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A Pharaoh's Request

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ï†ï A Pharaoh's Request ï†ï


Under instruction from the Pharaoh himself, Sarainy set out from The Golden Palace. The sun was blazing overhead and she for once wasn't wearing her splint mail. Even the increasing winds just pushed the hot dry air around.

"The desert suffers under banditry, with caravans of supplies being intercepted to and from Al Kharid. We know where these bandits make their camp and I would like you to go speak with them," Pharaoh Dayan paused "Convince them they would be better off working with us than against us."

She had heard those kinds of words before... 'Convince', 'Better off'. They meant 'Join us or die' normally, yet this time it was different. The Pharaoh seemed to genuinely believe that the people here would be better working in harmony together and wanted to make this a reality with peace. 

The people of Menaphos eyed her as she walked. Was it her new position within the city? Her blatant affiliation to Zaros? With a resigned sigh, Sarainy walked out into the Kharidian desert, pulling her gorget up onto the bridge of her nose.


The sands howled around her. The desert winds carried the tiny grains and made them into a battering force of nature.

Sarainy had spent her whole life in the desert however and was accustomed to far worse than this. True sandstorms were to be feared, this was nothing compared to their destructive power. Normally she would have tried to take some refuge, wait out the winds and travel in fairer weather. Yet just as the winds picked up she saw it - a few stone buildings and white tents. The bandit camp.

By pushing on through the harsh winds, she could ensure an element of surprise. While not looking to resolve this issue with combat, it might give her a chance at least to explain herself rather than having an alarm sound and the camp on full alert.

The camp seemed near empty as she entered upon it. Window shutters banged against the relentless winds and tents were firmly sealed up tight. Holding back on the urge to draw her scimitars, Sarainy went up to the most important looking building and banged hard on the wooden door.


She could hear a murmur of voices inside even over the sands. There was an uncomfortably long pause before a small shutter opened in the door.

A pair of beady eyes, narrowed and aggressive peered out, "Who are you and what in the name of the Abyss do you want?"

"My name is Sarainy, I represent the Wushanko Empire," she said plainly. Her hands twitched against the hilts of her blades. While an accomplished fighter, she didn't really relish the thought of fighting an entire tribe of brigands by herself.

There was a thick laugh from behind the door, "You've got to be some sort of idiot to be walking around during this. Get lo..." his voice trailed off and his eyes widened before disappearing. He'd stepped back away from the small hatch in shock.

"That mark. Yo..You're a warrior of Zaros," he stammered.

Sarainy stood tall at the name, "Yes, I am. Now open the door, there is much to discuss."


**This Story is by @Sarainy**

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