The Grand Master, Beacon of the Order

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The Grand Master, Beacon of the Order
Written by Brother Rowanius Vendragon, Master of the Aegis

In the darkness, there is the light. As the sacred scripture tells, the Holy Light of Saradomin shines in its brightest in the darkest of hours. It banishes the spirits of chaos and darkness into the oblivion, and it illuminates the path towards the salvation of all who believe in him. 

Just as a ship sailing under the ceiling of the dark night relies on the radiance of light from a lighthouse beacon, so do the Holy Order of the Aegis requires such example. This is exemplified through the role of the Inner Circle, a council of high-ranking Masters who direct the path the Order wishes to take. Within the Circle itself, most of the directions are led by none other than its prime figure, the Grand Master of the Aegis.

The Grand Master of the Aegis is expected to carry the mantle of Saradomin's leadership much like any similar order in existence. He or she is ought to be the standard-bearer, rallying his disciples and his closest vassals to fight and defend in Saradomin's name. He or she is to illustrate the greatest example of a brother/sister of the Aegis, proving his or her prowess in battle and wisdom in civility. As it is a title with the blessing of Saradomin and the beacon of holy leadership, to be a shame of the Order by any means is his/her greatest failure.

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