On the Matter of Chapter Houses

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On the Matter of Chapter Houses
Written by Brother Rowanius Vendragon

As this is a short overview on Chapter Houses, it is essential to define what these houses are. 

A "chapter house" refers to an Order's external headquarters where the Aegis Fellows reside when given external assignments. It is also a place where they can receive their requisitions coming from the main headquarters. Most chapter houses are leased by their owners or by the local government; thus, the Order owning it is obliged to pay the dues monthly unless a special contract is given, allowing an Order to stay in the house with no monthly rent. 

In the Order, each chapter house must have a banner with the crest of the Order for easy identification. Each chapter house can accommodate a maximum of 7 members. One of them is the Head Keeper who oversees everyday affairs in his or her respective chapter house and sends monthly reports to the Grand Master for review. Each chapter house should at least have sleeping quarters enough to fit the residents, a common dining table, and a common living room. Some chapter houses have prayer rooms, especially on places without local parishes.


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