Dayan Arcana

Lords of the Southern Desert

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The Major Twelve Eleven Lords/Ladys of the Kharidian Desert:
Lord Giles Odion of Southern Nardah

Lord Ralshed Amset of Sophanem

Lord Gideon Nizam of West Uzer

Lord Mazier Achen of East Uzer

Lady Sera Amunta of Ullek

Lady Kestha Serk of Bedabin

Lady Raine Izrail of Menaphos

Lord Solomon Khalei of Northern Nardah 

Lord Takeshi Eon of Jaleustrophos

Lord Tenebrae Eon of Jaldraocht

Lord Rakesh Hanif of the Mining Camp

Lord Anhur Kau of Pollnivneach

The Major Seven Lords of Al Kharid:

Lord Jabari Min

Lord Amran Shoshan 

Lord Ian Binra

Lord Kian Qaaqar

Lord Ramses Nefera

Lady Alestear Numi

Lord Abbas Het


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