Training Valiant Saradominists (Duel Arena)

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Training Valiant Saradominists


From East Ardougne, Brother Rowan wrote a letter to Abou who is currently taking care of the administrative duties in the Order's chapter house in Al Kharid. He then sent the letter (and some tiny knitted socks) to him with the help of his pet silverhawk.
Abou received the letter before nightfall. He started reading the letter.


Greetings, dear Abou, 

How are things in Al Kharid right now? Looks like it will take time, probably a month more here in Kandarin before I can head back to Al Kharid. 

Anyway, I would like you to secure permission from Mubariz, one of the master duelists of the Duel Arena nearby, to use it for our Order's purposes. Explain to him that a combat training camp in the East is needed. Also, present to him the seal of our Order. 

Once you have done it, please talk to Surgeon General Tafani and ask for one book about holy healing. She knows it and she'll gladly give it to you... provided that you tell her that I (Brother Rowan) would like to borrow it. Present the seal of the Order as well and she will comply. When you're back in the chapter house, please put it on the table in my room once you have it.

Also, please feed the courier of this letter. I have a jar of birdseed on my desk. Also, please put him some socks, included with this letter, on his feet.

Thanks. I hope to see you next month then.


-Brother Rowan 

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