Archibald Wellington

Archibald Wellington (Cpo's Bios)

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Name- Archibald Wellington

Race- Human

Age/Gender- 45, Male

Allegiance- Kingdom of Varrock, and the Royal Family

Physical Description- Height: 5'10, muscular build with a bit of a gut, chestnut brown hair, green eyes, and a fine moustache

Languages- Common and Karamjan

Equipment- He usually wears a tan 19th century colonial hunting outfit, but on formal occasions he dons a full piece suit and tie.

Weapons- Archibald wields two Imcando Pistols, an Adamant Saber, and a Dwarf Handcannon that he usually uses to hunt big game.

Alignment- Chaotic Good

Abilities- Archibald holds no magical abilities but is a master marksman and a veteran saber duelist, often combining the two with his saber in one hand and a pistol in the other.

Archibald was born in the Varrock slums 45 years ago to a mother that died shortly after. He worked his way through the slum life, often staring at the great palace in the distance, wishing for a better life. Eventually he found that life as well as new purpose when he joined the guard at 18 years old. There he went on various campaigns against otherworldy threats, raids, and wars over the course of the next 15 years where he worked his way up the ranks until he became a distinguished veteran officer. After seeing the horrors of the outside world, Archibald decided that it was his duty to bring the wonders of proper civilization to the whole world, Varrockian style. He retired from the military shortly after to consolidate power within the kingdom and allow him the opportunity to interact directly with the crown. Now he stands as one of the wealthiest men in the kingdom, possessing a great level of control over the ebb and flow of goods and services domestically and internationally. With the plague hitting hard on all nations and leaving only two other contenders left aside from Varrock, Archibald sees a golden opportunity to seize the reins of power for Varrock, and establish the glory of Empire. He recently went alongside the expedition to Anachronia where he went on various hunts and discovered a variety of resources and exotic goods that he plans to bring back to Varrock. Now he returns to the capital with many prizes in tow, ready to show the crown and the world the glory of empire awaits!

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Name- Virak

Race- Dragonkin

Age/Gender- Eons, Male

Allegiance- Himself (For now)

Physical Description- Height: 8'4, large and muscular build with lime green scales, a pair of retractable wings, and a prehensile tail.

Languages- Common, Dragonkin, Draconic, Abyssal, Icyenic, Dwarvish, and Elvish

Equipment- Virak possesses a set of custom fitted Trimmed Masterwork armor that he made over the course of many millennia with resources he's been gathering since the time of the second age.

Weapons- Virak has a Trimmed Masterwork pole staff that once had a Glaive attached to the end, but was broken off by Virak himself some time ago. He also possesses a magical Staff of the Elders that grants him infinite charges of Law, Nature, Cosmic, and Astral runes.

Alignment- Chaotic Neutral

Abilities- Virak is a master in the art of melee combat, honing it over the course of centuries, and possesses magical abilities that rival the great casters of the God Wars and beyond, he can't shoot a bow for jack though. He also possesses the ability to fly, natural dragonfire protection, and an affinity toward dragonkind.


Virak was born as a Dactyl Dragonkin on his homeworld in the previous incarnation of the universe before its reset under the Elder Gods. From a young age he grew up to be a skilled smith and artificer, as well as a powerful spellsword who fought alongside his fellow dragonkin. After the resetting of the universe and the subsequent destruction of his homeworld, Virak was one of the few who did not fully succumb to the allure of the Stone of Jas which had powered the Dragonkin civilization and lead to its demise. He spent eons travelling across many worlds to find some sort of purpose until he eventually came across Gielinor in the midst of the Second Age under Zarosian rule. He would go on to discover the presence of his fellow Dragonkin who guarded the Stone of Jas along with others such as Kerapac and his son Vicendithas. Yet none sought to be his companions as the guardians of the stone were practically animalistic slaves, while Kerapac and his son kept to themselves. Eventually after swearing off the endless warfare and bloodshed he would find himself on the sidelines as he watched the world descend into chaos with the arrival of new gods and the beginning of the God Wars of the Third Age until Guthix's interference and the erection of the Edicts.

Throughout the fourth age, Virak would see the rise of humanity and other humanoid races, and took a great deal of interest in their cultures and ways of life, often disguising himself as them to experience what it was like. Virak even found companionship in a Fairy Dragon named Edward that he discovered after travelling to Zanaris via the Fairy Ring network. Eventually Virak would settle down in a secret workshop beneath the streets of Varrock in 19th year of the Fifth Age, located in the far corners of the sewers and concealed through technological trickery and powerful magical wards. One of the only people who knows he even exists beneath the city is Mr. Mordaut whom he has visited. Everyone else only knows him by his alias, The Dragonforge, a skilled smith out for hire who writes his signature upon his works. He has spent the past 157 years in Varrock and has seen kings and queens rise and fall as he dwelled beneath their feet. Now he spends his days smithing various wares that he often sells to patrons of all walks of life, but with the recent plague disaster that struck the kingdom down to only a single city, he believes his days here may be coming to an end unless someone can convince him otherwise.

Restriction added by the LMC: Cannot be involved in RP combat due to being an overpowered race.

Edited by Dayan Itsu
Restriction added for approval

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Name- Snotglob

Race- Goblin

Age/Gender- 28, Male

Allegiance- Xau-Tak

Physical Description- Height: 3'4, green skin, a tied bun atop his head, scraggly yellow teeth and black eyes

Languages- Common, Goblin, and Eldritch

Equipment- Snotglob possesses only a set of worn rags

Weapons- Staff of the Black Stone, enhances his necromantic capabilities and allows him to commune with the eldritch powers of Xau-Tak, and a sacrificial dagger made of pitch black oily stone stripped from the corals of the Shadow Reef.

Alignment- Chaotic Evil

Abilities- Snotglob is a powerful necromancer who can raise small legions of undead and call upon the power of his lord Xau-Tak to summon black hands and horrific arcane beasts.


Snotglob is an insane goblin necromancer who was once a pirate sailing off the shores of Daemonheim before his ship sunk in a horrible storm, landing him in the clutches of Xau-Tak worshippers of the Shadow Reef, driving him mad as a result. Now he has established a base in Edgeville and often visits the Varrock Slums to garner support for Xau-Tak and further his goals.

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Name- Ronald Stiffbeard

Race- Dwarf

Age/Gender- 20, Male

Physical Description- Height: 3'6, a wide stocky build with red ginger hair and a large puffy beard of the same color

Languages- Common and Dwarven

Equipment- Ronald usually wears a standard blacksmiths apron, boots, and gloves, but in battle he wears a set of steel plate armor and square shield.

Weapons- Ronald wields a mithril warhammer of his own making, along with a steel dagger he keeps on hand.


Ronald is a dwarf of low birth hailing from the city of Keldagrim who apprenticed under Doric over the course of 5 years after a recommendation from his son Boric who he met in Keldagrim earlier in a workshop they shared. With his apprenticeship done he has arrived in Varrock to achieve his dream of eventually figuring out the secrets of smithing Rune Metal and offering his services to those who seek it. Thus far he is only capable of smithing mithril, but he hopes to improve his craft to adamant soon enough under the right tutor.

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