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Character Bio: Professor Wilbis

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Character's Name: Professor Wilbis

Known Aliases: "The Professor"

Clan: Wushanko Empire

Gender: Male

Age: 63

Birthplace: East Ardounge

Appearance: When working on experiments, Wilbis wears his labcoat and perhaps some safety equipment (only if really necessary). Otherwise, he prefers to wear some form of green clothes, since gnomes like green, of course! He almost always wears his gnome scarf, even in the heat.

Personality: The Professor is very lost in his own head. He is almost always thinking of a new "invention" or "theorem," and he will talk to himself a lot, even in front of other people. He tends to think of the future instead of the present or the past. Social interaction is a strange phenomenon to him, though it does intrigue him from time to time.

Alliegence: The gnomes of Tuai Leit are family to the Professor, and he would defend them at any cost. The Empire is...useful, since they fund his experiments and provide him with a large supply of energy.

Equipment: The Professor is not very skilled at combat. He would rather build an automaton to fight. On the rare occasion where he has to kill something, he will probably lay down some type of device that attacks (multicannon, coil) and then run for his life.

Goals: SCIENCE!!

- Wilbis thinks that he is a gnome, despite having two human parents that are alive and well in Ardounge. If confronted about his race, he will simply say that he has yet to identify any significant differences between humans and gnomes, so the question of his race is invalid.
- Wilbis prides himself on being able to apply math and physics to any situation. His favorite branch of math is probability, and he often describes things in terms of odds.

Social Status: Wilbis comes from humble beginnings, but he was eventually recognized by the researchers of Tuai Leit for his creativity and brilliance in his work on divine energy. He currently resides on Tuai Leit, where he tries to work on his experiments in peace.

Background: The story of Wilbis is an odd one, at best. His parents always knew he was different - when he started running around the house claiming that he was a gnome, they didn't really know what to do, and eventually just gave up and went with it.

His parents thought he would have an aptitude for magic, but he couldn't really concentrate on spells long enough to cast them. However, his lack of arcane ability was balanced by his revolutionary skill at smithing and crafting items. He was apprenticed to a smithy in Ardounge, who threw him out several weeks later when Wilbis attempted to craft a crossbow that launched daggers and nails instead of bolts. This did not slow down Wilbis in the slightest - shortly after, at a young age, he simply got up and left home so that he could "join his people." His parents have not heard from him since.

Wilbis travelled to the various Gnomish settlements to the west of Ardounge. With the arrival of divine energy and the death of Guthix, Wilbis became more fascinated with divination over time. He moved in with some human diviners outside of Draynor Village and studied divination, picking it up rather quickly.

With all of his knowledge, he was a pioneer at invention, but the invention guild was not the place for him. He wanted to live among his own people, and he heard that the Eastern Islands had an abundance of strange energy. It was just screaming to be studied! Using some contacts he had made among his gnomish people, he moved in with some of his bretheren in Tuai Leit, applied to study there, was accepted, and has been there ever since.



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