On Ranks Within the Order

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On Ranks Within The Order 

This section was taken from the official handbook of the Holy Order, and posted here for lore reasons. 

As Saradomin championed the cause of Order, so we should establish as well here in the Aegis. Below, I shall explain the rank structure the Aegis currently follows, in the interest of everyone who wished to know how we are an organized fighting force. 

Upon entry into the Holy Order, Aspirants start learning about its basics. They are oriented with what we do and what we believe, centered around Saradominism. These Aspirants serve as potential members into the Order, but will have to go through the process of initiation before they become deserving of the honor of the Knight-Brother of the Aegis. 

Should Aspirants succeed in learning the ropes, they now become Initiates. While they have experience in the Order, they are yet to prove to the Order that they are deserving of the aforementioned honor of both knighthood and brotherhood in the Order. Most of the time, Initiates work with the Knight-Brothers in operations across Gielinor, ranging from repelling demonic incursions to assisting our fellow-brothers in the maintenance of the Order's holy fortress.

Should an Initiate showcase his worthiness in the name of Saradomin and of the Order, a member of the High Command will confer to to him the very honor, formally inducting him into the Order as a Knight-Brother. Being such, he is expected to have fully learned the ways of the Order, and to uphold them in the spirit of the Order as both a religious and military order formalized by the Church of Saradomin itself. While a Knight-Brother, he will be going through its own sub-ranks: the Templar (the lowest), the Paladin, and finally, the Justiciar (the highest rank). A Knight-Brother of the Justiciar rank is dubbed to be the greatest, the cream of the crop among the body of Knight-Brothers of the Aegis, and is eligible to join the Inner Circle.

The High Command serves as the decision-making and leadership body of the Order. It is composed of the Grand Master himself, his Masters, and his Keepers. Among the ranks within the Command, the Grand Master is the only rank in which only one can hold. However, in his absence, the Seneschal, selected among the pool of Masters to be his successor in the future, takes the leadership mantle.

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