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All must be free

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*ï†ï* All Must Be Free *ï†ï*


The Worker District is lobbying the Great Pyramid to finally end the abuse and tyranny that befalls the Desert Mining Camp. Batal has informed the council that Siad does nothing but abuse and torture the workers within the camp. These are common folk who have for the most part been kidnapped and forced into this labor camp. Batal knows very well the feeling of being forced to work until your bones turn to ashes under the previous rule.

This is something that the Pharaoh could no longer ignore. After his meeting with Rowanius in the Grand Library, he went to his quarters. Hoping for aid from Cain and Mimring, he had to send them to Nardah on a different mission. It would appear he would be on his own for this one. At least he has assumed so. Raine has returned to the city after a short hiatus, she could not have come at a better time than this. 

Dayan summoned Raine to the Grand Pyramid to discuss what to do with the Desert Mining Camp. He stood at the center of the throne room and paced along the markings of the marble floor. A few moments later, Vizier Raine appears at the golden doors of the throne room. "Greetings Dayan, it has been a while since we last met." The doors shut behind her.

Dayan nodded, "It has been my friend, we have much to catch up on but first we have some business to attend to."

Raine would fluff her feathers and sigh, "Nothing has changed then, there is always something going on. I swear the desert heat has melted everyone's brain here...that is if they had one, to begin with."She followed Dayan.


The slashes of whips can be heard around the camp, the agonizing screams of both men and women after every crack. 

"Disobey me, and this will be your fate here. You work for me and for me only for you all are just the filth of these lands." Siad smiled as he walked down the line of slaved being beaten for their disobedience. 

"Please in the of Tumeken! Please stop!" a young woman screamed at the top of her lungs as her head landed in the sand. 

Siad quickly turned and walked towards the young lady. He grabbed her by the neck and lifted her up. 

"There are no gods to save you here. I am your god here for this is MY domain." her threw her straight into the sand and kicked her hard in the stomach. 

"Pathetic filth..." he looked back at the woman and spit on the ground near her face.

At the same moment, a mercenary leader quickly ran to Siad and gave him a report to the south-east of the camp. A large force of soldiers is nearing the camp but have stopped at the border of Pollnivneach. For Siad and the mercenary leader, they do not know exactly who they are, but they have a good idea who, however. 

"I've heard rumors of a growing empire to the south. I did not think they would be able to reach this north. Very well, if they wish to take this camp, then they will find the bodies of every slave in this camp."

The mercenary leader took the note from Siad detailing that if Wushankos forces do not pull back, that every slave in Siads camp will be swiftly killed and everything to be painted red for their welcoming party.


"This Siad is just as bad as the fallen Khagan Khaiju of the Skull region." Dayan looked at Raine.

Raine looked towards the camp, "All is in place, he reacted just as I wanted. Are you sure you want to go in? I am sure another wouldn't mind going infiltrating the camp."

Dayan was changing into slave clothing "I am certain, they do not know who I am. And plus, agents of the death lotus are already inside in case anything goes wrong." 

"Very well, you know what to do Dayan. If anything goes wrong, raise the golden staff that will be hidden on your person and the Death Lotus will strike."

Dayan walked to the other side of the camp and simply roamed near the walls of the camp. He acted in distress and pretended to be an escapee. One of the guards noticed, bells sounded and a small force of overseers ran out and detained Dayan. He was thrown into a small cellar where he waited for nightfall. At nightfall, the Death Lotus struck and unlocked the door where Dayan was. 

One of the agents quickly asked Dayan, "Did you get the keys from the overseer?"

Dayan showed the Death Lotus agent a set of keys and gave them to the agents to be ready to release the slaves from their prisons. Dayan had the larger key to unlock the outer gates. 
As he did, Wushanko forces that were hidden nearby quickly rushed into the camp and began detaining overseers, mercenaries, and other guards. Dayan quickly rushed to Siads quarters and detained him himself and brought him to the center of the mining camp.
At last, the fall of Siad has come.


As Said was taken to the center of the camp, all former slaves and Wushanko soldiers circled the new prisoners. Many of the former slaves were cheering and yelling how the tables have turned for the now detained Siad.

"I order you to release me! This is my camp, I own these people!" Siad was infuriated that his former slaves were mocking him. 

Dayan stood in front of Siad and his guards, "Hm, I guess you are right. I cannot pass judgment on lands that are not mine. He looked at the Death Lotus agent on top of the highest building and raised his golden staff. At that gesture, the agent raised the flag of the empire and yelled, "By decree of the Grand Pyramid, these lands have been annexed as part of the Empire!"

Dayan looked back at Siad and continued, "I will make this quick. On this day, I officially announce the slaves of this camp free! They may leave as they please, however, if you wish, the empire is more than willing to hire anyone with great pay. The camp will be renovated with the proper infrastructure for a proper work place." 

There were mixed reactions about the camp remaining open for many wanted it to see destroyed. However, there are some who need the work and know of nothing else for many have been there since their childhood. Most left at last while a few remained looking to take the over. The new managers gave their first pay which was a large sum of gold. As for Siad and his guards, they were sentenced to forced labor and at the mercy of Batal of the worker's district.





Journal Entry `24` from the Pharaohs Notebook


How I miss the clear waters of the Arc. My home that I enjoyed so much I now feel so detached from. After my mission at the Mining Camp, I plan to take a ship from Menaphos to Waiko for a week or two. The Guards are highly against me moving away from the Grand Pyramid for too long, but I have come to terms of my...title. The title of Pharaoh is one that I did not want, but it was something I had to do to ensure peace in the south eastern region. 

I just wish to rest and meditate at the Cherry Blossom tree. The city will still be with good hands in my absence, though it would seem work will follow me no matter what. 

On another note, I have found some old papers while cleaning out my desk of some blueprints of some monuments that was requested some time ago. Aminishi is overdue for a monument to Seiryu...How I miss the Anagami, gentle creatures they are. While I am at it, I will order a monument within Sophanem dedicated to Tumeken so that the people will find favor in the new power that now holds Menaphos. Home is waiting for me, I must depart to the Mining Camp and then return so that I may sail to Waiko.


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