Hallowed Sky

Affiliations: Menaphos, House Izrail, House Kazuto, House Itsu

Equipment: Tomes and scrolls

Goal: She is a goals in particular

Quirks: Madelyn is known by most to be quite...stoic and her smiling and having fun around Raelinn is a good change of pace for those who know her. Madelyn, like most children, has a weakness for sweets.
Language: Icyene, Common, Elven(known); Infernal, Aviansie, and Vyre (learning)

Strengths: She is really knowledgeable and offers sound advice when needed.

Weaknesses: she is bad at hand-to-hand combat and has no offensive magicks

Background & Social Status: Madelyn was born to Renix Alaric and Lina Alaric. Her odd hair color and eye color raised eyebrows among the guards of Yanille, but he insisted that magical effects and ambiance can have strange effect on unborn children. His men did believe him for years,  until it got out that Renix was a member of Hallowed Sky and was one of Razael's officers while working as a Head Guard for Yanille. Renix truly did love Lina, but there were many there that did not like creatures or the idea that Renix's child was not really his. Renix fought off his own men and tried to get Lina to run away, but she was struck down by Renix's second in command. He instructed to keep Renix alive as he beheaded Lina, and was about to strike down Madelyn, only to lose his own head, as Razael's blade ran through his chest. Razael would pick up Madelyn, who would be wailing, as he strikes down the other guards as he made his way to Renix. Renix would give his last breath satisfied that Madelyn would be safe with her actual father.

Madelyn knows that Razael treats her differently than the other officers, and is told that her actual father is Razael. He insists on telling her when she's older and ready to hear the full story from him as to why he left her and her mother and why he had an agent take care of her...

Aside from that, Madelyn has access to most funds and distributes it accordingly. She is not known to take the front line of any matter and prefers to keep to the back for the time being.

In recent events, with three members of Divine Vanguard coming in she found it odd that a man named Renix as well, who looked very similar to her foster father has arrived.

Recently she and her father were lured to Lord Mazen, a minor lord under Kharidian Lord Gideon, and was bound and tortured. She was rescued by Tenebrae, Queren, Ismenia, Kraelyn, Eric and Takeshi. She is currently recovering as the cuts that Mazen left behind are deep and with an enchanted dagger. She is also known to be accompanied by Raelinn constantly. The vampire-girl has been constantly visiting her while she's resting from Lord Mazen's torture in the infirmary.

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