Clone Of Sei

Character Bio: Clone Of Sei

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Character's Name: Clone of Sei

Aliases: Sei

Clan: Wushanko Empire

Gender: Male

Age: 28

Birthplace: Labarotory in Meiyerditch

Appearance: Brown Hair, Pink and Brown Outfit, Dual Wielder

Personality: Goal oriented but impulsive, likes to do things tactfully but often becomes irrational on impulse, does not have a lot of respect for positions of authority

Alliegence: Himself, Cain Dundragon, Armadyl, whomever he deems morally correct

Dislikes: Bandos, Saradomin, Zamorak (in that order)

Equipment: Sai's/dragon longswords

Goals: To uphold justice, to expose and punish evil-doers


King Sei’s apathy for his kingdom’s prosperity led him to commission a corrupt scientist in darkest regions of Meiyerditch. A clone was created to carry out the tedious task of running the kingdom, whilst King Sei enjoyed only the luxuries that came with being a leader. But King Sei grew greedier and began hoarding the lands resources for himself and imposed an authoritarian state leadership upon the people of the kingdom. The consequences of his actions were always avoided as the clone would make all the public appearances.

King Sei became more disconnected from reality and eventually declared war on the neighbouring kingdom. It was then that the Clone Of Sei fled the kingdom and found refuge on a peaceful island nearby, where he met a kindly Jester. Although the Jester’s tomfoolery often irritated Clone Of Sei, the two became very close friends. Soon, King Sei’s militia began invading the island, and despite the islands best efforts, its defence was weak.

Set on upholding the peace, Clone Of Sei journeyed back to the kingdom from whence he came, accompanied by the Jester, who attempted to keep Clone Of Sei entertained with illusionary magic. Back in his homeland, and prepared to fight against King Sei, Clone Of Sei readied his weapons. But before a drop of blood was spilled the Jester used his Lunar magic to create an illusion which deceived King Sei, who’s knowledge of magic was limited, into thinking the war was already won. In his arrogance, King Sei appeared before the army of enemy soldiers and was shocked to find that they were very much alive. King Sei was captured, and when Clone Of Sei announced himself, King Sei’s fraud was exposed. King Sei was stripped of his position and banished from the kingdom, leaving Clone Of Sei impressed by the usefulness of the Jester’s illusionary spells, which up to that point he had considered a waste of skill.

With the peace restored, Clone Of Sei decided to travel alongside the Jester, who eventually convinced him to ally himself with the Wushanko Empire. The Wushanko Empire was struggling to find a nobleman willing to rule the rather uneventful island of Tuai Leit, and so when Clone Of Sei put himself forward, he was offered the position unconditionally. Although ruler of the least exciting island in the Wushanko Empire, Clone Of Sei certainly enjoys the peace.

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