Onward to the Ashen Dales (Ashdale)

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Onward to the Ashen Dales!


Brother Rowanius wrote a letter to the Highlord regarding the letter sent by the Kingdom of Varrock about giving the island of Ashdale to the Order. He hoped that with Ashdale as one of their holdings for the Order, pilgrims visiting the island can feel at ease. 

The following days after, a ship with a small contingent of knights, artisans, and clerics aboard would be on the way to the island to establish the Order's presence there. Though there might be some slight opposition on the side of the citizens of Ashdale, it would take time before they warmly accept the Order into their peaceful island. An old house there would serve as the fourth chapter house. 

The reason for a small contingent to be sent there is that the Order knows that Ashdale would be given a bad image if the peaceful island itself would be heavily militarized. After all, the island is a safe haven for those who wish to rest and reflect spiritually; thus, there is no need for intensive military activity there. With Crandor being the military island fortress there, there is not much of a need to install further military assets there, save for a few towers to defend the coasts. Only a few select soldiers would be stationed around Ashdale to provide security for the pilgrims there in the spirit of the Order's mission and vision.

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