Character Profile: Brother Maynard Clavius

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Brother Maynard Clavius 


Race: Human 

Age: 39-40 

Abilities (so far): Healing and protective blessings 


Born in the Slums 

Maynard, fourth among the five, was born in the slums of Varrock. His father was a member of the Varrock Guard while his mother was a fish merchant at the port town of Sarim, a few miles away from Misthalin's capital. At the age of four, his parents brought him to the care of the monks in the hopes that Saradomin's blessing will further give fortune to their family. It was a tearful departure, and was his last time to see his family. 

Life as a Monastic

Like most monastic initiates, Maynard was trained under the best monks of Entrana. He befriended a young boy, twice younger than he is, and they became fast friends. When news of Rowan's departure for Falador to be trained under the White Knights came, Maynard became lonely for a little while; but he continued focusing on his monastic studies. At the age of 26, he took the monastic vows, becoming a monk. 

A Healing Missionary

Maynard, in his second year as a monk, was tasked by the High Priest of Entrana to aid Falador in their war efforts by supplying the Knights healing and spiritual guidance. This was a happy moment for him as he would see his childhood friend there. As he arrived at Falador, war had beset, forcing him to stay within the castle and help the wounded and the sick. He even tended to the wounds of his childhood friend who was one of the defenders of the city that time. After the war, he was sent back to Entrana under the orders from the High Priest. 

Aiding a Friend in Need

Maynard spent the remaining years after the war in prayer, missionary work, and teaching. He would assist the High Priest in celebrating the sacraments and would help out in the farm. When Saradomin returned to Gielinor, the monks showed thanks and praise, especially when their god stood victorious against Zamorak during the Battle of Lumbridge. 
Maynard would prove instrumental especially with Rowan who had left the Knights to join the Saradominist clergy, in assisting the Order. He was given honorary fellowship within the Order and was allowed to aid the Order with his monastic efforts.


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