Adventurers for Our Cause (Legends' Guild)

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Adventurers for Our Cause


From the chapter house in East Ardougne, Brother Rowan rode on his steed on the way to the Legends' Guild. He was set to meet up with its headmaster, Sir Radimus Erkle, regarding a contract. As he arrived, the two guards in front of the guild gate stopped him. 

"State your business, stranger.", said one guard. 

"Sirs, I am here to talk to the Headmaster regarding a contract we plan to establish. Please let me in." 

"You do not seem to have the required credentials for the guild. Sorry, but we can't let you in." 

"Come on! By Saradomin's beard, I thought the Headmaster knew about this." 

Hearing the commotion outside, the Headmaster walked out of his room and into the garden. He then asked the two guards to let him in. 

"Guards, this person is my guest. Let him in."

The guards let him in. Brother Rowan even flashed the seal of the Order, indicating his affiliation. When he entered, the Headmaster led him to his office. 

"Ahhh, Brother Rowanius, I'm glad to see you here in the guild. I suppose that we can start talking about contracts, eh?" 

"Yes, Headmaster. I was thinking about it for a long time and I think it is time that the Order establishes a contract with your Guild regarding recruits." 

"True, Brother Rowan. With the influence of your military order in East Ardougne, I pondered that your presence will be an opportunity for adventurers of legendary status to continue their adventures. In conjunction to that, I noticed that there are guild members here who profess the Saradominist faith. I think that your Order can help realize this. So, what do you think?"

"Headmaster Erkle, your guild members, especially those who believe in Saradomin, are welcome to join our Order. With that respect, I would like to ask you if you can be our contact for recruits here in the Kandarian region. If there are potential recruits, please do not hesitate to contact me at the chapter house near the Market. You will see the banner of our Order there."

"Will do, Brother Rowan. I will keep in touch." 

"Likewise, Headmaster. Well, I better get going; I might be late for worship hour at the chapter house. I will see you later then." 

"Alright. Saradomin be with you always." 

The guards escorted Brother Rowan out of the guild. Then, he mounted on his steed and traveled back on the way to the chapter house for the worship hour. 

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