Nix Toox

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-Character name: Nix Toox


-Aliases: Ghost


-Gender: Male


-Age: 25


-Birthplace: Varrock


-Appearance: 5ft 7in, avg build, scar on his back going from right to left, always has a short haircut


-Personality: Nix used to be extremely outgoing and helpful to everyone he met. but since his injury and isolation had become very untrusting of people and always keeping quiet and suspicious of people.


-Allegiance: Varrock


-Equipment: Nix normally has on his person an Oak Long bow, a quiver full of arrows and a hunting knife always carried on left hip. He normally always wears a hooded cloak and leather armor. When he isn't at work or on a mission he normally relaxes is just simple clothes.


-Goal they wish to achieve: Nix hopes to reclaim his old job as a scout for the Ranger Squad and continue his service for the Kingdom


-Quirks: Nix has a love for animal handling.  Usually plays with his knife when he gets bored


-Social Status: Previously had military status but since he had been discharged has become a hermit/lone hunter


-History: Nix grew up in a small cabin outside of the main city with his parents until he was in his early teens. When he left to pursue joining the Ranger Corps in hopes of seeing the world and providing a better future for his family back home. Nix later became apart of the Scout regiment of the Ranger Corps. During a scouting mission along the borders of a neighboring kingdom Nix's scout team was ambush by an enemy force and were force to retreat back to the kingdom. During the retreat Nix was injured badly and could longer perform his duties and was relieved of his post. Frustrated and angry with Ranger Corp he left the city and returned back to the small cabin where he grew up. A Few years have pasted since he isolated himself but he soon realized he needed to return to the capitol. Once Nix return from his isolation he had noticed everything in the kingdom as since changed. He would go to re-apply for the Kingdom Guards once more and attempt to join the Ranger Squad and prove to everyone he used to know that his injury was nothing serious and he is ready to make a name for himself in the name of the King and Queen.


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