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Character Bio: Amon

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Character's Name: Amon

Known Aliases: None

Clan: The Menaphite Empire

Gender: Male

Age: 28

Birthplace: Sophanem

Appearance: Amon is almost always seen in the typical uniform of the elite Menaphosi guard (the Solite armor).

Personality: Amon is a professional who takes his job very seriously. He will obey all of the formalities of his position as one of the head guards, and he recognizes and respects the authority of those with higher ranks than him. He is a patient man, and he would rather talk to a rowdy drunk to calm them down as opposed to taking them down physically. He does not mind tasks that take a long time to complete. Amon is not particularly smart or clever, but he is very dedicated and he is also a  hard worker.

Allegiance: Tumeken, The Pharoah, Cain, Ridley, the Khans and Royals

Equipment: Amon is heavily trained in the use of a sword and shield. He is often found using a rather large one-handed sword and a circular shield, emblazoned with the sun, the sign of Tumeken. He also carries around a holy symbol of Tumeken. Though he is no priest, he has been known to pray from time to time.

Social Status: Amon is one of the best guards in the Empire, due to his professional attitude and nature. While he can command some of the lower rank-and-file guards, he is often performing tasks for those of higher rank than him. Not that he minds. Despite his workload, Amon is given plenty of spare time, which he spends either drinking or taking relaxing walks in the Imperial district.

Background: Although he was fortunate enough to be born as the nephew to one of the High Priests in Sophanem, Amon's younger sisters caught plague. Amon spent many sleepless nights praying to Tumeken to save them, but one morning, he woke to find that they were dead. His parents and his uncle told him that this was a blessing, as many who catch plague was left to live lives of suffering and illness. This was one of the hardest times of his life, as he struggled with both his inner faith in Tumeken and the loss of people so dear to him. The High Priest councelled Amon and told him that Amon was kept safe from plague for a reason.

Amon was chosen to be the successor to the next Priest of Tumeken, but he decided to flee from this fate and pursue another path in life. At a young age, he applied to join the Menaphosi guard, and after some intense training, he had developed a knack for melee combat. While he had earned the disapproval of his uncle for this, his uncle still told Amon that Tumeken's light would always be with him. Amon doubted this for some time, and chose to focus more on his duties as a guard.

Amon welcomed the coming of the Empire, as he feared for the stability of Menaphos without a just Pharoah to rule it. He was selected to be one of their elite guards. After the Empire seized control of much of the desert, Amon was sent to track down some rogue bandits who were harassing local desert merchants and travellers. On his way to Pollnivneach, he was ambushed by the bandits. He fought most of them off, but one of them got a lucky hit in, and stabbed Amon in the back with a poisoned dagger. The bandits dumped his body near the Elid, looting everything from his body and leaving him there to die.

Amon gave up hope at this time, thinking that it was all over. He looked up at the uncaring sun, the sign of Tumeken, and he thought in his heart that Tumeken would abandon him just like his siblings. An unknown amount of time passed. He looked down, and he saw a robed figure, a man adorned with a headgear that shone like the light of the sun, appear next to him. The figure knelt down. The robed man muttered some strange words, and pulled the knife out from Amon. Strangely, Amon felt no pain, and all of the poison was drawn out of his body. The man turned to Amon and said "The light of the Sun will always be with you. Do not give up. All have purpose. You have yet to fulfill yours."

When Amon woke, he found that all of his belongings were returned to him, and his body was healed, though the scar on his back remained, ensuring that Amon would never forget this. The bandits, thinking that Amon was dead, were lulled into a false sense of security. Amon defeated them and brought them to justice in Tumeken's name. With his faith renewed, he studied the prayers that his uncle taught him more carefully. Though he does not think of himself as much of a priest, there is no question of his faith in Tumeken now.


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Character's Name: Reseph

Known Aliases: Amon's Uncle (for people who can't remember his name)

Clan: The Menaphite Empire

Gender: Male

Age:  He's probably in his late 50s. Reseph doesn't like to talk about how old he's getting.

Birthplace: Sophanem

Personality: Reseph is generally very kind and patient towards the less fortunate. He can be quick to judge those who appear as arrogant and prideful, and he frowns upon those that scorn or dismiss the ways of Tumeken. In such cases, guilt is one of the most effective weapons in Reseph's social arsenal. Reseph would only advocate violence if he feels that it is the will of Tumeken (which is rare).

Allegiance: First and foremost, Tumeken and his church. Second, to Amon, as he is all that remains of his family. Third, the Menaphite Empire, as he generally believes that they mean well.

Social Status: As the High Priest of Tumeken, Reseph is generally well-respected among the common folk and fellow believers. His political influence has diminished when the Empire was established, as the rulers of Menaphos no longer come to see him for advice. 

Equipment: Reseph typically wears the ceremonial robes of Tumeken, which reflect the golden rays of the sun. He carries several holy symbols of Tumeken, as he likes to hand them out to people that he feels are in need of guidance. He almost always carries a tome that contains verses from the scripture of Tumeken. These prayers have a variety of effects, such as helping the sick recover more quickly, warding against evil curses and omens, and slightly increasing one's physical prowess. Of course, Reseph can only concentrate on a single prayer at a time, and he must be able to recite the incantations aloud.  At Amon's urging, Reseph carries a cane with a concealed dagger, though Reseph hopes that he will never have to use it. 

Background: Reseph was selected at a young age to succeed his father as a priest of Tumeken, as dictated by tradition. Unlike many children in Menaphos and Sophanem at the time, Reseph received a half-decent education, as it was expected that the priests were able to read and write. Reseph had mixed feelings about his parents - he found their behavior hypocritical, as they hoarded whatever money and resources they had to ensure that Reseph would "keep the family line going." They cared more for keeping power, and little for the actual faith. Reseph was the only male born to his parents, and thus, the only one capable of becoming the next high priest due to strict traditions. At the same time, they did care for their children.

When Reseph's father passed, Reseph took the chance to make revisions to the church and bring it closer to the actual religious teachings of Tumeken. This earned the church much-needed favor with the commoners, but Reseph grew somewhat distant from his mother, who did not want to mix with the "rabble." 

Reseph always hoped to be different from his parents, but when the next wave of plague hit Sophanem, and he saw his nieces die, he grew paranoid at the thought of losing Amon. Ironically, he pressured Amon so much into following the religion that he drew his own nephew away. Unlike his parents, Reseph slowly became proud of the noble man that Amon has become. He views Amon as his own son. Amon has shown him that one does not need to be a priest to follow and spread the teachings of Tumeken. 

From time to time, Reseph enjoys looking at and studying the stars. He will never admit it, but he did buy a fancy telescope that he keeps in his personal chamber. 

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