Infernal Majesty

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"All hail Raum!" A large group of demons and humans said as they assembled around a massive demon.

"Enough." The massive demon said in a deep, rumbling voice. He blinked his eyes slowly as he carefully thought out his next words. He looked at the crowd gathered before him. As before, the majority of his crew were humans. A majority of those had a frosted look to their eyes as if someone else was in control. His crowd of demons had grown, but a large majority of them were weaklings, barely standing 7 feet high. He growled slightly at the prospect of having to train a whole new generation of Dreadwyrms. 'But,' he thought 'I did tell them to get anyone they could.'

He cleared his throat and began to speak. "Dreadwyrms. We are gathered here today to complete the initiations of our newest members." He would reach outwards and a giant metal rod with what appeared to be a brand attached to the end of it appeared in his hand and he plunged into the fire beside him. "Will the first newcomer step forward?"

A shy looking demon stepped and stooped to one knee before him.

"Arm out," Raum growled.

The demon before him lifted his arm up, facing the inner forearm upwards. Raum grabbed the branding stick from the fire and spoke some words in an ancient language before plunging it down squarely onto the demon's inner forearm. There was a quick sizzle before the brand turned cold and Raum lifted it away revealing a fresh brand. It was the same brand as the demon that Raum had killed last time they gathered had. "Next!" Raum yelled out.

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