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Name: Zahra Lizau Itsu
Race: Female human
Age: 29
Abilities: Alchemy, Astrology, Occult Sorcery, Symbology, Prophesying 

A Bastard Noble of House Itsu
0-8 years old
Zahra spent the beginning of her life living as the daughter of a Khan (half-brother to Dayan, human side) before her family were attacked by The Skull mercenaries who occupied their home of Goshima.

Enslaved by The Skulls
9-13 years old
She was taken captive by The Skulls and kept as a prisoner of war - initially in an attempt to ransom her back to her surviving family, but the Khans refused to negotiate for reasons she doesn't understand. In time she became more of a servant slave than a prisoner, growing to resent the family that she believes abandoned her.

Neophyte Sorcerer
14-20 years
As Zahra grew into a teenager she started to have disturbing dreams and nightmares. The Skull commander whos manor she worked in was a firm believer of fate and took her to the tower of the soothsayers on Aloft Dagger, where they confirmed she had "the gift" and paid the Skulls for her.

Spending the rest of her teenage years' training to become a soothsayer, able to use alchemy, astrology, enchanting, sorcery and symbology to predict the future and reveal the past, Zahra grew into a powerful diviner.

Rogue Occultist
21-27 years

Zahra was inspired by a story of a soothsayer slave who had been taught occultism by her master and later used it to escape her captivity. In secret, she began stealing tomes on forbidden magic and the occult for herself. Confiding in a fellow former slave the two of them grew strong, practising their newfound powers in the dead of night. They became connected to an unknown being, who guided them towards what it promised was a meaningful and important destiny they both held.

Eventually, they were caught in the act and hunted across the island, with her friend fueling an occult spell with her own life to transport Zahra away to her family's old home of Goshima - leaving the Soothsayers' assuming both were dead

Arriving in a weakened state to find herself in a ruin haunted by a soul feasting monstrosity she fled and hid, finally sneaking past it into the city of Gongdung. Over the next few years, she refines her occult powers, with the whispers of her mysterious master in her ear, and hunts her way through the ranks of The Skulls, looking for the commander who held her captive all those years ago.

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