South by the Desert (Dominion Tower)

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South by the Desert


An errant Saradominist named Pydomenes, hailing from Falador, came over at the chapter house just as another ship from Kandarin arrived, bringing a fresh supply of soldiers and supplies. He went to talk to Brother Rowan about a small proposal for an archaeological mission. 

"Brother, I seek that we go to the ancient ruins of Uzer. It is an important site for our Order," Padomens proposed. "This city has a history with our Lord Saradomin."

"And what about Uzer that is of importance to our Order, Brother?", replied Rowan.

"This city was once a Saradominist bastion back in the Third Age though history claims of Armadylean and Zamorakian activity there as well. Saradominist pilgrims may find this to be important as a landmark of Saradominist activity in the Third Age. During that time, an elder demon named Thammaron attacked the city, but died while fighting golems. Oh, did I say... golems? It is said that..." 

"Woah! Golems? Seriously, Pydomenes?" 

"Yes. During that time, golems were used as defenders. These were responsible mainly for the death of Thammaron when the latter attacked Uzer during the God Wars." 

"Interesting... We shall launch a march to the ruins, but we cannot afford doing this hastily as the heat of the sun will take toil on our forces. Having said that, the men are to march south and establish a base camp near an old tower. There, we can plan on getting to the ruins." 

By afternoon, a small army marched south through Shantay Pass. Pydomenes and Brother Rowan joined as well to oversee the army. Then, before night fell, the men established a small base camp near the tower. 

The flag of the Order was planted nearby.

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