Phineas Dragoon and Tirion Casteel

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Character Name: Phineas Dragoon

Aliases: Limits, Raging Fire, and Phlegon

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Birthplace: Varrock

Appearance: Black Assassin Robes with a stray mist that seems to be crawling out of the openings. A white scarf that seems to be made of ice is wrapped around his neck on the outside of the robes. On his back is a staff intricately carved out of dragon bone and among his hips is a Khopesh made of straight black metal and a dagger made of the same material. If he was to take off his all his clothes many would notice the amount of burn marks on his back that give off the appearance that someone burned leaves and sticks on his back. The other odd thing they would notice is a scar approximately 2cm wide that follow his legs up into his core diaphragm and make Celtic knot that eventually goes up along his arms and just stops below his chin. Most people will never see his bare skin as he wears linen shirt and pants underneath his robes. 
Height: 6ft
Eye: Deep Icy Blue
Skin Color: White
Hair Color: Black with what appears to be misty white tips flowing out the ends of his hair.
Weight: 175lbs, almost pure muscle

Personality: Phineas is described as an insane pyromaniac, who prefers to stay in the dark. When Phineas gets serious he'll begin to set his own body on fire in a way to empower his mindset. He tends to keep to himself until his trust is earned which is near impossible. 

Allegiance: Whoever has the most coin.

- Assassin's Robes
- Khopesh
- Dragon Bone Staff
- Dagger
- Many Runes
- Potions

- Insanity caused by his own fire
- Tortured as a child all the way to the age of 16
- Prefers to hold a conversation from a far as possible
- Sleeps with his eyes open

Languages: Common, some draconic (he never uses it, but doesn't fully understand it either, just has a grasp and concept on it, like dragonkin)

Fighting Styles:

Melee: Melee is his second choice of combat, but can annihilate most targets up close and personal.
Ranged: Ranged is his downfall, if he even tries to use a ranged weapon it tends to break.
Magic: He is known as the sorcerer of fire. Magic his is strongest suit and preferred suit. He will almost never leave magical combat.

- Magic
- Close Quarters
- Belief in himself
- Self Reliant
- Arrogance
- Untrustworthy
- Lonely
- Drinks to much to forget his past

Backstory: All Phineas knows of his life, is the laboratory which he randomly awoke out of in forests near Varrock. He was there for what seemed like an eternity. He was someone or somethings test subject and today no one but that person/thing knows what Phineas is capable of or has become. When he sleeps all he hears are his screams from being tortured endlessly forever. The screams can come at anytime. While being tortured Phineas was required to count backwards from 1000 by 7 to keep his sanity and hence when he's on the mental urge of a break down will begin counting. 1000, 993, 986... so on. Today Phineas makes his money through assassinations, quests, and gathering resources to sell.

I adapted Phineas from one my DnD Campaigns I wrote, I would be willing to change some things like reveal more of his backstory etc, but I just figured he'd fit in this way and allow me to rewrite it to this RPs standard. Just let me know :)


Name: Tirion Casteel

Alias: none

Gender: Male

Age: 11

Birthplace: Falador

Height: 4ft 10in

Eyes: Hazel

Skin Color: White (but he's actually tan, Phineas just looks like a ghost pale white)

Hair Color: Brown and normally a little un-keep, but still looks nice

Appearance: Tirion is a little boy that is wears clothes of a child who would belong to a wealthy merchant, he has many different outfits that all infer he comes from a wealthy merchant family.

Personality: He is very cynical and very much too smart for his age, he has the personality of someone way too smart for there age.

Quirks: He's really young, struggles with making friends, and always runs his hand through his hair

Allegiance: Phineas Dragoon, but tends to think he is the boss.

Fighting Styles: Phineas is training Tirion in all three styles, but he is still learning, thus isn't the greatest at any combat, and seeing as Phineas can't even use ranged combat, Tirion is learning through books in that aspect.

- Extremely Smart

- Can adapt to most situations

- Is an extreme strategist

- The Flaws of Youth

- Struggles with making friends

- Suffers from severe depression

Backstory: Tirion at the age of 8 hired Phineas from the black market to assassinate his family as he realized his father was driving them to bankruptcy, as a way to preserve his families wealth he had them killed off. Ever since that day he has followed Phineas around and acted like the boss, but knows very well Phineas only tolerates him as he is his eyes and ears inside the city and doesn't stick out like a sore thumb. Tirion was taught by his wealthy family how to read, write, and strategize for almost every situation imaginable, thus his high intellectual abilities, but difficulty making friends. All he has done from birth is study, thus he feels like his life with Phineas is exactly what he wants, although he goes back to Falador often to visit his family's estate.

I have an artist drawing concept pieces for both these characters so expect those in 2-3 weeks!



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