The Warrior

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A woman made her way through the crowd that was traveling up the main road of Varrock, leaving the crowd looking at her, for this woman was unlike any other woman in the city. She stood around 6 foot tall, but that wasn't the end of it. Between her fierce blue eyes, her rippling muscular arms, which were covered in tattoos, the two war axes slung on her back, her brash eye makeup, and her hair, which was shaved on the sides and back and came into two thick braids that she lay upon each shoulder. This woman is a warrior, and if her garb would bear any indicators, she's a warrior from the north.

Easing her way through the crowd and uttering an "Excuse me." in a thick northern accent every so often, she found herself in the town square. Her heart pounding in her chest, she looked up at the castle. She was here for one person. "Jikdur! Come out here now, you bastard!"

The crowd gathered in the square stopped what they were doing to see what was going on.

"JIKDUR! NOW! I CHALLENGE YOU TO A D-"The woman started saying.

"Ma'am, please stop yelling, you're causing a public disturbance." A guard stood in front of her with his hands up consolingly. "Lord Ishtari is not here. He's been missing for a couple of weeks and no one has any ideas where he's at. The last place he was seen, was exiting the south entrance of the city."

"What do you mean!? I was told he could be found here!?"

Grimacing the guard stood there. "Please, ma'am, stop yelling. I think he took a little vacation to sort some things out in...I believe Port Sarim."

The woman's gaze was fierce as she looked down upon the shorter man. It was as if her eyes were burrowing into his, searching for some shred of evidence that he was lying. "Thank you very much, Tiny-Head." She grabbed his head with her hands and headbutt him before turning and walking away. 

The guard collapsed and another guard ran up beside and checked on him. His forehead was bloodied and he had a dazed look in his eyes, but otherwise, he was fine. "M-Ma'am?" he said timidly.

She didn't hear him.

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