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ï†ï True Loyalty ï†ï


Sarainy turned and left, once the Zarosian bandits prostrated and swore their fealty to Zaros, Vindicta, herself and then the Wushanko Empire… in that very deliberate order.

The passing of time had given the sandstorm a chance to blow over. It was strange to now see the full collection of buildings and tents, rather than just their hazy outlines. This place was smaller than she thought.

“Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing still,” Sarainy said in quiet tones to no one in particular, a mantra she had taken a liking to from a mural in the Senntisten temple.

With resignation, she strode off northwards, to the next destination on her list.


Traveling through into the next morning, Sarainy saw not a single soul after leaving the bandit camp behind. Other than the sound of sands blowing in the wind there was just silence. Few ever visited this remote part of the desert. After all, why would they? There was nothing out here of value to them.

They were of course, entirely wrong. You simply had to know exactly where to look.

Standing atop a large sand dune, in the distance, Sarainy could see a collection of small desert tents right next to the sea. The home of the Tenti nomads, who held a valuable secret.

As she arrived near the tents she called out to a group who had gathered, their weapons at the ready.

“I mean you no harm, in fact, I come to talk peace – if you will listen?”

The relief on their faces was only slight and a single figure stepped forward from among them.

“I am Al Shabim, of the Bedabin Nomads. If it is the peace you seek then come, join us and speak plainly. However, if you have come to take our fruit from us then we will give you no quarter,” his eyes were narrow and he clearly was not quick to trust the words of a stranger.

“No, the Tenti pineapple is yours to keep and trade, although it is…” Sarainy started.

“Tenti!? You come here and throw racial insults at us?” Al Shabim glowered, “We should have your head outsider!”


It didn’t take long. 

After all, what were a dozen isolated desert tribesmen versus the disciple of the great General Vindicta and the prodigious dragon lord Gorvek?

The smell of blood baking in the hot desert sun was somehow reassuring. It was after all the way to this place – the strong survive. The Empty Lord could respect that, Sarainy thought.

The bandits in the south would finally learn of the hidden location of these special pineapples, and Sarainy would see that they grew them and delivered them to the Empire.

It wasn’t the intended outcome, but it would do.


**The Above is a story by @Sarainy the below is by Dayan Itsu**


News had come from the Desert Mining Camp, a worker who had ventured near the Bedabin Camp witness an atrocious act. What was supposed to be a peaceful negotiation turned into a bloodbath? When word had arrived at the throne room, the Pharaoh was furious.
“How dare she! Perhaps we have made the mistake of trusting her too soon. Send guards and aid to the camp and tend to survivors quickly. She will be barred from holding lands in the western part of the desert and her current holds will be overseen by Vizier Cain Dundragon.” He slumped unto the throne with disbelief. 
One of the guards approached and knelt. “The news of the massacre in Bedabin has reached the gates of the golden city, the populace is appalled at what has occurred to the north-west. They are currently protesting at the steps of the Imperial District; shall we disperse them?”
Dayan was rubbing his forehead at the mention of it, “No, allow them to protest so long as they are peaceful. If we were to interfere it would give the wrong signal that the government has turned into tyrannical. Inform them of what is going on, I will personally go to the camp as well. Also, send a letter to Sarainy, she must be reminded that she must abide by Wushankian Law. We have a judicial system in place and no one is to be killed indiscriminately.”



The scribe finished the note and handed it to the messenger for it to be sent to Sarainy who will still be in Bedabin Camp. 
Outside the Pyramid was chaos, Dayan walked towards the steps of the Imperial District,
“Please calm yourselves, what occurred was not supposed to happen. I will be heading there at this moment to assess the damage.” The guards helped him through the mob and began his journey to the Bedabin Camp to meet with Sarainy… 

He thought to himself as they rode to the camp, "These are peaceful people who fight for their lives against the bandits. Why in the world did she kill them for?! These people have gone through a lot either by raids or the Khalphites north of them. This is completely unjust..."

Hopefully, we may find what happened.


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