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*ï†ï* Choc-Ice fantasy *ï†ï*


As scholars do their work within the heart, some of the guards heard of a small town north that serves a famous choc-ice treat. They entered the town and found the town to be quite sad. They also noticed the non-functioning fountains within. With the assumption that the fountain is simply out of service, they walked towards Rok. As they walked towards him, they noticed onlookers gazing at them with awe. It would appear the Menaphite insignias on their armor is what is catching their eye. As they purchased their choc-ice and began enjoying their frozen treat, Mayor Awusah approaches the men.

"Oh my, can this be? Menaphite soldiers outside of its city walls! This must be a mirage, such a thing cannot be!" he slowly approached the guards and laid a hand on their armor. He gasped and quickly stepped away from the men.

"Calm down, we mean no harm. We are stationed just south at The Heart where we are guarding the encampment within. And what do you mean it cannot be that Menaphite guards cannot be outside of the city walls?" the others signaled that they had to return to the camp. 

"No, not that they aren't allowed to be outside, just that we have not seen anyone from within Menaphos especially soldiers leave those gates. The city is a hermit kingdom on its own!" Awusah began to tremble a bit.

The guard raised an eyebrow and responded, "My apologies, I do not know much about the city's past, I am originally from the island of Waiko. I enlisted to be a guard for a change of scenery. The city is now under Wushankos control"


They mayors eyes widened, "Menaphos has fallen! But how!".

"It didn't fall you fool, the previous ruler was obviously disposed of. Possibly for the best if anything." 
A woman approached them, her face was covered and her eyes glowing an infernal purple.
The guard quickly draws his sword and steps in front of the mayor.

"And who are you, what is your business here!" his hand wavered a bit but he quickly retook his stance.

"I am Praetor Sarainy the Shadow, Emissary of Zaros." her red ponytail glided with the desert winds.

The mayor then stood in front of the guard, "You Zarosian scum! How dare you enter my to-" he was quickly interrupted by the guard.

"SILENCE! There will be respect among those of different beliefs. May I add that the Empire holds to no official belief and we have had peace within our borders without such quarrels among us." he gave a quick smile towards Sarainy.

"Save me the lecture, I do however know that your town has a major problem and it would be very unwise to deny help. If you want your people to die in this desert heat, then by all means. I will not waste my time." She began walking away until the Mayor called back for her.

"My apologies, I acted poorly. Please, we need the statue of Elidinis to be restored within the temple to lift this curse. The spirits of the Elid are angry that it is gone and have prevented water from reaching our town. We are paying a high cost to get water imported here so that we do not die of thirst." he collapsed to the ground. "Please, we need help."


Sarainy would turn back to the mayor, "Very well then, I will see what I can do."

As expected, the guard could not stay much longer without being missed from the nearby encampment. When he returned, he sent word to Menaphos where Mimring, Cain and Dayan were meeting with representatives of the Aegis of Saradomin. Since Dayan has other business to attend to, he requested that Mimring and Cain be the ones to visit Nardah and to oversee what is going on. After a few days trip, the two arrived in Nardah and found Sarainy kneeled by a crevice just south of the town.

"I am assuming that guard sent word to his masters then." she rose up and cleared her robes of the sand. 

"I am Cain Dundragon, Vizier for the Arc and this Mimring, Khan of Goshima." he slightly nodded at the strange woman and so did Mimring.

"The eastern islands eh? You are a long way from home that aren't you. Well while you are here you might as well assist me with this." she grabbed a rope that was beside her and set it up to be able to go down the crevice. 

"Are you sure that the statue is down there? I am sure it cannot be that easy or the people here would have done it by now." Mimring stepped forward to the edge of the crevice and looked down.

"They said they had chucked it down here years ago, it cannot be that hard to retrieve it." she too looking into the crevice.


Cain pulled Mimring away from the crevice, "The Elid is obviously angry with the disposal of the statue, so if we were just to restore the statue, I am sure they would be willing to lift the curse. But would be as easy as just going down there and retrieve the statue?"

Sarainy began her way down,"Maybe or maybe not, there is only one way to find out. Are you coming or not?" The other two followed her down.

At the bottom of the crevice, they found who they believed to be a genie? Behind him was the statue. 

The Genie spoke, "Oh for the love of...I will not hand over the statue unless you give me what I desire."

"Pardon me? What you desire?" Sarainy was utterly confused

The genie would sigh, "I shall not and will not release this statue to you. It is a perfect and unique carving of Elidinis, goddess of fertility and growth. Something I am sure I can get a hefty price for."

Sarainy's eyes glowed brighter with rage,"You fool, do you not know what the absence of this statue has caused above. I may be aligned with Zaros, but I know what is true and what is right for the common people." She pointed her weapon towards the genie.

"Bah! I do not care who you are, you cannot hurt me for I am a geni-" he fell asleep.

"Oh look I'm a genie. I'm so special and blue!" Cain laughed to himself.

As Sarainy took the statue, the three returned to the surface and placed it in its rightful place. 
After some talk, Sarainy agreed to meet up with the two and Dayan in Menaphos. Water once again flowed in the town of Nardah.


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