Familia Ishtari

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Colors: Purple, Gold, Black 

Characteristics: Their characteristics vary greatly, but the most prominent features are ridges along their skin signifying their Mahjarrat race, glowing eyes, and gemstones embedded in their forehead.

Origin: Rellekka, Fremennik Provinces 

Bloodline Race: Mahjarrat/Human ((Main Family)), Mahjarrat/Werewolf Hybrid ((Branch Family))

Positives: Talented magic users, Long-lived, Shrewd 

Negatives: Few in number, Mahjarrat stigma, Reputation for evil 

A commonly known family in the Fremennik North for centuries, the Ishtari clan has only recently been introduced to Varrockian high society. While most Ishtari prefer their identities remain hidden, the two most prominent members are the brothers Jikdur and Malik. In a strange turn of events, Jikdur is Captain of the Varrock Guard, whereas Malik is a wanted criminal. In their past, the brothers suffered a falling-out, with Jikdur becoming the de-facto head of the original family, and Malik starting his own, lycanthropic branch. While not as wealthy as the storied Ravendwels, the Ishtari are rumored to have an expansive vault full of exotic treasures hidden away from prying eyes. In recent years, Jikdur has led the manhunt against his brother, as well as various other evils plaguing the Kingdom and her people.

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