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The Historical Verus Family

The third-oldest family, House Verus is generally held in favorable esteem, despite their reputation. Hundreds of years ago, the family was the dominant political force in the capitol, and protected their political interests through nepotism, deceit, and murder. 

Colors: Turquoise, forest green, silver 

Characteristics: Green eyes, Black hair, Average, stocky build 

Origin: Edgeville, Feylands 

Bloodline Race: Human 

Positives: Impartial, Leaders, Kind 

Negatives: Pacifists, Corruptible, Tarnished Past 




The History of House Verus

House Verus, which gained it’s official name and power through it’s female bloodline, is one of the oldest Houses left in Varrock, founded in year 900 of the fourth age. It gained it’s power when the first Lady Verus, Jaenis Verus, and her husband, Braedon Hemenster, were granted the title of Lady and Lord respectively, as well as given land claims in the West as a reward for assisting in making Varrock a new monarchy.


LADY JAENIS VERUS, Lady of Falador and Wardeness of the West,

·        her husband, LORD BRAEDON HEMENSTER,

·        their children:

     - LADY ADRYA VERUS, eldest daughter, heir to Falador and the West, wed to TOBAS RHYSLING,

     - SER DANIERE VERUS, a knight sworn to the Kingsguard, childless and unwed

     - CATLYN VERUS, died shortly after birth



·        her husband, LORD TOBAS RHYSLING,

·        their children:

    - MAESTER ALON VERUS, earned his title after studying at the Wizard’s Tower for ten years,

    - TYLON VERUS, dubbed “TYLON THE TYRANT”, wed to LADY ALYSSA SILVERHILL, slain in battle at the age of 19. He is credited with securing the alliance between House Verus and the lesser House Silverhill, though his young wife died of a broken heart shortly after his death.

   - JAENETH VERUS, heir to Falador and the West, wed to MALRICK LORMER

   - RIYANA VERUS, barren, yet wed to ORLAN WESTBROOK, a squire to the King



·        her husband, LORD MALRICK LORMER,

·        their children,


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The Modern Verus Family

Modern members of the Verus clan are for the most part separated from the original bloodline and continue to hold promise. The late Aerie Verus, the last biological heiress of the Verus, adopted Sora Verus, the current head of house and the Queen of Varrock. Josh Verus, Aerie's biological child and Sora's adoptive brother, is currently estranged, leaving Estelle Verus, Aerie's mother, as the only biological member of the historical Verus family left. 



Estelle Verus, mother of Aeraie Verus, adoptive grandmother of Sora Verus



Aeraie Verus & Brendan Verus, adoptive parents of Sora Verus





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 Sora Verus, the Queen of Varrock 


Aliases: Sora, Queen of Varrock

Gender: Female

Age: 37

Birthplace: Rellekka

Appearance: 5ft, 3in, 110 lbs; Sora has lilac eyes, a somewhat pale complexion, and long red hair that is often kept up in public. She is usually seen wearing long, lavish dresses, although when not in public she often dresses simpler. She is attractive and appears to be younger than she is.

Personality: Sora is largely a calm, quiet, and introverted person behind closed doors. She often spends hours alone, in her private quarters, doing paperwork and reading. She is also quite shy, though it is hard to tell when she is in her role as Queen, as she acts witty, extremely serious, and cynical. She is, however, a nice and loving person at heart. Some of her biggest flaws stem from her distrust, quick judgement, and sometimes bad temper. When she is outside of her Kingdom, she is very agreeable and mild mannered.

Allegiance: Varrock, her husband, Zamorak (to an extent)

Equipment: Though Sora is rarely on the battlefield, she often carries a small, decorated dagger somewhere on her person wherever she goes. She is also usually accompanied by one of her Queens Guard. When she is on the battlefield, she wears a set of (mostly decorative) silver armour adorned with the green and turquoise Verus house sigil, a dragon in the shape of a spread mockingbird.

Goal(s): To unite the Kingdom of Varrock, be a successful and well liked leader, and to largely limit the suffering of people.

Misc. Information:

- Sora has four children. Laena and Visenya are twins, fathered by her own father via an incestuous relationship (unknown to Sora at the time). Cassius and Bronwyn are fathered by Darius. She and her husband are currently trying for one last child. 

- Sora’s favorite color is turquoise and she is rarely seen wearing any other color.

- Sora is fluent in four languages: Common tongue, Fremmenik, Elven, and Karamjan. - Due to her first language being Fremmenik, she has a slight Northern accent that has almost entirely faded, save for when she’s angry.

- The eldest member of Sora’s Queens Guard, 55 year old Casper Silverhill, has been with her since she arrived in Varrock eleven years ago. She views him as a father figure and is often seen with him at her side during errand running around the castle. He is always with her whenever she travels, no matter the distance. She will not travel without him.

Social Status: Sora is very wealthy, mostly from inherited money and business from her adopted mother, a former Queen of Varrock. Among other small investments, Sora owns several successful vineyards in Falador and Edgeville. She gives a large portion of money acquired from her business to orphanages and the poor.






♛ Darius Verus, the King of Varrock ♛



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Laena & Visenya Verus, twin daughters of Sora Verus 


Name: Laena Verus 

Gender: Female

Age:  22

Birthplace: Rellekka

Appearance: 100lbs, 5 ft with dark redish hair and soft blue eyes. She is usually seen wearing a blouse and trousers unless she has to wear a dress. She has a small tattoo of waves midway up her right arm. 

Personality: Independent and mature. She is very respectful and formal, which is often perceived as being cold despite the fact that she is extremely friendly. She can be snarky and bitter when angered. 

Allegiance: Augustin Buchanan, her child, House Verus (mostly her younger half-siblings, Cassius and Bronwyn)

Equipment: Laena carries a small throwing knife in the side of her boots at all times. 

Goals: Confront her mother and perhaps find a permanent home in Varrock with her mother and half-family. 

Quirks: Laena has an affinity for the sea and often will draw ocean waves when she is anxious. 

Social status: As she was a lady's maid in Ardogune for several years, Laena saved up a small sum of money which she used to travel to Varrock with the help of one of Queen Sora's council members and several staff. Since meeting and reconciliation with her mother, Laena is the heiress to the Verus name and wealth should Sora and Darius die. She is married to Augustin Buchanan.

History: TBA. 




Name: Visenya Verus 

Gender: Female

Age:  22

Birthplace: Rellekka

Appearance: Red hair that usually flows freely, shorter bangs. Has a lot of tattoos, but the most obvious are the three under each eye which she covers up with makeup when dressing up. Slender build with a little bit of muscle from her work around Hearthfire Hall, stands at around 5ft tall.

Personality: Strong-willed, outgoing, has a sweet demeanor, cares greatly about the people in her life.

Allegiance: The orphanage she grew up in and the children who live there. Rellekka. The Verus and Ishtari Families.

Equipment: A dagger that she always keeps around her chest or in a boot, depending on what she's wearing.

Quirks: Almost always manages to keep a light mood.

Social Status: Director of Hearthfire Hall, daughter of Queen Sora Verus

History: TBA






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Cassius Verus, eldest son of Sora & Darius 


Age: 6 (future photo)

Bronwyn Verus, daughter of Sora and Darius 


Age: 3 (future photo)


Drayce & Alethea Verus, twin brother and sister of Sora & Darius

photo.jpeg.3657457dee72d03b7c64e7168276b67b.jpeg  b60cc39913f559ec2facb81680eeb602.thumb.jpg.4338bce72d95434472533030be2215da.jpg

Age: 0 (future photos)

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Augustin Verus-Buchannen, husband of Laena


Aliases: Gus 

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Birthplace: Southern Varrock, though he grew up in Port Sarim

Appearance: 109 lbs, 5ft 3in, black hair, dark blue eyes. Augustin appears to be slightly older than he actually is, keeping his bushy black hair cut above his ears at all times. He dresses plainly, usually in a white or gray buttoned shirt and brown or black pants. He always has a small necklace with a small ship wheel symbol around his neck, gifted to him by his father. 

Personality: Quiet, but usually very kind. As he lived a somewhat sheltered life until recently, Augustin's intelligence can sometimes be undermined by his trust in others. Augustin can also come off as aloof at times. 

Allegiance: Laena Verus, his step-child with Laena, House Verus, the Kingdom

Equipment: Augustin always carries around a small, silver plated dagger his father gifted to him on his tenth birthday.  

Goals: Make the Queen and his father proud, eventually acquire land and become a Lord. 

Quirks: TBA

Social status: Augustin is married to Laena Verus, so he enjoys the social and financial privileges of being part of the Verus family. 

History: TBA



Laurent Verus-Buchanan, illegitimate son of Laena and Augustin



Age: 0 (future photo)


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Daisy Seer & Lorelle Cedany, adopted daughters of Sora 


Name: Daisy Seer

Age: 19

Birthplace: Seers Village 

History: The Queen's secretly adopted daughter, handmaid, and nanny to the children



Name: Lorelle Cedany 

Age: 22

Birthplace: Varrock 

Job: The Queen's unofficially adopted daughter and former handmaid. Currently living in Ardougne with her boyfriend, Vincent Galashiel. 



House Verus Staff

Casper Silverhill, Queen's Guard, best friend, and proxy of Sora Verus


Age: 60

Birthplace: Rimmington 



Rhosyn Silverhill, niece of Casper Silverhill

Age: 16

Birthplace: Rimmington 

Job: The Queen's Handmaid, Student



Jillian Walsh, the Queen's handmaid

Age: 20 

Birthplace: Burthorpe

Job: Handmaid to Sora & Laena Verus, nanny to the children

History: Jillian met the Queen at a gala in Burthorpe, where her father was attempting to court her with Lord Gerard after an unsuccessful courting with Byron. Sora subsequently warned the Lords of Burthorpe not to continue attempting to courting their daughters with Lord Gerard and invited Jillian to join her in Varrock to escape her abusive father.



Sophia Beumont, ward of the Queen


Name: Sophia Beaumont

Age: 13

Birthplace: Canifis 

Job: The Queen's Ward, Student, Future Handmaiden

History: The late Valentin Beaumont's little sister & last surviving member of the Beaumont family. The Queen took her as a ward following the tragic death of her family. 



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