Ike Amren

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Character Name: Ike Amren Clan: KoV Gender: Male Age: 25 Birthplace: Isafdar
Appearance: Ike has very long White Hair that seems to turn Silver in the moonlight. He seems shorter than he really is due to how he walks, which is with a hunters gait. Along with his Strikingly White hair, his Eyes seem to change into darker and lighter Greens when walking in a forested are, otherwise they are a Greenish-Gold.
Personality: Ike can be distant at times, due to his past, but once you've been around him awhile he can be quite the character. He facetious to a fault sometimes, but when seriousness is needed there is few better who knows it than him. When in the forest he can disappear entirely to someone who isn't a hunter of some sort. He rarely talks about his life growing up in Isafdar, though he has definitely taken on the Elven hunters training well enough to walk about the forest better than most other humans.
Allegiance: Anyone he counts as a trusted friend and ally. Also the Elves seeing as he and his parents lived there for many years.
Equipment: When hunting he uses a Yew shortbow imbued with Crystal, though he is certainly able to hurt more than animals with it. Prefers Leather armour with a few pieces of steel in some areas, and always carries around a pair of steel swords, also imbued with crystal, for big game that doesn't always go down in one or two shots, also for when the occasional brigand shows up mistaking him for an normal hunter.
Goals: Just to have fun and explore the lands of Misthlain with any friends he finds along the way
Quirks: Distant when it comes to anything about his past. Is Facetious to a fault around friends. Has a small Amulet his mother gave him that he toys with when nervous.
Social Status: Adventurer
Alignment: Neutral Good
Biography/History: He grew up within the Elven City of Isafdar with his younger sister, Mist (100k to whoever guesses the reference here from the Names). His Parents never told him why they lived where they did, but really he didn't care enough to pester them either. Once he found he had an early talent with archery, he immediately took up to hunting with the Elves once he learned how to walk through the forests without disturbing the animals. At the Age of 17 he killed his first Deer on his own. After that the Elves began taking him to hunt, well, other game. These animals he soon realized served no purpose but to harm the forest. He took to hunting these with a passion, as he grew up loving the forest. His first kill was rewarded with the horns being crafted as the grips and hilts on his own personal pair of swords. After he got to the age of around 23, he began to want to see the rest of the world. The elves, though sorry to see him go, understood that while they lived for a good couple centuries, Humans lived at most to around 50 or 60 years. They also understood somewhat of the wanderlust, as most elves feel it themselves when younger, though not as much as humans. Once he had finally decided to leave, Ike said his farewells, and began his travels as an Adventurer. 

Special ability: Due to a freak magic accident, Ike Amren is cautious  about any magic, especially Teleportation magic. This accident gave him a unique ability to move quite fast, fast enough that he seems to teleport. Which in reality is, though it's more of a "blink", and he seems to be able to affect things during this movement. For instance he can still throw punches or swing a sword, though it's almost impossible to see this happening. He also seems to be able to actually teleport short distances while unable to affect anything during it, usually onto roofs of single story buildings after a scuffle in an alley when a few "concerned citizens" approach him. Other than him, no one else knows he can do this, and people he encounters never have an explanation besides "magic".
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