Into the Ruins (Uzer)

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Into the Ruins


While Morgiana and Rowan took time for rest in the town of Pollnivneach, a transport ship from Crandor arrived. Boarded inside were two small battalions of footmen, all wearing the blue and gold tabard of the Order, a few mercenaries hired by the Order, and a small party of clerics. These men were sent all the way from the Order's military island fortress to Al Kharid upon the request of Pydomenes, an errant Saradominist. 

These men marched south, approaching the base camp near the tower. There, they met Pydomenes and were given rest to recuperate from the long trek. A number of the fresh troops were expected to join in the excavation mission in the ruins directly east of the camp. 

Orders were relayed by Pydomenes regarding the march east. Six footmen, four mercenaries, and three priests were taken under his wing.

It is time that we are off to the ruins of Uzer to once again reclaim the site for Lord Saradomin and establish a small encampment there. Whatever secrets remain of the city will be useful. We have to bring some rope, tents, a grapple just in case, climbing gear, water supply and antipoison. Be ready to deal with undead and bring anything else you think is needed.

Preparations were made. After all were ready, Pydomenes' party started marching east. As they arrived, the men prepared for the excavation.

Before they began entering the ruins, Pydomenes planted the flag of the Order. 

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