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 House Kazuto is a household of a brother and sister that forged their familial background through magic and facades. The household is notorious for pursuing business ventures and funding various projects for the Empire. House Kazuto backs local businesses and even have some merchants under their umbrella that are loyal to them. In the past as the Butcher Commander and the Scourge of the Desert. They are a nearly unbeatable duo for reasons and legends have it that every time that they are met in warfare a fog will shroud the battlefield and very few live to tell the tale of the battle, which just consists of being shrouded in a thick mist.

House Kazuto is settled in Jaleustrophos and live in peace somewhat until their services are required by the Empire.

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Character name: Takeshi "Eon" Kazuto

Aliases: The Blood Fury, Butcher Commander, The Lord of Jaleustrophos

Gender: Male

Race: Avernic Demon (Fury)

Age: Born year 50 of the Second Age

Birthplace: Sennisten

Parentage: Unknown

Partner: Ismenia Alycie/Kyshtaria Esia

Other family:  Larissa "Maitre" Eon (adopted daughter), Tenebrae & Morinth Eon (brothers), Haruka Eon (sister), Lilexis & Rizenel (sisters in-law), Aurora, Raelinn, Harumi, Jisan Lunete (nieces), Cain, Nox & Lux (nephews)

Other Relations: Solomon Khalei (little brother-figure), Count Maitre (sponsor of the late count's business ventures)

Appearance: Takeshi wears a business outfit day to day as he visits Menaphos. On his days off, he is normally just found wearing a shirt and pants

Personality: Takeshi is known to be a little prickly to new people around him. He is also known to lose his temper with foolish nobles and other businessmen looking to get into his circle. Most of the time he is quite easy-going and does not care much for political drama.

Allegiance: Kazuto Family, Izrail Family, Itsu Family, Khalei Family, Menaphos/Desert

Equipment: Takeshi usually uses a scythe in combat, various magical things as a Blood Mage

Goal: Takeshi oversees smaller local businesses and helps get them notoriety by carrying their brand in other shops in other kingdom. 

Quirks: Takeshi, most of the time, is very easy going and quite neutral on most political stances. Despite being a monstrous war general in the past, currently he is known to run a business in clothing and oversee local businesses and help merchants under his wing
Language: Infernal, Icyene, Common, Werewolf, Elven, Vyre, Aviansie

Strengths: Takeshi, is a Blood Mage and former general of the military forces in the Desert. He is known to sense people around him due to his nature.

Weaknesses: Similar to Eric, he cannot sense other demons or creatures that do not have blood

Background & Social Status: Takeshi is the second eldest of the four Eons. After the four siblings had parted he took residence in Jaleustrophos with his sister Haruka. The two were involved in the Desert Military and he was known as the Blood General for being vicious in warfare and cutting down his enemies mercilessly. When wars had settled down, he had developed a flair for business and started with his own fashion line, using Haruka as a model for a while and it took off from there. Due to House Izrail reconciling with Razael, Takeshi started selling Razael's weapons he had crafted, getting his wares out to the public.

In recent times, Takeshi was "adopted" by a Priestess of Elidinis, Chleo Amari. He takes her antics in stride, due to him preferring putting up with her shenanigans over political drama with his business partners. He is also known to have a distaste for arranged meetings for marriages. In a recent meeting, he has taken in the grandchild of a noble as his own as the meeting went worse than most meetings. When Chleo's past was told to him after she had not returned from the catacombs by The Twins and Khali, he opted to be the one to be an anchor for her until they get the needed things for a ritual to undo the ritual that made her the way she was.

After adopting Larissa Maitre and being too late to save her mother, he had noticed her declining health. He had asked Ismenia to be Larissa's personal physician as he had full confidence in her abilities as a herbalist and doctor. He felt guilty for pressuring her to save Larissa, after she presented some medicine, but it helped Larissa a little. He was grateful to Divinus for providing Ismenia with a proper recipe and upon receiving, Larissa had improved in health. During the time of her visits, Takeshi and Ismenia were on amicable terms, but they had grown closer to the point that he provided as a secondary source for medicinal ingredients to ensure she did not have a shortage. Takeshi had suspicions about her relationship with Eric, but knowing they were on a sibling-like relationship helped eased his mind as he saw that he had a chance, but was not rushing into it. At least until Ismenia decided to drink too much and rant to him about work and her emotions. 

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Character name: Ismenia Alycie

Real name: Kyshataria Esia 

Aliases: 'Nia (by Raelinn); 'Menia (by Madelyn); Kysh (by Kraelyn)

Gender: Female

Race: Elven

Age: 21

Birthplace: Flou Tar-Shei of The Pincers

Parentage: Administrator Arisha Esia (mother and sister to the Khan); Ronin Feo Esia (father and married into the Esia family)

Partner: Takeshi Kazuto/Eon

Other family: Kraelyn Esia (cousin); Eric Stradford (older brother/mentor figure)

Appearance: Ismenia is blonde and has a long lock of hair that covers her left eye. She is fair skinned from being indoors a lot and her eyes are a dark forest green

Personality: Despite being Razael's Head Stealth Operative, she is kind, like her cousin and enjoys life. She is fairly open about her thoughts and opinions, but there are some things she prefers to keep quiet about. Despite this, when someone's life is on the line, she will do everything she can with her knowledge of potions and poisons to save someone who is hurt through poison.

Home Organization: Templars of the Hallowed Sky

Affiliations: Menaphos, House Izrail, House Kazuto, House Itsu

Equipment: Ismenia does not wear armor but rather a cloak and body suit with bands to hold her potion flasks and vials. She has colored metal needles that she uses to assassinate/incapacitate individuals if necessary

Goal: Ismenia's goal is helping out as many people as she can and has earned the reputation as House Izrail's onsite doctor

Quirks: Ismenia is the only officer of The Templars that has no magic or unique physical ability (referring to Mirilielis' ability with gems or Aunselius' ungodly strength). She has an extensive knowledge of potions, herbs, poisons and anti-poisons. She has a general cure all that can slow down the progress of a poison until she can effectively create an anti-poison to combat one's poison status effectively. Kraelyn is the only one she allows to call her by her real name.
Language: Common, Icyene, Infernal, Elven (known); Infernal, Vyre, and Aviansie (learning)

Strengths: Ismenia is quite agile and fast, which is the reason why she is the Lead Stealth Operative of The Templar and her assortment of poisons, needles and potions do make her a force to be reckoned with

Weaknesses: Ismenia is not physically strong and keeps her enemies at bay from a distance

Background & Social Status: Kyshataria was born to the sister of the Khan of Flou Tar-Shei and was born in the Esia estate. When news reached Arisha's ears that Zhan and Inido had been attacked by the Skulls. The Khan decided to set sail for Goshima with his fleet to help aid a friend. However, en route to Goshima the Esian Fleet was ambushed by Purists who were on their way to Goshima as well at the news of Skull occupation. Kraelyn and Kyshataria were left on Tuai Leit's shores. Both infants were separated and taken to the mainland and neither have seen the other until Rizenel left Varrock. The two would reunite in Menaphos and catch up quite a bit and maintain their familial bond. Kyshataria, known in public as Ismenia, now being affiliated with the Izrails has a high standing and in recent events may have possibly gained some popularity as an onsite doctor. She has a wide array of potions from sleeping droughts to potions that give temporary energy (think an energy drink). While she offers her abilities and services to the Emperor for free, she has been told there is a market for daily potions to help physical ailments as well, which is something that does pique her interest.

Behind closed doors, Kraelyn will tease her about how often she tends to bump into Eric only to make Kyshataria embarrassed and say things, "It's not like that! It's strictly professional!" which makes it all the more endearing, since only Kraelyn sees this side of her cousin.

When Eric was being hospitalized and taken care of, that did not make her work any easier as she was still doing house calls to the sick and tending to patients. She was also requested by Takeshi, to take care of Larissa's silvthril poisoning. Before Divinus had helped her make a more solid medicinal counter to help get the metal out of her system, she was relying on her own skill and a very quick remedy to slow down Larissa's declining health. While they were on amicable terms before, the had grown closer as Takeshi had started funding her shipment of herbs and potion ingredients from a secondary source. Raine did know of the boost of medicinal resources flowing to the house and found out about Takeshi's contribution. When she was tending to the injured who were profusely bleeding, Takeshi would help her as his visits to Menaphos became more frequent he made it a point to visit her also he became a good help to calm down Eric in the last leg of his recovery and she loves him for the help he has given without her asking.

While she still loves Eric as a brotherly-figure, Takeshi's help in her line of work and being someone she can talk to and talk about problems especially when her emotions and work load got the better of her. She is a light weight when it comes to drinking. It has also come into light that the Esia family are actually Elven and due to a demonic curse, both Kraelyn and Ismenia were effected by it. Needless to say, Takeshi took care of Ismenia's demonic curse quickly, even though it had faded in strength over time.

On another note, she has officially made the decision to give up her title of Spymaster for House Izrail as she has been better suited for the medical field and she enjoys helping those who do need help from the elderly to the young. 

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Character name: Morinth Eon

Aliases: Riosel Izrail

Gender: Male

Race: Avernic Demon (Fury)

Age: Born year 100 of the Second Age

Birthplace: Sennisten

Parentage: Unknown

Partner: Lilexis Eon

Other family: Aurora Eon (Daughter), Tenebrae Eon & Takeshi Eon (brothers), Haruka Eon (sister), Rizenel & Leserin (sisters in-law), Razael (brother in-law), Cain, Nox, and Lux (nephews), Harumi & Raelinn (nieces)

Appearance: Morinth is a rather burly man with dark blue-tinted hair. He has light blue eyes, like the other Eons, depicting his ties to the Ancient Elements. He wears bracers on his wrist.

Personality: Morinth, like his siblings, are known to react out of anger. However, when around people he trusts and family he shows unwavering loyalty. Also recently, he has taken a position as a door guard to the throne room in the Grand Pyramid, whenever Tenebrae is seemingly not around.

Allegiance: Izrail Family, Kazuto Family, Menaphos

Equipment: Claws and light armor

Goal: Raising his daughter in a safe haven and taking out the corrupt leaders of the Divine Vanguard

Quirks: Morinth likes to hang out in the Ports District and freeze the surface of the ocean.

Language: Icyenic, Common, Infernal, Aviansie, Vyre, Werewolf

Strengths: Morinth, out of all the Eons, is the physically strongest of the four. He is known for fighting hand-to-hand and only uses his ice magic if there are no other options.

Weaknesses: Morinth is not known for being fast or finding honor in attacking from long range.

Background & Social Status:  Like the other Eons, he was born into a Zarosian Empire and became an officer in the military. After the wars, he became separated from his siblings and reconnected with Tenebrae after a few centuries and became a rank in the Izrail Family. After a while, he was sent to spy on the Divine Vanguard, the faction of House Izrail that separated. While undercover, he met Lilexis and married her and together they had a daughter Aurora. While Morinth is free to live at the Izrail Manor, he chooses to stay with his brother Takeshi and sister Haruka as the Kazuto Manor has more room. 

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Character name: Aurora Eon

Aliases: Lil' Flurry

Gender: Female

Race: Half-Demon/Human

Age: 2 years

Birthplace: Falador

Parentage: Lililexis Eon (Mother) & Morinth Eon (Father)

Other family: Tenebrae Eon, Takeshi Eon (Uncles); Rizenel Izrail, Haruka Eon (Aunts); Cain, Vaan, Raelinn, Harumi, Nox & Lux, Jasin Lunete(Cousins)

Appearance: Aurora has cerulean colored hair and vibrant purple eyes, both attributed to her mother and father. 

Personality: Not much to say other than she's a bubbly little baby

Home Organization: House Kazuto

Affiliations: Menaphos, House Izrail, House Itsu

Equipment: A rattle

Goal: -

Quirks: - 
Language: - 

Strengths: Cute appeal

Weaknesses: -

Background & Social Status: Aurora was born to Lily and Morinth before the two left Divine Vanguard territory. The two fear for her safety and opted it was best to move to where the family influence is stronger and can withstand Divine Vanguard's influence. If it was not for Lily and Morinth keeping their relationship a secret as well as their daughter, the higher ups of Divine Vanguard would have taken Aurora and performed experiments on her and find out that the baby's father was a demon, which is why they left as quickly as they can.

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Character name: Larissa Maitre Kazuto

Aliases: None

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Age: 8

Birthplace: Yanille

Parentage: Marielle Maitre (deceased); Dylan Favre (deceased)

Other family: Takeshi Kazuto (adopted father); Chleo Amari (motherly-figure); Haruka & Rizenel (aunts); Tenebrae & Morinth (uncles); Cain, Raelinn, Harumi, Nox Lux, Aurora & Vaan (cousins)

Appearance: Brown hair, green eyes, paler skin than average

Personality: Larissa is a very quiet child. She was verbally abused by her grandfather as her mother was in no health to defend her

Allegiance: Kazuto Family, Izrail Family, Itsu Family and Menaphos

Equipment: Larissa, while she may be young, she has a talent for knife-throwing. It was something she worked on in private as she was scared of the day that her grandfather would end her.

Goal: Live a peaceful life

Quirks: Coming from a vampire bloodline, she has a weaker ability to sense others, except demons.
Language: Vyre and Common; Learning Aviansie, Infernal, Icyenic, and Elven

Strengths: Some traits she has but to a weaker degree like agility and speed

Weaknesses: She is sensitive to sunlight and can suffer heatstroke easily

Background & Social Status: Larissa was born into the Maitre Family, a family that has some influence under the Izrail Family. However, most people in their organization are not even aware that the Maitres are supposed to answer to the Izrails. Larissa learned from her mother Marielle that her grandfather had let the power of the organization go to his head and started issuing orders that were not in line with the contracts that the Izrails had in place. Larissa had also learned that her grandfather had beheaded her father after her birth. Marielle, was never in good health, and Larissa knew that her mother's health was waning as time went on, even though she never understood why. 

There was a dinner date that Marielle had took her to. Where she met Takeshi Kazuto and learned about the shady dealings that her grandfather had been up to. It seemed like Takeshi was aware of it and was interested in protecting herself and her mother, as the two got along. After the meeting, a few days later, Larissa heard that her grandfather was yelling at her mother. She peeked into her mother's room to see her grandfather in his vampire form, claws ripped into Marielle's form, as he tore her apart. Larissa, fearing her life was next, ran to her room, and stayed inside. One of the house staff, seeing to the young girl, worried about her, but told her that she would be fine. The house staff, Larissa learned, were people hired by Rizenel to help her grandfather rebuild his family's honor and she was to take her people back when her grandfather was able to stabilize his own family's influence. The house staff protected Larissa until the meeting with Takeshi and Haruka. After said meeting they returned to House Izrail, to report their findings about the Maitre Family and Larissa was taken into custody by Takeshi, by force. Larissa is grateful to Takeshi, but feels guilt that his current state was because of her. 

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Character name: Haruka "Eon" Kazuto

Aliases: Lady of Delusion/Scourge of the Desert

Gender: Female

Race: Avernic Demon (Fury)

Age: Born year 59 of the Second Age

Birthplace: Sennisten

Love Interest/Partner: Luciel Valmont; Vatheza Lunete (ex)

Family: Tenebrae, Takeshi & Morinth Eon (brothers); Rizenel Izrail & Lilexis Eon (sisters in-law); Cain, Vaan, Nox, & Lux (nephews); Kraelyn, Raelinn, Harumi & Aurora (nieces), Jasin Lunete (adopted daughter)

Other Relations: Solomon Khalei (little brother-figure)

Appearance: Haruka is about 6'3" with purple eyes, which is the familial trait of the Eon family. She has teal-colored hair and green marks under her eyes like the rest of her brothers who have markings elsewhere on their bodies.

Personality: Haruka stays with her brother Takeshi in Kazuto Manor. She is fairly laid back, unlike her brothers, but when rotating with Morinth and Tenebrae as standing watch in the Grand Pyramid, she is quite serious. Like the Icyene of Menaphos, her two-handed sword, she wields with one hand and is not scared to kill anyone who threatens Dayan or Ridley. When she is not standing watch, she accompanies her brother on his daily rounds to the marketplace to check on his business ventures. Every now and then, she will be by herself doing the rounds when Takeshi has other matters to attend to.

Home Organization: House Kazuto

Affiliations: House Izrail, House Itsu, Menaphos

Equipment: Light armor and a two handed sword

Goal: Starting up a tavern/inn in Menaphos called the Oceanic Bird

Quirks: Haruka is the most laid back of the Eon Siblings and the fastest 

Language: Infernal, Icyenic, Vyre, Aviansie, Common

Strengths: She is physically strong and has resilience to average poisons she has immunity to the most basic poisons, she also has a talent for cooking

Weaknesses: She tends to be distracted by the newest fad among the Menaphite citizens

Background & Social Status: Haruka has been staying with Takeshi outside the city of Nardah at Jaleustrophos as neighbors to the Khalei for years and lives under his wing. She is known as a brutal captain who would behead her own men at the slightest uprising. She did not mind people who opposed her views, but those who threatened her brother's commands or her own. Like her brother, she has some reputation among the merchants and a few Imperial Guards, mostly from her militant background. She is often viewed as Takeshi's secretary and helps him organize his paperwork and she often sees to his schedule and reminds him of renown families setting up their daughters with her brother. While she gets tired of seeing people trying to marry her brother for reputation and wealth, she is reminded by Tenebrae to just keep a low profile. 

Like the rest of her siblings, Haruka is tied to one of the elements of the Ancient Spellbook: Smoke. Most of the time she chooses to not use her magic and opts to use her combat abilities which is why she is never seen without her blade during the day. Between her and Takeshi she is the most approachable and always seems fascinated with the newest activity or item in Menaphos. She does not care for the newest fashion, interestingly enough and much to Takeshi's disappointment. Most people when they inquire about her markings under her eyes, she just tells them it is the result of extensive magical exposure, which is not necessarily a lie. 

Haruka is a certified chef of the Cooking Guild, but never started up a business of her own. She normally used her talents as the primary cook of the manor, despite them having  servants that can handle that sort of thing. She opted to take over the cooking of the household to keep her abilities up to snuff and occasionally sends a bag of cookies to Solomon Khalei. 

Vatheza Lunete, Haruka's former lover, had dropped off her fourteen year old daughter at the Kazuto household one day in secret and begged them to watch her. Under them, a house of demons, she knew her daughter, Jasin Lunete, would be safe from the eyes of her biological father: Rauf and the leader of the Healers of the Holy: Vincent who wanted to continue their experiments on her. She had went as far as to invoke a promise that the two had made years prior that any child she would bare would be theirs. However, Haruka, as pained as she was by the reminder of the promise and knowledge that she would be raising Jasin alone with her brother reluctantly agreed to it.

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